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09 May 2013 @ 06:13 pm
[LIVE REPORT] fade at 'unfect final party' in Shibuya CYCLONE, 19/04/2013  

fade @ Shibuya CYCLONE
19 April 2013

So my part of the report starts with fade’s set and what happened after.

fade was the second last band of the night, right before the hosts, unfect.
When fade was about to come on, we all moved to the front to take our spots. The screen was still down but it was quite easy to peek under or at the sides to see the guys setting up their equipment. I peered under with Ka-chan quite a few times to sneakily look while Godo and Nori set up their equipment. Kansei was really visible because the screen didn’t cover his part of the stage. But I didn’t really get to see him much because he was completely blocked where I stood. The screen and other people got in my way but we would peer over to see him setting up his guitar. Before bands start their set the lights will go off and the music will go louder (plus the screen went up; most live houses don’t have screens so this was a first) and as usual the music rui composed accompanied the guys and they made their way to the stage.

I peeked under the screen out of fun and was in delight to find 5° there. I'd watch him for a bit looking at the amazing shades of his body art. Then he suddenly noticed me and he looked a bit confused about spotting me *lol* So I waved, and he waved back and then I stood up to not bother him further X'D.

Oh yes! During the band before fade’s set the door to the backstage greenroom was open, so we could see the guys getting ready! I think I remember seeing a flash of Godo and Jon, though for the most part it was Kansei that was in view. He was standing in front of the mirror and fixing his hair, touching up the styling with some hair spray. We also got to see what he was wearing!

Psst, Bernie, I didn't see it! X'D

And and and, suddenly while we were waiting for the live to start, one of the Japanese fans (I think) told me that u:zo was there!! Pretty much everyone turned around to look at different points of time and when we realized he was there, there was kind of a buzz about it. Like “heeeey, u:zo is here, cool!!”

I was in the second row, in between Jon and Kansei. Now, the view from the second row is pretty awesome too but what I missed was the bar/barricade in front of me. It is A LOT HARDER to jump and go wild without a bar to support you because you might fall or lose your balance. (Or hit the people on your left and right if they aren’t jumping too, and feel bad.) That said, sometimes being a bit further away from the front is better because Jon always climbs up on stuff and leans over so you can’t really see his face. BUT being in front also has some really really good advantages.

As usual, the guys came out Kansei first, then rui, Nori and Godo. If I remember correctly, Godo had the violin bow on hand with him.

Kansei: the TEN photoshoot black & white zig zag top, with ¾ jeans, black leggings under and boots. He also had some eyeliner on. Not a lot, a rather thin line, right on the waterline.

Rui: Also in his TEN photoshoot outfit.

Jon: striped shirt, black blazer with studs on lapel (again), jeans and sneakers. This time his shirt was longer so he didn’t…expose anything.

Nori: Leather jacket (no shirt inside), cross necklace again (I think) and his ponytail was higher than normal

Godo: I…forgot to write down what he wore. But he was painted (arms I think), pants and ??? (Ka-chan will make up for what I’ve forgotten, heh)

*lol* Sorry, but I am bad with remembering clothes because basically I don't care about them X'D BUT we have 5° posting his outfit himself ;D

2013.04.19_Shibuya CYCLONE ~ 5°

"[...] Jasper Johns 『Figure 5 』 [...]" according to 5°'s tweet. I feel ashamed for not noticing but >_< I was busy looking on 5°'s hands and face X'D

01. One Reason
02. From the Inside out
03. REIMEI〜黎明〜
04. Close to You(Jp)
05. コズミカリズム
06. Beautiful

I mentioned in the Kobe live report that Kansei was a lot more proactive in getting the crowd worked up. In Shibuya too, he did the same. He didn’t look much at the people in the front but instead called out to the ones at the back so sing along or jump and rock out with them. When Jon asked us to sing along, he would cup his hands to his ear and lean in. He did this to us in the front and had a face that I took to mean “Aww c’mon you can do better than that SING LOUDER!!!” and I felt bad because I’d lost my voice and nothing would come out  I thiiiink he did smile at me at one point but I can’t be sure.
There was a “mini snake pit” section, this time with a TINY bottle of Jim Bean (what happened to Jack Daniels? Ahaha) and he drank only a mouthful of it then he passed it over and the lady in front of me grabbed it. I’m glad she got it cause she’s a Kansei fan too!

