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29 May 2013 @ 12:29 am
[LIVE REPORT] Red Bull Live on the Road, Osaka (20 May 2013) PART 2  
PART 2: After the show, Seeing fade off

(fade with HEAD PHONES PRESIDENT after the show, from the HPP FB)

It ended much too fast but it was an amazing set. I hung around to wait for when the staff came out to clear stuff, and while the Japanese fans called him “Sato-san”, I knew him as Ricky so there I was calling him Ricky instead ahaha. They asked him for the setlists but I zoomed into the more important one – the Bombay Sapphire bottle. I’d asked kansei like 4 times for it (twice after Beautiful before the walked off) then again after they ended but he either ignored me or didn’t hear me. So Ricky says he’ll have to ask kansei if it’s okay then he does back and does so. So I’m waiting in anticipation while the fans on my right chat happily about the setlists they got and then Ricky comes back out, takes the bottle, smells it, caps it, and passes it to me. I’m like “THANK YOU!!!!” in Japanese and completely over the moon. The bottle is sticky. I don’t care because all that matters is that I HAVE IT!!!!

Anyway, we’re kinda chased out of the venue cause they want to clear up, but sonrisa pulls me over and tells me that TOYO from NEW BREED was there! I couldn’t tell which one he was (I did look where she was telling me to) but I’m sure we all know who he is. That’s nice!! So we head out and Miyagawa-san is at the tiny merch table. The only bands selling merch are fade, HEAD PHONES PRESIDENT and CRACK BANQUET (they had a slideshow on a tablet and badges for sale). The area is really small, and the merch tables aren’t supposed to be out there but because the RBLOTR event had a DJ console and stuff where the merch tables were supposed to be, we made do. I changed my drink coupon for a well needed drink then hung around to wait for the guys. Miyagawa-san was being…well, kind of hogged by some fans so I couldn’t really buy the hair tie then (Getting another one for reasons). Anyway I ask them if the guys are coming out and they tell me Miyagawa-san’s off to get them out. I take the chance to pass him the letter for Godo.

So soon enough I see a tuft of bleach blonde hair making his way out and Jon being cornered and hugging a fan before he can make his way to the merch table. The way Miyagawa-san manages the guys is quite fun to watch actually. Jon changed into a white shirt with thin white stripes, and Nori changed into a white t shirt as well. Anyway, fans corner the guys so this makes equipment movie and leaving the venue a pain. They’re told to move aside so people won’t clog up the area and the other bands can leave freely. When I spot band members leaving I turn around and tell them “Otsukaresamadeshita”. So because everyone’s clamouring over Jon and Nori (I think I managed to pass Jon a letter and grab a short word with him before his attention was drawn to other fans), I moseyed over to the merch table to grab a hair tie from Miyagawa-san and ask him if kansei was coming out. He was, just taking a bit more time than usual.

So when he did come out, time to go chase kansei and say hi!!!! The first thing he saw was that I got the Bombay Sapphire bottle, and pointed at it and say “Hey you got it.” He was holding a can of o-cha, and had changed into a grey button up shirt. A Japanese fan stopped him and they got into a rather…long/serious conversation (??) in Japanese and…kansei is still sober enough to have proper conversations in Japanese. Miyagawa-san gives him a stern look and gestures for him to make his way to the merch table. Kansei stands in front of it a little puzzled like how is he going to get there so Miyagawa-san has to lead him over by gesturing the route he should take. It’s really cute. So kansei goes over to the merch table and SQUEEZES in (he is petite enough to make it through that tiny gap….) so there where he stays for the rest of the night. Jon and Nori on the other hand are occupying the tables by the side of the merch table, with Jon just about right next to Nori.

Anyway, I hang around to wait for my turn to speak to kansei so I get to catch one of the conversations a fan has with him. She asks what should she/they call rui, and about his reaction to “ruirui”. Kansei still finds ruirui amusing and Miyagawa-san chips in that rui is “KING” instead of “rui-sama” and says it about 3 or 4 times. It is hilarious. So while the fan talks to kansei, he’s left doing nothing much so I talk to him and ask about the presents Ka-chan handed over on Saturday. He says the black furry thingies are really cute and thanks for them. The cards for staff are also really nice. I explained how she made them and how the overseas fans got together to think about the messages. Then he randomly asks me if I’m from Singapore. (“You’re from Sinagpore right??”) and I’m all puzzled because HOW DOES HE KNOW. But that’s where he gets distracted and pulled into the whole conversation about what to call rui. But then I pull his attention back and explain that I’m here as a student so I’ll be staying for at least 2 more years.

