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21 April 2013 @ 11:08 pm
[LIVE REPORT] fade at MUSIC ZOO KOBE Taiyou to Tora (16/04/2013)  
Doors open at 5:30pm so I went after school ended at 3pm. I got lost but finally found the venue at about 4pm, found no one around and left to take some purikura.

Bumped into Akane at the station so we headed over with her friends to the venue to wait, and another Japanese fan was already there. At about 5:30pm, about 8 of us (all there to see fade) were waiting outside and we were let in when the doors opened. We did go in by ticket numbers/order even though there were only 8 of us. After reserving spots in the front (pretty much you just hang your band towel or jacket or whatever on the stand/metal bar thingy then move to the spot only when your band starts their set, allowing other band's fans to stand in front) we were all chilling around and passing the time talking or looking around the livehouse.

At 6pm, the first band, Spacetime And Streams (FB, Twitter), took to the stage. They sang all in English, and the vocalist (I think his name is Carlos) spoke English mainly (remind you of someone? ;P) and even though the livehouse was pretty empty they still put on a great show! The people who were there were mainly us fade fans so we moved to the floor to support the band.

Every band's set was about 30min long, with about a 15 - 20 (25? Or was it shorter than 15?) min break in between for equipment changes and sound checks.

Band line up:

Axis & OVER YOU both mentioned fade during their MCs. Axis, who are from Himeji, said they'd met fade at a studio (I think) and said hi, and was told that fade were going to play in Kobe and asked to come with. According to the guitarist, Shota's tweet, he said "fadeと対バン” which, google tells me, means 'Battle of the bands'. (Well it does go along the lines of fade inviting them to play)

The next band, JUST CHRONICLE (FB) kind of rubbed me the wrong way, but I still thought they were pretty cool. They have a female bassist and at TaiTora her bass was huge...! It looked really really huge on her tiny frame. Anyway, what I didn't like was that the vocalist stepped on the white knit top on the barrier/bar thing a lot of times :/ (I wouldn't have minded if he had stepped on like, a towel, but the white sweater is very...heart pain!!)

OVER YOU (FB, twitter) vocalist said that TaiTora was the first place he'd seen fade live and that tonight he was happy to be playing and performing on the same stage with them (I think). I remembered them cause they had a female keyboardist, and during the live she slid off stage through the small gap at the front and came to the floor to get everyone to clap along.

MELLOWSHiP (twitter), the band before fade, had a pretty good turn out, and their sound was pretty cool. I think they mixed hiphop with rock (this is a lot more common than I thought, as I'd realise in Shibuya a few days later), and their "frontman" was the lead guitarist instead of the vocalist, who stood at the right (think where Kansei usually is).


(from fadebook)

Equipment set up and soundcheck took quite a while. Plus, the time had dragged on so they were starting much later than the 21:20 they'd tweeted earlier. Godo's effector board this time was bigger than Kansei's though both were pretty big with lots of different pedals and stuff on it. Miyagawa-san had come out to set them up while other staff worked on assembling the drum set. Sound checking also took quite a lot of time, though Kansei had finished pretty early. Rui had like this mini meeting/talk with the other members (sans Jon) and staff, and I remember hearing voices in the crowd saying "They're late/This is taking too long". In the crowd too, were band members of the earlier bands, and they were quite excited too. I was right in front of Kansei, next to the box platform stand thingy.