As usual, there was bromance on stage. Jon always comes over to Kansei at one point during their sets and leans in, and Kansei once in a while will wander over to rui. BUT THEN!!! Something rare happened that night!!!!!!!! JON AND NORIYUKI BROMANCE. And that was not all, Jon kind of…went a bit crazy with it.

So Jon went over to Nori, leans in reaaaally close and then HE STICKS HIS TONGUE OUT AND ALMOST LICKS NORI’S FACE. He doesn’t and instead pulls back, looking cheeky as ever and returns to the center. I think all of us kind of went UIEGUYEGFJDK DID WE SEE THAT RIGHT because Ka-chan and I had to confirm with each other that yes, it did actually happen.

The startling thing about the scene wasn't Jon fooling around. It was Noriyuki's reaction. (O//////O) He leaned over towards Jon and looked at Jon sticking his tongue out and he SMIRKED and he perked up his eyebrows in a TEMPTING way like: 'Oh Jon, you're the dirty girl tonight!'. And they were doing that right infront of me (I was first row) and I was standing in front of them frozen and with mouth open going '*gasp* You DIDN'T! X#D. Did I just SEE that?'

yuufwduyqwfbdjewf See this is why having two pairs of eyes is awesome because I did NOT see Nori's reaction.

There was also JON x GODO BROMANCE! Cause Godo got really into it and everything so his hat flew off. Jon picked it up and then PUT IT ON while Godo just looked at him like “That’s my hat….you’re wearing my hat.” And then Jon grinned and then took it off and put it right back on Godo’s head. I think Godo was really happy he did that. I remember Godo kept starring at Jon from the moment he picked up the hat till he gave it back. It was really adorable.

Apparently 5° made a happy face :'D and Jon smiled at him like 'I'd NEVER steal your precious hat, bro, you know, that, don't you!' A real 'dawwwww' scene! That night 5° btw. had bumped into Noriyuki and they smiled at eachother! And I think this is becoming a ritual. We have certain parts of song where we just look at eachother and sing. And the more I sing, the more he sings and that again makes me rock even more. And when I can hear him really strongly at some point, then I give him a thumbs up and he smiles.

Jon wasn’t as touchy with the crowd that night as during Kobe but he did lean over so people could touch him. I remember he leaned reaaaally far out and was bent quite low (I don’t remember which song, maybe Close To You?) so much so that….I got to pat his head AHAHAHA. It was really fun because together with the lady next to me, we got to touch Jon’s hair. I’m bad at describing it but…it was fluffy.

He really wasn't touchy, although at some point when infront of me and the girl next to me, he grabbed her hand and held them for a while. It was really sweet. What was confusing me was, that I had picked a place with a box on the edge, so I thought he'd stay to my right in front of my neighbour and I was 'save', but not in the slightest. *lol* He stood himself with his legs spread over the box. Great, Jon, great *lol* I had him stand right "over" me and it was really confusing to see him from this perspective! .

YFC2_2011.10.23 - V-Rock Festival (9)

This YFC pic gives an idea of what I mean. With the difference of him being fully clothed XD

To complete the member's talks: Rui was in his drummer's zone, but he looked as passionate and cool as you can possible imagine.  

The set was short, shorter than TaiTora (since they weren’t the headliners) but it was awesome as always. I liked to jump long though sometimes I felt weird still jumping cause the Japanese fans around me stopped. And it was hard to keep my balance. It’s still really really fun though to just go wild with the guys.

Oh and as usual too, there were the sing a long songs, especially Close To You where Jon pointed out to follow Nori. Then Nori came in with his “woah oooh ooooooh~” and we followed. And for Beautiful, Jon asked the crowd to singalong a lot like the recorded live version. Would have be way better if I could actually…sing a long but my voice. Oh well.