Then KANSEI yay! I pass him the bottle to sign and then he switches to English mode. For some reason he REFUSES to speak to me in Japanese no matter what, even though my Japanese was kind of pera pera (fluent) that night. I think it was probably because I was kinda drunk/high too. Look, alcohol makes us fluent in foreign languages, kansei!! So before he signs it he’s like “Hey I’m sorry I spelt your name wrong the other time.” And on one hand while I’m confused how he actually remembers he spelt my name wrong (it was more than a month ago when he made that mistake), I’m really touched he does remember! He knows my name though, just not how to spell it lol. Then he tells me how he made a mistake with a Japanese fan’s name. Her name is Mika but he wrote Erika and she got super pissed off. I assured him that I don’t care really, I’m not angry, he can call me whatever he wants. (I mean it’s not like he completely mistook my name as something else. I’ve had people mistake my name for loads of weird things before so I’m kinda used to it I guess. Plus I’m also just really happy he even remembers it in the first place.)

So anyway he makes sure to spell my name right and asks me how to spell it. He’s got the Ber part down pat but he hesitated and was so nervous about the second half it was really cute and endearing. He made me tell him two times that it was “nie” to be sure before writing it then signing my bottle. Yay, thank you!! I had fans come over and tell me it’s awesome I managed to get it. YES. ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED. Next step is to get his pick. So he’s kind of out of it, and it’s obvious he’s drunk when he’s in English mode though in Japanese he’s really good at covering things up. He says random stuff in English or will just change the topic to something entirely unrelated??? Like I said thanks for showing Hannah a good time on Saturday and he was zoning out and stuff then he reached down and looked at the kansei tumbler and was like “Oh there are only 8 of these left so” and I didn’t know how to respond to that so I just gave him a thumbs up. (I seemed to subconsciously be doing the kansei thumbs up a lot last night)

(don't mind me looking like crap after the show)

So anyhow, I ask him to record a message for fade family and it is one of the sweetest and most adorable things I’ve ever heard. You’ll hear it eventually after I clean out the noise and edit the sound file. He asked me “Should I speak in English or Japanese?” and I’m like “It’s okay if you speak in Japanese~” and he’s like “I want to try in English.” So he does and the result is…it’s so kansei I don’t know how else to describe it. It’s short but so, so precious.

I did also ask him to make an alarm tone but, ahahha, poor dear didn’t really know what to do. The first time failed because all he said was “*pause* hi Bernie *pause*” so he asked me what I wanted him to say and I told him what Jon did the other time. So he said ‘Sure’ and that he’ll try. So then the second time he’s like “wake up hi hi hi hi hi I’m not good at this” and I kind of died because it was so cute and adorable and. yes.

Then I talk to him about his Bromance with Jon!! He still doesn’t quite understand fully what the concept actually is, so he’s like agreeing and stuff and then Jon hears what the topic is about and jumps in. “Yeah we got a bromance.” And keeps saying “bromance” over and over and kansei is kind of confused and everything but plays along as Jon inches closer and is grinning ecstatically. Jon’s all “I love that term, Bromance” and I tell him that he seriously needs to watch the Bromance music video. WATCH IT GUYS. Especially kansei, cause that video explains what Bromance is, ahaha! So after that happens Jon turns back to the Japanese fan he was talking to (he’d turned around and jumped into our convo, leaving her hanging, lol oops!!) and I’d pulled out one of my favourite photo of Jon and kansei and asked kansei to sign it.

Miyagawa-san is looking at it someone a cross between bemusement and amusement and I think he says something about the photo but I don’t catch it. Kansei is all confuzzled and just stares at the photo like ‘what am I supposed to do?’ so I tell him to make a message or sign it (actually wanted both but) THEN GUESS WHAT HE DOES??? HE INSTEAD WRITES A MESSAGE TO ME AND NOT ABOUT THE BROMANCE. He scribbles “To Bernie love always” though it looks like some weird scrawl and I don’t even know what it says until he tells me. Yeah, he was wasted.

Somewhere or other I asked if he’d heard me shout “Hentai Eskimo” and he did, then he said he was sad that no one really shouted for him tonight. “I didn’t hear much of my…like, calls? tonight”. Don’t worry, if I’m there you can count on someone screaming for you, Kansei :D

I think I told him I’d see him at the 6/6 Jon birthday live and that he was amazing on stage. I then asked for a hug and it was a tad awk over the merch table but we managed. Then off I go to let the next person talk to him and I make my way over to talk to Nori! I’d been queuing to talk to Jon at first but the line for Nori opened up and I looked at him and he either said “Hey Bernie” or “Hey there” so I scooted over. I passed him the letter from Hannah and thanked him for giving her a great time on Saturday

Me: She’s like, your biggest fan. So she was really happy that you talked to her and gave her a hug.