Godo: Black tank top, sunglasses, arms and neck painted in a swirling pattern. No fedora or choker this time. His hair ends were a faded mousy blonde (think bleached hair when the colour over it fades)

rui: white top, blue unbuttoned shirt over or pretty much the TEN photoshoot outfit

Nori: leather jacket and pants, boots? and cross pendant necklace and his usual three piercings on his left ear

Kansei: Black buttoned up shirt, ripped jeans that cut off above the ankle, men's leggings underneath and boots (the front looked like crawlers but it was laced up boots, more like Dr. Martens); think TEN finale look

Jon: black blazer w studs on lapel (28 Dec Sky's the Limit final), white shirt inside with a black mesh either print or overlay on the front, and grey jeans (I think?) with sneakers. His hair is all dark brown now. (either his shirt was too short or his pants too low because when he raised his arms up... >;P)

Miyagawa-san (because he was really really dashing tonight): lightened his hair, set it up so it was one of those messy-yet-stylish "spiked-up" looks, white long shirt with skull print in rhinestones, (black?) jacket, jeans, shiny bling necklace. (I'd told him later that he looked really cool and asked if he changed his hairstyle. He said he got the sides cut and thanked me. He's really, really nice.)
during the 17 April Izakaya Garden USTREAM (summary here), the MC started talking about Miyagawa-san looking like a great artist, and Jon would go on to mention a comment on their FB about him. *cough*yourstrulymadethatcomment*cough*

1. In the end
2. From the Inside Out
4. From the Heart
5. Close to You (Japanese, long version)
6. Cosmicalism
7. (Encore) Beautiful

fade was the only band with an encore that night, pretty much because they were the headliners. Jon asked us to sing together for Beautiful (think Beautiful 2012 version, heavier...includes headbanging!, but at the singalong parts think Beautiful (live) track) and Close to You (the woah oooh oh parts).

Jon really worked the stage tonight, interacting a lot with fans. He held on to hands, shook hands, fist bumped, leaned in to touch people, did his crazy wild eyes thing while surveying the room, climbed on top of the box platform and got even taller, jumped around the stage.

COSMICALISM: At the start Jon came over to Kansei, leaned in, rested his head on Kansei's shoulder and sang. When it came to the usual line where he gets everyone to singalong (Sekai wo kaeru) he moved away.

There was one part when Kansei and Nori faced off in the middle of the stage, looking at each other as if daring one another to play better. Godo stayed at the left side most of the time though there was once he came over to Kansei's spot while Kansei was on the box platform with Jon. Nori also didn't come to the right side, mainly staying on the left or going to the middle.

Oh and the venue was really hot so all the bands were sweating buckets. And because it was so small, when Kansei and Jon jumped, their sweat landed on people in the front row (I didn't mind ;P).

At the start of Beautiful, Godo used a violin bow on his guitar, only right at the start. I'm not sure cause I didn't see much but I know he used one. Kansei was amazing, his guitar solos are MESMERIZING to watch and he makes great faces. Honestly, I've said this countless times but Kansei's just so adorable in person and then on stage he transforms into this sexy beast, working his guitar on stage. He would also lean forward and cup his hand to his ear, and gesture for us to sing louder. I think Kansei is getting a lot better at working the stage, sometimes he jumps around more than Jon does (the real reason for this comes out in the 17 April USTREAM lol). Jon did that too, and did his usual "Hey! Hey! Hey!" fist pumping thing for From The Inside Out (I think).

rui was also a MONSTER on the drums. At the end of their set, he came forward with a drum stick and held it out. Everyone reached out for it so he was like "Okay, let's Janken for it." and then gave it to the only girl who beat him (paper).

kansei came back out to take his small bottle of Jim Bean that was on top of the amp. No JD's tonight, nor any Snake Pit (probably because they were running late already).

Sorry I'm not more detailed about their lives. If I could describe what it's like, it's like an adrenaline rush that peaks then never seems to fall and, oh fuck it, you know what, let's just liken it to an orgasm. There! That analogy works! They always choose very explosive songs/crowd favourites for short sets so that the energy just keeps multiplying. It just really really hits you with a gigantic BANG, like the rush you get when a rollercoaster sends you screaming/rushing down.


Hung around in front of the barricade for a bit cause Yuki and I wanted the setlists. While mucking around, the fade members came out (Miyagawa-san was already at the merch table) first Jon then Nori. They came out wearing the Sky's the Limit tour shirts. Nori got mobbed before he could reach the merch table, though. I'd asked a staff (Ka-chan asked him name on Fri but we're still not sure 100% what it is) about setlist but he didn't know if it was okay to give it away then went to ask. Yuki asked Nori and he too didn't know, but then staff came out and said it was okay and gave me the setlists. I gave one to Yuki.