And then when the guys walked off and the screen dropped….sigh, you just wish you could relive everything all over again. After their set though, Godo came out again to keep their equipment and Ka-chan and I waved hi before we left to get a drink. (He wasn’t wearing his shades, so I stared a bit but Ka-chan pulled me away cause it’d be kinda rude to stare ahaha)

Is it just me or did you go "Aw :3" after I dragged you? *lol* However, before I pulled the both of us away, we waved and he waved back *lol* It ended as it started!


So after fade’s set I was under the impression that the live was over but I was wrong, of course. Anyway, I went to get my things from the coin locker and lo and behold, there was u:zo!! My friends who had also gone to the coin locker were taking photos with him so I scurried over to say hi too. I wish I’d had talked to him in English and seen his reaction but I blanked out and stuck to Japanese.

So here, PHOTO:

I tried to talk as much as I could with my lost voice and I think I managed to tell him about me wearing a Darth Vader shirt and he asked where I’d got it from…. Paaaaah why was my voice dead?

Anyway, I went back in and got myself a drink, then went to enjoy unfect’s set.

Now I don't remember when that was *lol* But I went to the toilet and when I came out, Miyagawa-san was JUST passing by, so I kind of blocked his way by opening the door. I quickly closed it behind me backing off against it to make space with a nod towards him and found it hilarious to encounter him at that place when Bernie had met him the other way round before *lol*


First of all I headed out to get some air. As I walked through the hallway, Miyagawa-san came out of the backstage entrance filming with a small camera while walking backwards. He came into my direction followed by Noriyuki and Jon, and I jumped to the side, out of the way and was trying to make myself invisible *lol* but Jon gave me a look so I waved and he tapped my hand slightly with his when passing by to say 'hi' while looking straight forward and into the camera. It made me smile that he hadn't simply ignored me and went through the trouble of being caught on camera tapping my hand (I guess it's out of screen *nodnod*)

So we lined up to talk to the guys, only Jon and Nori came out this time. Miyagawa-san wasn’t really around either, so it was only the two of them. [dear, that was later]

As we were waiting, I was looking at the guys, but I also looked as Miyagawa-san. Time for Miyagawa-incident No.2: So I look at him and smile because he's awesome and does a good job. Then I notice Bernie looking at me, and look at her feeling confused over her grin.

Bernie: "Ka-can, you look so happy when you look at Miyagawa-san"
Me: "(ô////Ô) w...what no I (x///////X)'

I felt like ...sinking into the ground or evaporating *lol* Then Bernie reached the guys and I watched her though first I barely heard what she was talking about with them.

Passed Jon and Nori their letters, asked Jon to sign stuff, and talked a bit. Asked Jon if Kansei was coming out and he said that Kansei was probably too drunk to.

Me: Hey guys, I lost my voice.
Jon: Well now you know how I feel sometimes.

(I scribbled on my notes “immed. shakes/grabs hand” but for the life of me I don’t remember what happened or why I wrote that, oops.)

Me: Hey Jon, what time were you born? Bea asked to find out.
Jon: Mmm, sometime around 11am? Why?
Me: Weeeeell, I guess she might wanna check horoscope stuff idk.
Jon: Oh no…. *pulls a face* I’m not sure, though.
Ka-chan: Ahaha maybe you can ask your parents!!

Me: Hey Jon, I think you and Kansei have an awesome bromance going on.
Jon: Yeah, he’s my bro

Then I showed him the two shot with Kansei that I really like and he signed it and wrote “My Jakomical Romance” lol. I said I was really sad they broke up and he was like “Yeah.”

Then I moved away to let others talk to them.

Next was me. I had wanted to talk to Noriyuki and for once avoid Jon. Fate was against it *lol* so it had Noriyuki be busy with a fan and me facing Jon and my brain was working on high-speed to figure out what to talk about. *lol* So I thought I'd JUST go for the most obvious.

Me: Ha, I knew it! You stole it! Could you let me try the watch you have? (if you remember, in Part 1 I tried on watches. It had just been 3 of 5 on display though, so I guessed that Jon had stolen the other black model I had wanted to try).
Jon: This? *grins* You can try it but you can't have it. *gives me challenging looks while taking it off*

I gave him my hand and he put the watch on.