And saying how the night was great and stuff.

Me: Hey Nori you know if I let my hair grow out it’ll be your OLD hairstyle!!
Nori: *chuckles*

Then I ask him if there are any insights he can give me on International FC. He says he honestly doesn’t know, and that he doesn’t think there is anything planned because they’re just going to be staying in recording for the new album. I don’t remember if we talked about anything else but I asked him to record something and he obliged. It’s pretty good. I’ll need to work it through the audio editor to get rid of background noise (like Jon talking) and make it clearer but it should turn out great, heh.

And thennnnnn Jooooooon. I went over to say hi and cause Belle asked me to do something Belle-like for her, I grinned and went “Heeeeeey Eggy” and he grinned and I don’t remember what he said but he responded lol. Anyway, I thanked him for giving Hannah a great time and how she was shocked he knew her from twitter then he was all *creepy grin* “Yeaaah, we check up on you guys” and “stalker yeah” so eyufd873eiqgvwdbewbfk.

Me: So do you stalk the fadefamily LJ page???
Jon: That’s for me to know and you to find out.

Then I tell him about the giveaway and thanks again for signing the stuff for it. Then told him the winning picture’s caption was “Side effects of constipation” and he lol-ed. So then I grab a photo for him to sign as another gift and he is like “Oh man, this picture….” And I’m like “IT’S CUTE!!” so he writes on it and then adds a message at the bottom: P.S. Bernie made me do it :o


Then he signs my ticket and writes ALL OVER it taking up ALL the space and the ink fails on the “W” so the word “RAAAAAWK” looks like “RAAAAAIUK” lol!

I think I’m like “Omg your birthday live on the 6th!” and I think it was Jon who told me they didn’t even know it was happening till recently. So he asked if he’ll see me there and I’m like “OF COURSE” and I’m not sure why but I think it had something to do with me saying “screw school I must come for that live” so he brofisted me like 4 times. He’s so cool. And awesome. I grab a hug with him before I let the next person talk to him.

(I think my memory is a bit fucked up cause the order in which I remember doing things is actually quite off but whatever, that’s what happened lol!)

I think the guys were being told it was time to leave and I scooted over to kansei again cause he’d taken a pic with one of the foreign fans cause he liked the custom made shirt she had on for the event. So I asked him if it was okay (CAUSE I WANT ONE) and this was really funny cause another fan had gone up to ask him for his signature but I’d appeared and I felt bad so I wanted her to go first and kansei was looking at me but…so I asked him and he touched my arm and was like “Later okay, outside” cause they had to go back in and pack up (Miyagawa-san was being stern and calling them back). So we watched them leave and then were asked to go out of the venue. I talked to the two ladies who were here on holiday with sonrisa for a while then saw the hilarious guy outside and asked to take a picture of him. The guy with him was like “Hey c’mon miss, I’ll take a photo of you AND him!” and like, sure, why not so he did LOL!

Anyway then we were upstairs waiting for the guys. I had a very nice chat with the two ladies (I didn’t catch your names omg I’m so sorry!!!) and we took photos. I also chatted with a Japanese Jon fan and complemented the stuff she’d wrote on her arms and stockings. Then I jumped over to have a quick chat with Ricky about FC stuff.

He told me that they’ve sent the member tag & key out and was surprised when I said no one had got them yet. They’ll probably arrive around the end of the month, he said. He also said there’s something for the Japanese FC. Then we talked about the fadefamily LJ comm cause I wanted to ask if it was okay to get stuff for it, and he said no problem! Thanked us for the good job, he’s checked out/seen the site and said that it helps them a lot. Then I asked him about what’s going to happen after they go Major and he said that they’re trying not to change anything, and that they still want to meet fans after lives and stuff. He said that their priority now is to just keep getting new fans for fade, and to keep up what we’re doing overseas as well. Ricky is really nice so be sure to say hi if you see him! I think he speaks English pretty well too, but I’ve only ever spoken to him that one time and in Japanese.

So he cuts short our chat (which was already quite nice and long) because Miyagawa-san pulls up in The White Van and they have to move the equipment into it, and the guys will be coming out soon. So I move back out of the way and talk to a Japanese fan for bit before the guys come out and we get all excited.

