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20 June 2013 @ 12:48 am
[LIVE REPORT] Jon's Birthday Celebration Event, 6 June 2013  

Jon’s Birthday Event/Acoustic Live + Fan Meeting
6 June 2013, Shinsaibashi Club DROP

This report is written by Ka-chan (k_no_uta) and I. She'll be writing in blue.

03 - pre live (0)

Before meeting up with Bernie, I put on some body paint, as usual!

01 - 2013.06.06_Jon special Birthday live ~ body painting

The topic should be obvious *lol* Jon's Birthday. Well actually my wish to him:
"May your life have all colours"

01 - ready (1)01 - ready (2)

Click on the pictures to see then full size. I chose my self made YFC t-shirt that day, since it's Jon's birthday. Usually I absolutely restrain from coming in YFC stuff to a fade show. I mean most people wouldn't mind, but I kind of do it out of respect for Rui.

While doors open at 5:30pm, Ka-chan and I had some secret business to attend to, so we were at the venue from ~2pm onwards. The band arrived at about ~3:30pm to 4pm and we tried to stay out of the way as equipment was being taken off from the van.

Rui and kansei left to go buy stuff, while the other 3 rushed into the venue, I assume for soundcheck/rehearsal. Jon grinned at us and he was wearing a white Darth Maul t-shirt with leather jacket over. Kat left me all alone for a while, and kansei came back so I kind of awkwardly said hi and he grinned. Rui and Miyagawa-san came out once or twice, kansei too, maybe, and we tried to steer clear and not be in the way. Then we resumed secret business after the band & staff left/were not in the vicinity.

While we were at secret business, kansei came out to go buy something, saw what we were doing and said “Nice!” which I somehow registered as him speaking Japanese…please don’t mind my brain. I said/did quite a lot of stupid/silly things while being high/drunk so….oops. He came out a little later, while we were in the midst of secret business and went running back into the venue behind a Yoko-san who was carrying the box of cake she’d brought as a present!!!!

Godo came out a little later too, and he saw what we were doing, grinned and then Kat told him to “Shhhh” and he responded by putting a finger to his lips too. Thanks!!!

K.: He smiled at us in a very adorable way while passing by! (>o<) We went all awwww over it. The secret business btw. was making Jon's Birthday Banner for the Nagoya show two days later. We write the letters on felt and cut it aout and glued it to the banner infront of the venue. We had no tape, so Bernie provided a bunch of her mini plasters to stick the baner to the glass *lol* Have some pics!

02 - banner (1)

02 - banner (2)

See the umbrella next to me? It has a Katana (Japanese sword) handle. My birthday present to Jon. I had come to Osaka from Hiroshima/Miyajima, where I had been on journey before. I stumbled over the katana-umbrella and it was as if it was shouting "Jon...JON I'M JOOOON's! Bring me there!" at me. *lol*

Secret business done, we hung around, talked to Japanese fans then moved down the stairs to the front of DROP. Lots of funny stuff happened, ahaha.

Yoko-chan, our Japanese friend (and a huge Jon fan) had brought a cake for him and showed it to us! It was SO BADASS! No wonder Jon would share pictures of it ;D

02 - pre-life (1) 02 - pre-life (2)

<<<Jon's Blog entry>>>

And we made a group shot as we were waiting outside and fooling around.

03 - pre live (1)

Doors open! We went in by number, then the people who reserved via the website entered. If you paid for the entire live + fan meeting, you’d get a red (pink ;D) band to wear around your wrist.


When we entered, everyone was kind of shocked cause…there were chairs in the venue for us to sit on!!!! But we still hung towels to reserve places just in case.

The thing is, that we had seen the staff carrying the chairs and I had asked them about those so they said, they are for the time when the accoustic live is. So we assumed that they would not be there first and then get set up.

This is what it looked like. It would fill up with more people later. We took the chance to take shots together!

04 - pre-life inside (1) 04 - pre-life inside (1b)

04 - pre-life inside (1bb)

04 - pre-life inside (2)

Everything was done, equipment all in place.

Live set (from fade's FB since we both struggles to get it together):
M1. Born Ready
M3. From the Inside Out
M4. コズミカリズム

When the lights went dark and like the intro music came on we were all just really confused cause what do we do?? Should we stand up? Sit down? In the end we all got up and made our way to the front and waited for the guys to come out. Jon came out in his usual black blazer with the studs. I don’t remember what the others wore for the live but I think it was pretty much their “normal” love attire (ROFLMAO it's "live attire" but it's too good as fail to currect it X'D), like the TEN photoshoot outfits.

