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25 December 2012 @ 03:27 am
[Fan Report] 18/12/2012 Sky's the Limit Tour: Osaka Shinsaibashi Club DROP  
fade Sky’s the Limit Tour
Opening night: Osaka, Shinsaibashi Club DROP
18 December 2012
Doors Open 6:30pm, Show starts 7pm

I stayed up the whole night on the 17th to finish the CD so I was completely worn out and exhausted on the 18th so I skipped school to catch some Zzzzzs before the show. I was panicking about what to wear and about packing my stuff and the gifts for the guys so I’d left the house without my letters and had to dash back for it – which meant I was way behind schedule and was rushing over.

I was really afraid I wouldn’t make it before the doors opened but I reached in time, phew, thank goodness I remembered the route to FANJtwice and Club DROP was just next to it so I got there just in time…!!

Everyone was already lined up according to number, and the staff checked to make sure, and didn’t ask to check the Member Tag & Key. Entering the venue was really easy and fast, and when I got in, I made my way to the stage first. The center was filling up fast and I didn’t know where to go but Yuuko called me over and I got a spot all the way at the right, in the first row in front of Kansei. Which I was really thankful for, and also because there was space to dump all my stuff. I made my way to the goods stand and got the stuff Belle asked me to get, then we waited for the start of the live. Natu-san also came over to say hi to me (which was really nice) and we planned to catch up after the live. Kellie was next to Yuuko so we talked a bit, wished her happy birthday, and I completely forgot about taking out my glowing bangles. I only remembered when the lights dimmed and Alfard came out, as the opening act before fade.

Alfard was pretty good! And if I’m not wrong, it’s their second time opening for fade. Their MC was quite cute because the drummer did the MC instead of the Vocalist. The guitarist in front of me choked on his water. They asked us to get hyper during their set in preparation for fade and even though the crowd was really tame during their set, I think they did a good job!!

It was about 7:30ish when Alfard ended and we waited for fade to start. I’d put on my glowing bangles at the start of Alfard’s set and they really are very obvious when the lights dim. Yuuko and Miho were joking that maybe the guys will see the bangles and throw stuff our way. They were also kind enough to say that they’d pass me rui’s drumstick if any of them caught it because I said I wanted it. xD

(photo from fade_tokyo facebook)
(This was somewhat in the middle/toward the end of their set, definitely before Encore)

fade’s set started at about 8:06, and the guys came out (Jon last, as usual) and it really hit me just how close I was. We could see the setlists that were pasted on the ground/around the stage and I was curious so I peeked over to check it out. Was really surprised and happy that the opening song was “Ever Free”!!

Kansei was dressed all in black, with a black buttoned shirt, black ¾ pants with tights underneath (men’s leggings?) and I could see the fade and Mayuyu sticker on his guitar. He had some eyeliner on, and the day before he’d tweeted that he cut his hair. I’d completely forgotten that he did, but he looked as adorable as always. Jon was in a grey shirt with a blazer over (I think it was black or grey), skinny jeans and sneakers. Noriyuki was in his black jacket as usual (also wearing a cross pendant necklace and blue/light grey colour contacts), and Godo was in black tank top, fedora, sunglasses, and had his arms painted. His left arm had the kanji for sora “空” painted on. He was also wearing a chain choker that had a buckle. I thought that looked really cool. I’m not sure if rui was wearing the same thing as during the encore, but he was in black. I think his top was a somewhat shimmer-y black v neck.

Okay now this is where my memory is all jumbled up. I really don’t remember the sequence of things, but I do remember moments from the live itself. Also, because I was in front of Kansei, my report is very Kansei-biased, and mainly focused on what happened on my side of the stage. I apologize for that.

The starting few songs were CRAZY awesome, so much impact, what a GREAT way to start the  est of the set. Ever Free -> Reality Lost -> Born Ready -> WAKE UP THE WORLD (omg yessss) -> From The Heart -> Better Scarred …. Okay I should stop now but the adrenaline just kept building and rushing and snowballing and it was beyond euphoric. There were some gaps in energy from the crowd during the older songs that the people weren’t as familiar with, but on a whole it was still amazing. I just went crazy and head banged, fist pumped, clapped and just enjoyed myself. (My hair kept getting in the way though, lol)

This was pretty early on, and Kansei had come out with a can of Asahi that he’d drank some of and put it down at the side of the stage. Kansei was REALLY hyper during the live, especially at the start, cause he was bouncing around and twirling around and just moving everywhere. He knocked down the Asahi can, which spilled over the set list. He didn’t realize it but the staff did, and panicked somewhat, dashing back to grab a rag to clean up the mess.