I zero-in on kansei and the same thing happens again with the other Japanese fan where we tell each other to go first. I ask for a picture, he says okay, so we take one. I’d rather not hold him up too much by asking to take another one so I thank him for it. I ask for his signature on my ticket even though there’s no space so he flips it over and signs the back. Then I move off to go talk to someone else…but the only one left is rui and the others have left to get onto the van. I think Godo just ninja-ed right into the van. Wish I had said hi and stopped him cause the two wonderful ladies I met earlier from Austria and Germany would have liked to meet him D:

Oh yes, I think I asked kansei what happened to Jack Daniels like you know, why’s he not chugging that anymore? He said he wants to keep things fresh by changing the alcohol he chugs during the Snake Pit corner lol. (We’ve had JD, Jim Bean and now Bombay Sapphire Gin + Red Bull)

Anyway, I go over and catch rui, and he’s really nice and staying to talk to us fans even though Miyagawa-san keeps reminding him over and over that they’ve got to leave soon. I ask rui to sign my ticket and he flips it over to sign the back.

Rui: is this nori’s (signature)?
Me: No, it’s kansei’s.
Rui: *snorts*

I..have no idea what I said to rui or what happened after. But he goes into the van and we wave, or try to wave at the people in the van. It’s tinted so we can’t see the inside. We can see a nori-shaped head, well nori-hair shadow, and he’s busy texting so he ignores us completely. But then in the seat behind him, there’s a small gap between the black tint and kansei peeks through to see and wave bye. So we wave byebye to them as the van pulls off then rush off to catch our trains.

I’d checked to make sure we’d still have a train to get to, and when we left DROP it was about 11:30pm? We caught the subway back to Umeda then changed for the train bound to where we were staying. The three of us, Bridget, Ansn and myself, it turned out, were bound for the same place! Their hotel was like, a few train stations away from my stop. Ahaha. It really was very nice to meet them…and then the next day I found out Bridget is also part of the German ST!!!! Damn, the world is so small.

So then I got home, still really really high, spam twitter and all over the internet, and go to sleep thinking happy things. Fade lives always leave me in an adrenaline rush.

Alright. That’s it from me! Thanks for reading this monster of a post lol!
PART 1 of the report
jackycrowejackycrowe on May 28th, 2013 11:31 pm (UTC)
*hides somewhere unknown*
It was also a pleasure to meet you. We both hope to see fade one day in Europe. And we hope that you find time to come too then.
I personal thought that fade has the power to go international. It was a great evening. also to meet other fans, to meet the band, and saw also other bands, we never heared before.

For us it was a great day, our first official day in Japan. Thats the way travels always should start
Bernieberniechan on May 30th, 2013 06:50 am (UTC)
Yes it was so so nice to meet the two of you!! Really hope to visit Europe someday, and maybe plan it nicely so I can catch fade too (heh heh)

And it's great how there's such a strong belief in them that they can go international. IMO believing is the first step to achieving lol!

So glad to hear you had a great time ^_^
Hope to see you again, be it in Japan or Europe!!
hannah_arashihannah_arashi on May 29th, 2013 03:06 am (UTC)
I will never ever ever ever ever write another letter in my life *total lies* .... >/////< rawr... as if it weren't already going to be hard enough to try to remember how to speak on the 8th... now... nope impossible... o___O
Bernieberniechan on May 30th, 2013 06:50 am (UTC)
Ahahahahah I'm sure you'll keep writing to them, hurhur ;P
hannah_arashihannah_arashi on May 30th, 2013 03:09 pm (UTC)
*SIGHS* Yea i will.,.. writing is how I best express myself sometimes
Katk_no_uta on May 31st, 2013 04:53 am (UTC)

Nope, you better get ready to face Nori on 8th after being finally completely exposed as a big fan of his. :P (sorry I just COULDN'T resist and had to tease you)
hannah_arashihannah_arashi on May 31st, 2013 01:07 pm (UTC)
yep... and you and bernie should both be prepared for me to be speechless and trying not to be an idiot... as he probably smirks at me and makes me die... AGAIN
Katk_no_uta on May 31st, 2013 04:51 am (UTC)
I'm such an idiot *headdesks* I managed to delete the huge comment I had written while writing..........NO while READING. (x_X) I'm so OFF today, seriously! Well then. Just know that it was a great entry. Thank you dear!
Bernieberniechan on May 31st, 2013 04:52 am (UTC)
Oh noooo now you're making me curious as to what you wrote xD
Katk_no_uta on May 31st, 2013 04:53 am (UTC)
Sorry *lol* I'll try again when I'm less off, OK? XD