I think near the start when Jon came over to Kansei’s side, he spotted me and grinned. There was quite a lot of bromance that night as usual, like leaning over and pulling kansei close. I remember right at the end of Cosmicalism, Jon came over and grinned at me, and for a line or two he looked right at me and sang it. Awwww. Thanks!  There was only one part where Kansei turned to look my way and we just broke into grins. I think it was at something Jon said. When Jon announced before Cosmicalism that it would be their last song as fade, it made us all really sad. It was such a short set! Still explosive though.

It was really weird to figure out what to do and I saw some people remaining next to their seats actually *lol* But when you're in the first row, you loose sight of what's behind. We rocked out with them as usual! Few people, lots of people, in the first row such things don't matter much. There is the artist, the people right next to you and you. You don't need more.

Then the curtain came down and the lights came back on. Most of us went to get drinks or sit around and talk.

I think that was the point when Bernie made pics of the merch table for everyone, because maybe some of our readers actually can't really tell what that looks like.

04 - pre-life inside (7) 04 - pre-life inside (9)
04 - pre-life inside (10) 04 - pre-life inside (11)

Went and joined sonrisa and Kat talking at the side and I kinda of just flailed about things. I was pretty high that night. Sonrisa-san also informed us that the guys in the audience were the band members of Alfard!! Cool.

It was so funny, because I said: "Hey there are guys? Cool!" to then find out they are band members *loool* I had not recognized them in their casual outfits, although I could tell they were no "plain people" so to say. We also talked about the acoustic live. It's really funny. We were wondering how it would be to hear rock songs in acoustic version rather than the ballads. Talking about which songs we could imagine to hear, it was fantastic to actually get to hear them later.

And then suddenly the lights went dark again and I had to scramble back to my seat.

The curtain went up and there was Jon and kansei on stage seated!!

Acoustic set (from fade's FB):

M1. Better scarred
M2. You
M3. fool
M4. It was you
M5. So Far Gone
M6. REIMEI〜黎明〜
M7. One Reason
M8. Moment of Life
M9. Close to You

Jon was in a blue blazer with white striped shirt underneath while kansei was in a white long sleeve T-shirt with a black vest over. There was a keyboard set up at the corner. Jon said the set up was really strange but intimate too! Then he talked about how they had discussed the setlist for the night and that they were going to play some really old songs and some songs they’ve never played before!

For example, it was the first time EVER that they played "Fool" and "You". Jon said that for "Fool" it was like being at the lowest and worst of times and that it was a song that really related to him. That or he said that about "Better Scarred". (I think Better Scarred was when he said being at the lowest of lowest and then realizing that it was okay because there was no way left to go but up) “You” was written after he broke up with his girlfriend.

Small addition: I think "You" was to appreciate the time with the girl he had broken up with and if I recall right, when it came to "Fool" he asked Kansei if he remembers the time when they wrote it and what was going on. Kansei said "Nope!" and Jon's answer was that he didn't forget it. I think he talked about that it was a hard time in/with the band. I've got a problem though *lol* my Japanese is not the best, so I could have misunderstood it all.

So regarding this song, some absolutely emotional, personal rables now. Skip if you want! Those amongst you who tend to read my reports might remember, that Jon doesn't usually look at me during shows. Up to the point where he practically avoids it. Which I find not surprising since I'm usually always there *lol* But during this accoutic live, Jon killed me more than he ever EVER did before. I'm almost not sure if I should talk about it. Yet if I don't, what if I was to forget. Because writing reports is writing down my memory for dark days.

Jon looked at me. I was sitting in the forst row at the furthest out chair on the left (5°'s) side. And he'd openly look at me so often. I was telling myself that it was a mistake, but I tried confirm with Bernie and she said he was looking over there often, but she was far away, too, so who knows what really happened. I can just say what I saw, right?

Because of the person I am, I tend to sing along with fade. And even though it was accoustic live, I DID sing along. I tried doing it quietly and yet got looked at by Jon. During "You" I absolutely brouke out in tears. Lucky me I hand't drunk much so I wouldn't overflow with tears. But I cried and it shoock me through and through. I think Jon once looked over while I was trying to stare at the ground.
When "fool" came on, I surprisingly could calm down and sing along quietly. As "It was you" came on against my fear it would make me cry again, it made me feel at ease and then......gosh, what to say. Jon looked at me singing "it was you". I actually suffer under the weird impression he looked me in the eyes through almost the entire song. Being all shaky alreaday, I simply interpreted it as an request of his to sing more. So I sang along. I sang second voice and was wondering what was happening there. I had not been prepared for such a thing. He made my heart squirm under his look. :'3 I guess I figured out later he enjoyed me singing along.