Me: Ah oh no, x_X it's even bigger and heavier and *lol* so loose
Jon: Oh, no, there's another hole but I don't manage to..
Me: Ok, Ok, wait, don't worry, it's all right. I'll take the other one, so please help me get it.
Jon while taking off the watch: which one is it?

I showed him the more slender black unisex model. And then he explained that I couldn't buy it right away but had to order it from the website. That was a bit frustrating *lol* I commented on it with how unbelievable it is that I brought a whole bunch of money and they wouldn't take it. X'D Jon apologized for the trouble.

In the lack of something to say and yet waiting for Noriyuki, I ended up showing Jon my hands. And he took them and looked at them closely while I explained that the body art on them was fade being my light and fire.
Again wondering what to say next (he just made me lack words *lol*) I showed him my ring. Wrinkling his forehead he took my hand looking closer and then realized, that the engraving (horaremashita, uh? :P Sorry, insider joke!) was "fade" written between two tiny wings on each side.

Jon: "Cool, where did you get this?"
Me: In Kyoto on the way to Kiyomizudera temple.
Jon *looking at my hands*: Can I take a picture? *looks at me*
Me: X'D of course (why the hell you ask YOU'RE the VIP not me!) but just if you share them with me!
Jon: I'll upload them *gets out his mobile and makes several shots*

The result was this blog entry:

2013.04.21_Light n Fire blog (1)

That's when I managed to shift over to Noriyuki and let Jon to the fans behind me. Noriyuki looked a bit tired but at the same time very relaxed that night. He was either sitting or leaning against a table (was it a table?) behind the merch table.

Me: Ehm...I just came to ask if you're very mad at me for cutting your shirt into pieces and to say sorry because I was concerned to seem disrespectful.
Nori: No, NO, not at all. It's a real improvement :)
Me: (°/////°) I'm glad then (^/////^)

[Bernie really lost her voice, otherwise I wouldn't have that much to write XD Sorry!]

I went back to Bernie and watched the guys. That was when Jon suddenly looked me in the eyes (or on a spot on my forehead that made he believe he looks into my eyes) and stood there staring me down like....for maybe super long 30 seconds? He stopped mocking me when I gave up on staring back and turned my face away crossing my arms before it to signal 'OK I give up, just STAWP' :'3

And once all fans were through I remembered I have had another question, so we....

Then went back to talk to them again with Ka-chan this time. We talked about their June lives and asked if anything was planned and stuff. We asked for June because our friend Shannon would leave at the end of that month :'3 But they said nothing was planned of which they knew. Then I asked if it was alright to take photos of Jon’s wrist with the watch on it and he was like, hey how about we pose for it and got Nori to join in. Which led to me using that photo to make this:

I used the chance to apologize for not going to Ozzfest and how it's too much people for me. They laughed going "Nah, we understand"

Then we talked about hand sizes! Compared hand sizes with Jon, of course his was bigger, so then he moved his hand down and was like “Look now your hand is bigger!!” then I was like “Oh but my hand is the same size as Nori’s” so we compared them and Jon was surprised ahhaa. Yeah, my hands are pretty huge.

I compared my hands with Jon, too. His fingers are so long O_O like 2 cm longer than mine.

(Jon sneaked away while we were taking the hand comparison photo)


That one took us a while X'D I have no iPhone so no clue how to handle it and Noriyuki patiently waited while staff members would already announce that we should make our way out. So we were in a hurry, too.

Then right at the end before we said bye to the guys at the merch table (I mean that they left), I told Nori that I wouldn’t be able to speak for the next three days and he grinned lol. So they walk away from the merch table and Ka-chan and I follow after cause she needs to get her stuff from the locker. Then it’s still really crowded so we’re kinda blocked and then end up waiting behind Jon as he finishes washing his hands at the sink outside the bathroom and leaves. It was kinda funny cause we just stood there and didn’t say anything. (OH NOW IT MAKES SENSE. I think Jon snuck away while we were still talking to Nori because he needed to go to the bathroom!) You'll laugh, but when I looked through or notes and remembered the situation I had the absolute same thought and conclusion *loool*

Then after Ka-chan grabbed her stuff I think we went upstairs to wait for the guys to come out.