Jon was also bouncing around and moving a lot, and he also let the audience be very touchy-feely with him. Right at the start he’d swooped in and grabbed hands, and all throughout the live he was leaning right into the middle and letting people grab/touch him as well as holding onto hands. He’d also choose moments during songs to actually sing to one person.

Also, during the guitar solos, Jon would come over to Kansei and look at him, or dance around near Kansei, or move to the back and groove near rui. Jon always had this look of admiration and pride during the guitar solos, it was really sweet. There was also one part during one of the love-y songs (I really don’t remember exactly which one –Possibly It Was You) when Jon reached out and kind of caressed Kansei’s hair. In reaction to that, Kansei scrounged his face up a bit and had a somewhat “what are you doing!?!?!” grin, which was adorable.

Kansei and Noriyuki would switch sides occasionally so there were times when Nori came right in front on me. He was his usual cool self, but boy, those colour contacts made his eyes so piercing!!! It’s like he was starring right through me. I don’t remember which songs exactly he came over to the right side, but I’d been singing along/being hyper and he’d looked right at me. I think I stopped breathing for a while because his gaze was so intense. The second time he’d looked right at me, he actually smiled, and I think I wanted to melt into a puddle right there and then.

Now I think this was during From The Heart but Jon had come a bit more to the right, and he pointed at me! Or at least in my direction. Jon does this thing during concerts/lives when he points and grins at people as if to reassure them “Yeah, I see you!!!”, and the feeling of being acknowledged is pretty darned awesome. He also likes to make faces and stick his tongue out a lot (for this somewhat wild/crazy look that is very distinctly Jon)

I don’t know if it was just me, but Jon’s vocals on Ever Free at the start sounded a bit weak, like it was a bit thin. But as the set progressed, his voice seemed to gain more “depth”, though there were points when the mic for some reason wasn’t as loud as it used to/should be, or the music slightly drowned him out.

Also: It was nice to see Godo, Nori and Kansei all singing back-up vocals!

There were also points when we were asked to jump along with the guys. They were actually all jumping on stage (with the exception of rui, of course). Jon didn’t shout to put our “fucking fists in the air” much, but we could follow cues easily enough. When he raised his fist and pumped it into the air shouting “hey!” we followed and chanted along.

Under the Sun: Jon asked us to sing along but a lot of the fans didn’t know the song/weren’t familiar with their earlier work so when he’d turned the mic to us during the chorus at “Under the sun~~~” there wasn’t much singing, sadly, which he realized.

So Far Gone: Before it started Jon, said in English “I want you all to remember three words. It’s really simple. So. Far. Gone.” He’d said the same thing at Ginnan Rock Festival too. We sang along during the chorus.

Till The End of Time: Jon asked us if we had someone/thing (?) we really treasured and loved, and about how we’d worked so hard for him/it and then it all comes to naught. (I think!) And that this song was about that exact feeling.

It Was You: Now THIS SONG. THIS SONG IS AMAZING LIVE. I cannot sum it up in any other way than this very appropriate word: FEELS. And to have Jon sing it while you sing along to it, and sing this to the band, it’s just. I. I just can’t articulate the feeling. It’s somewhat like From The Heart, but deeper and it touches and echoes with you one a whole different level.

In between songs, the usual shouting of band member names took place. There was one point where Jon shushed the crowded because they were immediately going into another song. I realized there were mainly Jon and Kansei fans that night because the shouts for Kansei and Jon were the most frequent. There were of course, still shouts for Nori, Godo and rui, just not as much as I expected. I don’t remember when I shouted it, but it was pretty late/second half of their set when I shouted “Hentai Eskimo” to Kansei. The first time he didn’t react to it so I wasn’t sure if he’d heard it or not, but the second time he definitely did (and Jon too, I bet, since they were right next to each other) and laughed. My job is done. I’m making it a point to shout Hentai Eskimo at every show I go to. Ahaha.

Time to also throw in a random comment about how amazing Kansei looked on stage. To quote my tweets: "He is a sexy beast on stage." Also, that eyeliner. 