Apparently later on (can't figure out which song) Jon spoke into the intro "You can sing if you like!". Or was it in between? I think I had stated singing really quietly to myself, because I didn't wanna bother the audience. But when he said that I just stopped thinking. I JUST sang with him against all odds! On a side note: he said that one in English then slipped into Japanese with (i'm not sure, but..) "やってみろう" in a sense of "Dare to [do it]"??? He did talk English at some points leaving the 98% Japanese fans in a state of confusuion while the remaining 2% (Bernie and me) were tempted to give him a shout of "Hey Jon, Jooooon! English, you're talking English!!!!". I guess for a few parts he might simply not have noticed he was talking in English X'D.

There were very cute MC moments between kansei and Jon that night, and kansei had this bottle of green Jack Daniels next to him. There was one part where they were introducing the songs and Jon and kansei kind of messed up the order or which albums the songs were from and were correcting each other. (because Kansei assumed Jon was talking of the song AFTER the next song and not the next song, I think) And then talking about birthdays, they talked about if they remembered when each member’s birthday was. Jon said he wasn’t really sure but that he knew kansei’s. And kansei said he of course knew Jon’s. Then Jon started to guess the other member’s birthdays. First kansei, and of course kansei was looking at him and expecting him to get it right (which he did of course, 3 March, btw) then he got rui’s right (31 January) then he guessed Godo’s! There’s some confusion whether his birthday is 7th or 5th but it’s the 5th of July. Then finally Nori’s…which he didn’t know the exact date of. So he says April…then asks someone to provide him the date. Yuki (one of our Japanese friends, who was sitting next to me and is dedicated Nori fan) did, and he’s like “CORRECT!” though he said it in a way where he probably didn’t really know ahaha.

So then somewhere in the middle, Jon said they did an acoustic live with Undergraph at La Donna in Harajuku and asked if anyone present had been and there was someone! So at that time him and kansei were the guests but this time, they were hosting and they had a special guest!! Which turned out to be Yoshida Tooru!!!!!!  He’s working with them on the new album, by the way. Kat and I had seen him get off the van earlier but umm, we didn’t recognize him so. Oops. But after that it was like “Ahhh, so that’s how he looks like!”

So he goes over to the keyboard and does a helluva job playing it and the Japanese fan to my right kept saying so. It’s a really small place so they can hear what we say and respond to it so it was very nice and intimate.

Then the next MC part is about kansei and Yoshida Tooru. So Tooru-san is from Osaka, and he’s a Hanshin Tigers fan. He wiped his face with a Hanshin Tigers towel and turns out he bought it from Koshien Stadium about 2 years ago. Then Jon reveals that both Kansei and Tooru-san are big Hanshin fans so if he lets them talk about it he doesn’t need to do MC anymore ahaha. So anyway, Tooru-san addresses Kansei as “Kan-chan” and the crowd kinda goes ‘wild’ for it and Kansei clarifies that he’s been “Kan-chan” since quite a while back. Kan-chan says they haven’t talked about Hanshin in a while then Tooru-san revealed that when Kansei emailed him his guitar data he also added “Hanshin lost today” in the mail and Tooru-san said that was irrelevant!! (in a way of: it's work so please don't wrote such stuff while Kansei kept apologizing)

And then I think somewhere after a few songs after MC, kansei is all “It’s Jon’s birthday celebration we need to sing him a song!!” so then he leans into the mic and is all “Ha, ha, ha” like giving the audience the cue for what key the song will be in but it’s too fast and jumbled so we don’t get it then Kansei kind of launches into the song all by himself and we can’t sing along CAUSE HE PLAYED IT IN A KEY TOO HIGH (OR LOW, IDK) FOR US TO SING COMFORTABLY. (Apparently Kansei did something very strange! *lol* He played in one key but sang in another X'D He made my ears bleed and me facepalm cause...wooooot?) So then it all fails and he stops playing and just looks at us like “Hey what happened!?!?!” so we’re all “C’mon one more time!!!” and Kansei is like “No no we can’t anymore” or something so the lady next to me just says loudly “Tooru-san please play for us.” (She literally just said “Tooru-san, onegaishimasu” while turning to stare at him) and we all burst into laughter because it’s just hilarious. Kansei panics a little I think but Tooru-san asks him what key, then he goes G! but then changes it to F sharp (?? I…think) and then Tooru-san launches into the song while kansei is still trying to play along. Then someone starts the song (yeah, that was me x////X) (Jon’s just sitting around being amused really) then FINALLY we all get into the swing of it and sing!!

“Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Jon~~~~ Happy birthday to yooooooou”

So Jon that makes a brilliant link to the next song by saying it was a great moment to be there and I’m all “OMG ARE THEY GOING TO PLAY…I BET…I BET…!!” and then Jon announces it IS “Moment of Life” and I’m squealing cause Kat had said earlier that was the ONE SONG she really wanted to hear that night. Awwwwww!! So I try and look over to see her face but she’s all over on the other side so I didn’t get to. But it was beautiful, siggggh.