We hung around with 2 other Japanese fans upstairs, one of which was the lady who got the Jim Bean bottle from kansei earlier. Miyagawa-san came out first so we passed him stuff for the guys. Then we kind of awkwardly watched him shift equipment and stuff into their van, cause we kinda wanted to help but it might put him in a weird position PLUS the equipment is heavy and precious. So we stood back and offered…moral support. Ricky came out later to help move stuff as well. Then some of the guys exited the venue but they weren’t coming out just yet (we didn’t know why). We could see them from where we were (Nori, Rui and Godo) because of the mirrors/reflective surfaces around where they were standing.

So we hung around and waited, even though it was cold. (I’m not sure if I remember correctly but I think we told Nori earlier we would be waiting to see them off and he told us not to catch a cold) Ka-chan started singing rui’s “Sound of the Future” then we sung a few other songs (well I croaked) while waiting. Miyagawa-san came back with the signed Jim Bean bottle for the Japanese fan.

We then asked for a photo with him. (YOU asked x'D I had wanted a picture but would have never asked *lol*) Well I didn’t think we could take one with him but he allowed it (I think we was kinda surprised when we wanted a photo at first; IMO he looked way more awesome at Kobe but then again maybe it was cause that was the first time I saw the “new Miyagawa-san”) BUT THEN MY STUPID PHONE DIDN’T WANT TO COOPERATE so we were stupidly standing around trying to take a photo and I felt really bad so I kept apologizing. He was really nice and humoured us and stuff and said it was ok.

It was so hillarious X'D While Bernie tried her best to explain he phone and make it work for our Japanese friend to take the photo, I stood next to Miyagawa-san and I looked up at him and he looked down. First I just said sth. with the gist of "Um...sorry that" and he went. "Un, no, no problem". When the phone didn't function the 3rd time I just gave him a look between dispair and guilt and muttered of how terribly sorry I was for us troubling him and keeping him from work. But he just blinked and absolutely calmly answered that no, it was really OK, before going back into pose for the next try. I absolutely couldn't tell, if he's just awesomely expernced and skilled in service , hence, wouldn't show in the slightest that he was troubled OR if he was really relaxed and maybe enjoyed that we were up for shots with him. We'll never find out (°.°)

(Don't you think Ka-chan looks SUPER HAPPY to have a photo with Miyagawa-san? *wink wink nudge nudge*)

And then rui, Godo and Nori walked past us to the van and we all kinda bowed and went “Otsukaresama (deshita?)” and when Nori walked past Ka-chan and I he kind of half-snorted half-laughed????? I think when we thought about it later it was as if he was amused at what we did or something… because it might have been weird for two overseas girls to formally bow and with them 'cheers for the good work' in a traditional way why being so serious about it. X'D Anyway, so the three of them walked to the van and stuff (rui and Godo pretty much sauntered past all of us ahaha) and then…the van pulled away and drove off!??! We were all quite confused at this point because…what about Jon and Kansei!?!?! ????

But! Turns out there was a second car, driven by Ricky, waiting. So Jon and Kansei finally came out! We had been talking about what was taking them so long and stuff, and because we all thought Kansei was drunk (Thanks, Jon) we imagined silly stuff like Jon having to support and or carry him to the car (hah!). So he walks past us, right as rain, and we’re kind of confused and all, but I go up and say hi and I’m like “Hey look my necklace says ‘Kansei’” and he’s like “Oh cool” and I think it was Ka-chan who asked him if he’s okay and he was all “Why wouldn’t I be?” (ooooh, attitude, hmm? I like it.) And cause I stopped Kansei, Jon takes the opportunity to slink away and dash to the awaiting car. Someone has put those ninja skills from Ninja Gaiden to use, ahaha~ (Okay he was probably really, really tired that night. Don’t blame him.)