Now this, as always, is really jumbled and random. I don't quite remember the sequence of it all.

Merch I bought:

fade stickers & badge set (there is A & B. Both sets have Jon badges, bigger than the others) 1500yen
fade original hair tie/band in black 1500yen (the pink version is sold out)

Gave Miyagawa-san omiyage for staff, then wondered if Kansei was coming out or not, and just when I mentioned it to a Japanese fan, he appeared! He changed into a white inner t-shirt with a checkered shirt over, halfway buttoned. I went to say hi cause he'd appeared right in front of me. Gave him the presents, and he was such a dear and spoke to me in English. I realised it was just easier to explain the longer stuff in Japanese so I did.

Me: These are souvenirs from Singapore! Nutella cause you said *switches to Japanese* in the USTREAM that you hadn't tried it before. Oh yes and these are energy drinks. (Kansei chuckles) This one here gives you energy in bed...lolololol
Kansei: Can I see?? (in English)

Then he thanked me for the b'day card Belle & I had made for him. Asked him to sign the After Party photo, he told me he really likes it, and I told him it'd be nicer if he smiled more (for pictures; he replied that he's not very good at it/posing yet, but watch the 17 April USTREAM cause he's smiling & talking SO MUCH) and then he smiled the most adorable smile ever and my heart melted.

Oh yes, this was also where he spoke to me in Japanese for like, the first time ever. The following was in Japanese.
Kansei: It can't be seen... *looks at his signature in gold pen*
Me: Ahhh....yeah.
Kansei: What about here? *flips photo over, looks at the back*
Me: But it can't be seen when I put it back in the album :(
Kansei: true. (then he finds the silver pen that has ink and signs again!)

Then I'd asked him to sign my pic with him at FANJ twice. I really like it (more than After Party photo) but conversely, he doesn't really like it cause he said his face looks weird.

(kansei spelt my name as Berny on photo but I don't care he can call me whatever he wants). Then I think he reached out to shake my hand, then I asked for a hug ("Sure!") and then we realised it was really awkward over the merch so he said "Later okay?" and something like "I can't ... *mumble*" or something I couldn't make out cause I was too happy.

And then at some point in time I talked to Nori? I think I went to line up to talk to him right after Kansei. Passed him presents, congratulated them on Ozzfest and said am excite for new album. He told me he used the Chicken Rice paste I'd given him last year and that the flavour was very nostalgic. I then said his earrings are super cool and he should make some as merch, like, fade earrings. And then I asked him for a signature for photo we took at FANJ twice (first time seeing fade!) and I was like, "I didn't know you spoke English!!!! (chuckle from Nori, while signing picture) Your accent is sexy!" though I was nervous and ended up saying "You sexy ..uit783t7ey2i....your accent is sexy!".

Oh remember Ka-chan's report about Nori's hands being small for guy? I decided to test it out and guess what - his hand is the SAME SIZE AS MINE. I have gigantic hands for a girl and it was seriously the same size, except his thumb was a bit longer. He let me put my hand against his for quite a long time and I marveled at how our hands are the same size what, and he was like "my fingers are really short"

And then somewhere or other Jon was free and I looked at him (while still standing at Nori's side of the table) and he was all "Heeeey Bernie" so I scooted over to say Hi. Passed him presents. Asked about being called Eggy ("Cause I'm white on the outside and yellow on the inside? ;P") and then I don't remember what we talked about but it turned into me asking for signatures.

Jon: are these all for you or...?
Me: No, for overseas fans!
Jon: Okay to fade family then.

And then I forgot that there was a photo of just the two of us there, and he'd written "To fade family" on it too. Me: "Umm, that one's for me." Jon: "SHIT." and then I was okay with it saying To fade family but he was like "There fixed it" by writing "thanks Bernie" at the bottom.