This time the MC was mainly in Japanese, and Jon stuck to using mainly Japanese as well during the entire show. He usually uses a lot more English but I think because of the crowd he stuck to more Japanese. The MC started with Kansei grabbing the mike and singing a line of a song (I think it was a Christmas song but I’m not very sure) before the music cut off. He asked if we knew the song, the audience said they did and Kansei said he was relieved. We were thanked for coming to their show tonight, and Kansei and Jon said they noticed lots of girls wearing Santa suits. They pointed to Yuuko and Miho next to me, and Miho took her Santa cape off to pass to Kansei to wear. He took it but didn’t know how to wear it and asked the other guys if they knew, but then Miho had taken out Reindeer ears and a Santa hat for Kansei to wear too. Kansei looked at them and decided he’d wear the Santa hat. He put it on, then said he’d sing something again (I think…) then the guys got ready to start playing but suddenly the chorus of Heavy Rotation came on (the guys did a good job of looking clueless) and Kansei grabbed the mike and went “I WANT YOU~~~I NEED YOU!! I LOVE YOU~~” before the music stopped. It was really cute!

Kansei also took the Jac’Kansei’s tumbler out, poured some Jack Daniels in, and drank it while we cheered, though he spilt quite a bit down his shirt. When he was done, he flung the tumbler to one side. But Jon wasn’t satisfied  ith it, and passed Kansei the rest of the bottle. Kansei then got up onto the platform and drank it while we cheered even louder, downing the whole bottle! He then passed the bottle to the crowd and my friend had the bottle but it was snatched from her.

During the MC they talked about how this time the setlist had lots of songs they’d never played before or hadn’t played in a long time, from their Under the Sun and A Moment of Truth albums. Jon asked who had bought the Playbuttons, and to those that hadn’t got them yet, that they were on sale and to buy them later. Jon also asked if there was anyone who had been a fan since the start and there was one person!


Jon thanked us for coming and then the guys left the stage. The curtains didn’t close and for a while there was silence. I wasn’t sure what to do but then some people started shouting names so I joined in and shouted, once in a while shouting “fade” and “Encore” instead. Then the crowded started clapping for a bit before that too, died down. Then a round of “Encore” shouting started though it was only me and this other girl. She shouted Encore first then I’d echo her and vice versa. It was really tiring cause we were the only two keeping it up so there were breaks when one of us would stop shouting. I’m not sure how long we waited but the guys came out for the encore dressed in the tour merch!! Jon, Noriyuki and Kansei were in the tour T-shirts and Jon also had the military cap on. Godo had thrown the parka over, and rui was in this shimmer-y black v neck which might have been what he’d worn earlier. Jon said the tour merch was all designed by Nori, and he took a bow.

Jon asked us what we thought and the audience shouted that it suited him and looked good! Jon then said to buy it later, to laughter from the crowd. Jon then said they had something special to announce and someone shouted to ask if rui was going to talk. To which Jon laughed and said, sadly, no. Then they played the new song (which they’d shared a snippet of during the Ustream) and announced that fade would be making their major debut with Universal Music next year!!! It was great and everyone was screaming “Omedetou!!!” and I thought I was going to cry because I was so happy.

New Song: Jon announced they were going to play a new song for us tonight, to the delight of the crowd. And when the song started the people around me were all echoing “Woah!!” and “This is great!!” in Japanese, and I think everyone agreed that the new song is different and new, and really really amazing.

Close to You: As always, Jon asked us to sing with Nori during the “Woah – ohhh –ohhh” parts.

My memory is really fuzzy but the girls next to me had to leave to catch their buses so they started putting their coats on towards the end of the encore, and Kansei noticed and had this frown like “What are they doing!!” and I’m not sure if he meant it but I thought he looked at me (and also cocked his head in her direction a little) with a look like “Do you know what she’s doing???” And I gave a sort of knowing/can’t-help-it face/smile back. Then suddenly Kansei got really into things, and sort of followed Jon’s lead of letting the audience touch him because he put his leg up on the platform so we could moles- I mean, touch his leg/hands. His hands are really soft *w*

He did it another time but because Yuuko had ducked under to grab her coat and stuff, he’d ended up kind of kneeing her/hitting her in the head (which I think he felt really bad for cause he stopped leaning over and made a face for a split second).

At the end, the guys threw stuff into the audience – rui threw drumsticks, one which Kellie got (congrats! Nice birthday present!), and Kansei threw his pick. I’m not sure about Godo and Nori but I think they threw theirs too. I asked Kansei for the setlist, but he didn’t seem to want to give it away (at this point, someone else, Jon I presume had ripped off and kind of thrown a set list into the crowd) so I asked for it again. This time he picked it up (same set list the Asahi had spilled on earlier) and pretty much passed it to me (even though the people around all had their hands out) which I was so happy about!!

Some fans asked to see the set list because they wanted to know what the new song was titled. Sadly, it just said “New Song (024)”. And then it was over and time to wait for the guys to come out!