Anyhow, the car pulls off while we wave bye, and hey, guess who is in the car too? Nori! I don’t remember who was sitting where but I’m pretty sure Jon was in the back seat. Maybe Kansei was up front in shotgun with Ricky? So they wave bye bye to us and we wave bye bye too and it’s nice that they don’t roll the windows up and high tail it outta there. Jon smiled at us while being on the phone already and my comment to Bernie was sth. like: "Oh, so maybe he indeed has a girlsfriend :D"

Oh and the funny part was that I think the unfect guys where there sometime in between or maybe after we saw off fade but they said hi to us too and we told them “otsukaresama” and stuff as well coupled with you know, our awkward bowing, and they were really nice and thanked us for coming and joked that if they ever play again or something for us to go say hi or go see them. Ahaha.

So that was our fade encounters for the night – well no, not really there’s still more.

*inserts a break to build up tension*

We spent the night at McDonalds in Shibuya cause we missed the last train. It was very nice!! We got nice cozy seats, drinks and a place to talk! Talked about lots of stuff and also observed the late night “stay in at Macs culture”, had other foreigners try to talk to us (we ignored them) and watched the staff wake people who had fallen asleep up…. It was really interesting.

Shibuya at 5am was kinda scary though. Can you imagine? Drunk Japanese (mostly youngsters or business men) lying around at each corner and sleeping. And as we pass by two guys, one of them, like in a bad movie, is just turning around to eh...empty his upset stomach (<_<#) It was so creepy there! We made it onto the train then parted ways D:
I caught some Zzzzs for about 4 hours before checking out. And then after I checked out the first thing I see is the logo for Jack Daniels, then the Jonathan’s diner nearby. That day I went to visit my friend and hang out with her before returning to Kansai, and guess what, we had dinner at Jonathan’s ahahaha!!

Hey *pokes* at least make a comment on how the Jonathan's is? I never had the time to go in when I was sleeping at the hotel I recommended you! Here, have a pic of it! :P

fade REX (28)

Ahaha okay, since Ka-chan asked I shall add on a small bit about what I had at Jonathan's! It's a family restaurant that sells western food (think Gusto, Bikkuri Donkey, Royal Host etc) and I love such places cause they have AMAZING drink bars. So you can drink as much as you want, and they have a huge variety. From soft drinks (melon soda, ice tea, coke) to coffee (ice latte, hot cappucino, hot/ice matcha latte [WHICH WAS AMAZING BTW, I love matcha]) and even tea!! All sorts of tea! Earl Grey, lavender, Japanese tea, Chinese tea (I think), Rose tea etc etc . Pic below: (it's also open 24hours! The long Katakana sign says "Jonathan's" lol)

Pasta, Salad and my friend's karaage. They also had this "rice bread" thing, which was bread made from rice and it was really good!
My friend had a pizza. It's pretty cheap cause we had lots of food (and drink bar) but it only cost about 2600yen total!

Ahaha, okay, so now we've really made it to the end.

Thank you for reading!!
Katk_no_uta on May 9th, 2013 09:44 am (UTC)

Wah 0____0 Jonathan's ist hat good? HANNAH!!!!!! You know where we're eating on the day after the live (*_*)v

And Bernie, little devil, what is that caption for the Miyagawa-pic X#D As if I hadn't had enough Miyagawa-incidents already! A bit more and he'll think I'm seriously attached. (allrigh I'm seriously attached but not in the serious serious sense and heavens spare him for it to EVER get that far *pats him*)
Bernieberniechan on May 9th, 2013 10:49 am (UTC)
Ahaha they might think we both have a thing for Miyagawa-san since we started the whole 'omg he is so good looking' trend bwahahahahah

AND I COULD NOT RESIST THE CAPTION, BWAHAHA. Okay but you were smiling and grinning so much all night long before the live after the live...!! 8D

And yeah! Jonathan's was cheaper than Royal Host! Idk how good Royal Host's pasta is cause I've never tried it but the Drink Bar at Jonathan's was better.
(Saizeriya is better for pasta though, but it's variety isn't as great.) Yes yes go eat there after the live, guys!!

Katk_no_uta on May 10th, 2013 07:08 am (UTC)

We started it in the open and for overseas people. *lol* He had a quiet bunch of Japanese fangirls won over long before that already *lol* I remember how they gathered around him outside the Cafe Ballo Ballo *loool*

*_* I have hopes they have food that is vegetarian.