Also: earlier, Jon signed a photo of himself and wrote a message on it in Eng. Miyuki-san didn't know what it was so Sonrisa-san and I tried to decipher it. We managed to decipher the first word "Breathe" but couldn't for the life of us figure out the second word. Photo passed to Nori. He has no clue, asks Jon.

Jon: "Breathe deep." *translates to Japanese*
Me: Oh it was deep? It looks like 'a' (not 'e')!! ....he's forgetting his English!
Jon: *mumbling/rambling* yeah maybe I just *drawls off, makes scribbly signs with pen*

Japanese fan: your sweat fell on me!
Me: me too!
Jon: This place is hot...! *then sticks his tongue out and mimics catching sweat on tongue*

Me: Hey Jon, you know that photo *shows photo*? When I posted it on Facebook people were like "Did he touch your boob?"
Jon: *grins* What did you tell them? *suggestive look*
Jon: >;P (his face omg his face)

Kansei: You know I got a really cool card from Bernie
Jon: Nice

Some point of time I asked Nori for a voice message to overseas fadefamily and he obliged. We were still standing at the merch table, so Jon was eavesdropping on listening to what he was saying. I also asked Jon for a voice message too (here, scroll to the bottom).

And then Kansei left before I could ask him for stuff and I was like NOOO HE IS LEAVING NOOOO so I rushed over to the crowd of fans who didn't want him to leave either then I was like WGWQIBKJYUEUYWhvdhjd THEN I JUST HELD OUT MY ARMS (like, want hug please) AND THEN HUGGED HIM (wanted to hold on longer ;A; he is perfect height for short me) and then he like, left byebye. I kind of just did it in front of everyone and didn't care oops.

I grab Jon for one last thing before he leaves. It's a surprise but all I can say now is that Jon, oh man Jon you awesome awesome person, did such a great job and it was so entertaining that even the Japanese fans (not understanding his English) found it hilarious as hell. And then I was like "See you on Friday! I'm like, so skipping school just for you guys." Jon's like "Fuck yeah!" grabs my hand for that manly handshake guys do, and then idk if he called me Bernie or Bernadette (I'd have freaked out a little because WHY HE KNOW MY FULL NAME)

And then I talked to Miyagawa-san about him being really cool today then he was like "See you next time" and I'm like "See you on Friday!" and then he's like "Oh yeah, Friday's Shibuya live, cool see you then!" and then we do the whole bowing thing. Yuki and I can't stay to see them off cause we've got trains to catch so we leave early and say bye bye to the others waiting.

And on the train, I tweet silly happy things as I always do, and tweet about the surprises I've got for everyone (of which you have 2 now.) Here's another sneak peek I tweeted on the fadefamily LJ that night:


Oh, I'm not done yet. Now for something special ;P I mentioned it in the report and here it is!

[16.04.2013] Jon SPECIAL
19seconds, 314KB, MP3 format
Background noise reduced

Download here


(Didcha read to the end for the special surprise? No? Do it!!)

P.S. Did you see Nori's new blog post???? He had tweeted in Japanese before the Shibuya live that it might be the last time to see his long hair. (To which he got lots and lots of "DON'T DO IT" on twitter and in person too...!! Well, I can't wait to see what he does with his hair. Hopefully he won't keep us waiting till next month's Shimokitazawa live....)

hannah_arashihannah_arashi on April 21st, 2013 02:42 pm (UTC)
holy fucking hell shit AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhh I love you guys TT__TT I now have a new wake up call XD awesome report though *only coherent thought atm*
Katk_no_uta on April 23rd, 2013 10:47 am (UTC)

ROFLMAO this report is fantastic. A full load of "wtf Jon? X'D" and then all these presents. Very very nice Job. miss! VERY good! *o* Oh god I beg there are many STs etc. coming to Japan after us, because it's gonna be freaking boring without such reports :'D