After the live:

I was packing up my stuff and putting my coat on so that I’d have less stuff to carry, and I was on my way to grab a drink when Jon walked past me and was like “Already leaving???” (もう帰るの?) in Japanese and I replied “Not yet, not yet!!” (まだまだ!) then got a drink with Kellie before going back in to queue to buy goods/talk to the guys. I think even before I’d gone to get a drink, because I had too much stuff, Nori or Kansei had already made their way to the goods stand. Kansei, Nori and Jon all came out to the goods stand, and within 10minutes of their set ending…talk about fast!! Some Japanese fans came up to say hi to me and we talked for a bit before I made my way in to talk to the guys. The Japanese fans are really nice, and they all recognize me even though I took forever to recognize them/realize who they were. They told me their twitter usernames or when we’d talked to each other (or what about) and it was really, really touching how nice they all were to me.

I talked to Kansei first, and passed him the letter/gifts I’d prepared. He took a look at it and I felt a bit embarrassed because it was random drinks/food from Singapore. I told him that and he said it’s okay, he loves getting gifts (“I love it!” in English) and that I was sweet to give him something. One of the first things he said to me was “I heard you (shout Hentai Eskimo)”, which is kind of amazing because he actually knows that it was me who screamed it. (Maybe because I was also in the first row and he could see me?) I asked him if he’s okay with shouting Hentai Eskimo at shows and if he’d get angry, but he said he loves it!! And he wonders why people don’t shout it as much as he expects. I told him maybe it’s more of a nickname among the International Fans. I didn’t drink at all (while Kansei downed the entire bottle of Jack Daniels – I think he was quite drunk) and yet I think I was also pretty drunk on the atmosphere. I remember telling Kansei I saw his Mayuyu sticker, which a Japanese fan had told me to look out for. I think he laughed. Now I really don’t remember what else we talked out because it all got very mixed up and confusing as well. I’d asked him to sign my fade “f” tote, which he did, and then I tried to ask him if Jon hoards gifts. I don’t think he understood me properly or I wasn’t saying things right but he ended up telling me that they/he do read the notes they get and keep the gifts from fans. Then he said he knows the faces of fans too, that he remembers them…! And somewhere in the mess, he showed me his hurt finger, which the skin had peeled off that night. I asked him if it hurt, and he said it did hurt a little bit, but he was okay. I told him I’d see them in Shibuya then I moved to the queue for Noriyuki so that the girl behind me could get her turn to speak to Kansei.

Kansei really was more relaxed that night then the first night I’d met him. At FANJ twice he was really shy and nervous about speaking English. The first thing he’d said to me then was “Your English is very good” and he’d stuttered through trying to talk to me. This time, he was a lot more calm and less uptight, and just really willing to talk in English. I’d talked to him in a mix of Japanese and English but he’d replied/spoke only in English to me. Which was pretty nice too – that he’d remembered I mainly speak English. I guess he loosens up a lot more after drinking/getting drunk ahaha! A Japanese fan also tweeted to me the next day that I’d looked really happy/excited talking to Kansei.

While I was waiting to talk to Noriyuki, the girl before me was taking a photo of his hand. It was quite funny because he asked her after – “Do you have a hand fetish?” in Japanese. Noriyuki thanked me for coming to the show and asked how long I’d be in Japan for. I told him for 3 more years and he nodded and went “ahhh”. It’s nice how he remembered I’m foreign xD I gave him the present for him – Chicken Rice paste from Singapore (another very unusual gift) and asked him if he remembered it. He didn’t because it was way too long ago, so I told him it was Singapore’s specialty and something to remind him of his days there. I told him they were amazing tonight, and he signed my tote as well. I bought a towel from him for myself as well as a military cap. I think at some point I also got another black parka….

I told Noriyuki to tweet more, to which he chuckled then I added, tweet in English more!! His English is really really good. I never expected it because he almost never tweeted in English which gave me a huge surprise when I first met him at FANJtwice. I told him that I’d see them again at the Shibuya final, to which he said it was great. And when I congratulated him on their Major Debut he said it’s pretty much because of us fans and what we’ve been doing that made it possible. That felt awesome.

I talked to Jon next, passing him his present and then showing him the Christmas Book/CD and the other stuff I’d gotten for the whole group. He said it was great and that he’d look at it later because the queue was getting really long/never ending. I told him it’d be great if I could get a photo of the guys with the book so everyone could confirm that the guys got the book. He said he’d have to talk to his manager about it. Also, when I told him to sign my tote bag, he thanked me for what I’ve been doing for the fadefamily LJ and that he thinks we’re doing a great job and to keep it up!! He wrote a really sweet message on my tote bag. He asked me how to spell my name “B-e-r-n-i-e?” (really surprised he got it right! Most people spell it Berny or Berni among other variations) then wrote the nicest, sweetest message ever. And even drew a smiley face.

Jon's message and my tote bag w Jon, Nori and Kansei's signatures

Then he’d actually asked his/their manager right there and then about the photo, to which the ok was given, and he told me to wait around. So I did.

While waiting, I talked to the Japanese fans, who looked at the Christmas book and marveled at how well made it was (THANK YOU LOUISE FOR ALL THE HARD WORK!!) and we took a photo together. We talked to each other, I got to know more new people and caught glimpses of their pictures of the ff event.

Photo with Japanese fans: Cana, Natu, Miyuki-san, Sonrisa-san and Emiko-san!

At some point or other, I wandered back to the goods stand to get the setlist signed. I think I asked Nori first, because there was no one talking to him at that point (while the line for Jon was still going strong). He signed it for me and I said again that I’d see him at the final. Then I went over to Kansei and asked for his signature. He pointed to Nori’s signature and asked “Did Nori sign this?” (lol, or was it “Is this Nori’s?”) before signing in the margin in black. Then I asked him for a hug, and he said sure. (He also said sure back at FANJtwice, and I’d stolen a hug just before he’d slipped away) It was kind of awkward with my stuff in between us so I put it to one side then he leaned over the goods table and hugged me. The nicest part was that it didn’t feel like a courtesy hug. He actually held on a little and somewhat rested his chin/head on my shoulder (ahaha now my height became an advantage?). He is nice to hug. I don’t remember anyone else asking for hugs from Kansei or Nori, though Jon was very popular.

Setlist (Gold signature is Nori's), Jon's signature and the weird thing he drew (left), Kansei's signature in black (right)

Then while waiting for Jon, I watched his interaction with the other fans. It was really cute how he told one girl her Santa outfit was really cute (with his hands on her waist no less) and then he proceeded to twirl her around and she burst into a small flailing fit right after, and cue fangirl squeals. It was really, really cute. I’d met the girl at FANJtwice and we talked on twitter :D

Also, Kansei left first and he was REALLY REALLY nice because he went up to fans, most of us who were left, gave us a gentle pat or touch on the shoulder and thanked us once again for coming. He even made it a point to go up to fans at the sides of the room at the sofas/benches. Then he waved to us and said bye before going back into their green room/backstage prep room.

Then finally Jon again! While queuing, I’d dropped the box once, giving the Japanese girls quite a bit of a fright. They joked that I was drunk. Drunk on the atmosphere, ahaha. I got Jon to sign my setlist, and he drew this weird M shaped thing. I think he’d made a mistake and didn’t know how to correct it. It was funny. He said it was artistic, ahah! Abstract art! Then because time was running out and they had to go, Ricky reminded him, Jon said he promised he’d show the book to the guys and blog about it. He also introduced me to Ricky as a mod of fadefamily LJ. Which was really nice. I fumbled around and I think I managed a half bow. And then he was gone…! The rest of us remaining were thanked for coming, and then the staff at Club DROP started to chase us out of the place. I still had too much stuff to carry so the Japanese fans (bless them, so so so much!!!) helped me with my stuff and we made our way out.

The whole thing ended at about 11pm ish? I think I managed to get on the train back home at about 11:20 or 11:30pm. The Japanese fans were going to eat/drink, ahaha. We parted ways and I told them we’d meet again at Shibuya!

On the train home, wearing the fade Military cap, and my home made ff pendant.
Also wearing the ff T-shirt

Just one final note about the Japanese fans (again) and how nice they are. I’d mustered up some courage to say hello to some of them I recognized from the book/twitter then afterward on twitter they’d thanked me for saying hi to them! It felt really nice.

It’s really a family.


Love, Bernie

(and I’ll update this post with pictures later.)


P.P.S 4839 words....!!!
Lilibet Primroseirisangel on December 24th, 2012 06:58 pm (UTC)
Excellent report, Bernie! Thanks for sharing! I want to squeal from all the fangirly goodness. :-D

I'm eager for Jon to update his blog. :-)
Katk_no_uta on April 4th, 2013 02:13 pm (UTC)
Dearie something's going weird with the html in this report. I thought you might wanna know ;D
Bernie パーニーberniechan on May 22nd, 2013 08:50 am (UTC)
Sorry this took ages but yeah, the HTML got screwed and I finally got around to fixing it lol
Katk_no_uta on May 22nd, 2013 01:20 pm (UTC)
*lol* No problem!