I was absolutely certain I'd cry over this one. I didn't! i was just amazingly glad to hear it. Being prepared to eventually catch Jon's looks again I was a bit relieved that for this one he'd just kind of "sink into himself" emotionally and fully be in the moment while singing :D

And REIMEI and One Reason were SO GOOD in acoustic. I too, had mentioned earlier to Kat and sonrisa I’d wanted to hear them acoustic and…and… it was such a great night. Jon’s vocals just sounded so nice and raw. His voice got a bit raspy at times but that made it feel just that more real and added to the atmosphere and…just. So beautiful and amazing.

Kansei was drinking in between songs so the lady next to me and I would whisper “Jacks Jacks!!” when he drank it and he turned to look at us. Like “Yeah, what’s wrong with me drinking Jacks?”

Close To You: Last song of the night. During the chorus “Close to you~” parts, fans did hand actions. Make a heart then stretch both arms out, like you’re giving him your heart. He was really happy the first time that happened, and his smile when it continued at every chorus was just mesmerizing.

He would smile his happy Jon smile and look into people's faces. The gratitude was overflowing from him *lol* He's really honest when he's happy and he becomes absolutely adorable beyond words! At such times you can feel like the child in him ist still fully awake and alive.

And then it was over. Way too fast. We were allowed to hang around in the venue for a while before the staff came to ask people who had not paid for the meet and greet to please leave. Miyagawa-san was at the merch table, as usual. He informed us that the other guys would not be coming out cause it was y’know, Jon’s day. So I passed him omiyage from Kyoto for the guys!

Then soon Jon came out! He went to the bar for a while and talked to the people there then walked away and I was like “nigeta!!” (he escaped!) so he turned back and explained he’d just be hanging around inside.

I had went out to get a drink (we had paid for meet and greet with free drinks) I ended up stepping right next to him at the bar. Miyagawa-san was right behind sheepherding Jon *lol*. I was in a haste trying to slip away before he'd get to see me to not bother. The bar lady wasn't fast enough. He saw me, but I just smiled over, said hi and escaped back to the main room. *lol* I saw fans talk to him and him having slight trouble to get back in. That's exactly why I try avoid talking to him when he's on his way e.g. in between merch table and dressing room. The ST awareness absolutely got a grip of me there although for shows I also often decide to just be fan.

So the meet and greet was held with free flow drinks (yaaaaay!) so pretty much everyone was getting high. (aside of non-alcohol drinker Miss K. :P) Jon said it was his first drink in about 3 months too, and he stuck to beer. The format was that he’d go around and talk to each group of fans and make sure everyone got their time to talk to him. If he was talking to one group for too long, Miyagawa-san would gently press him onto another group.

I first asked the other Japanese fans around if it was OK to go first, because I really had wannted to get rid of stuff. And they send me off to him *lol* I stepped up to him as he was between one of those round tables in the room and the merch table. I asked him if it was fine to bother him now. So he pointed over to the merch table and that he was going there. I immediately went "Oh sure" and let him go back there to step up to it. I think he signed something for another fan that had just bought something from Miyagawa-san (or was that another live??). I asked him if he prefered work or fun first, assuring him that one of it is bad. He went for work and I handed him the card I had made for my new fellow German ST moderator Melanie. He laughed saying "That's not work, not at all!", grabbed a pen and went to one of the round tables with me to sign. That was, when Bernie joined us and we started chatting.

Oh yes! When I joined them Kat was explaining how Sandy is getting very busy so that's why they got Melanie to help out with the ST. AND THEN BERNIE COMES IN AND EMBARRASSES HERSELF (and not for the first time of the night too). Because there I was making puns with Jon's surname >.> They are too terrible to repeat and I shan't, also mainly cause I don't remember them and don't want to but Oh Man, Bernie, you have a problem.

But okay, back to Jon. He said he didn’t even know what day it was anymore cause his days would end at “fucking weird times”. And then I don’t even know how we got to the topic of chicken and eggs but Kat was wearing her chicklet forever shirt so I was like “Look Kat’s got a chicken!” and then I was like “Hey Jon, so look, the chicken came before the egg!!” (Cause he was in YFCz as a Chicken before he came back to fade and got the nickname Eggy) and I think he was amused cause he said we’d solved the century old question. Then I got a brofist. Yay!

Jon also noticed my Star Wars shirt!! He was like “Hey, Star Wars!” and then proceeded to tell me he had worn a Star Wars shirt earlier too!

Me: Yeah I know, Darth Maul right?
Jon: O.O How did you know?
Me: Dude, we saw you wearing it when you arrived at the venue, lol.
Jon: Right…!

Aww, Jon’s just so tired. Then Kat was showing him her body paint of awesome, and I tried to hide her present for him while she held it behind her back…and then…and then she presented it!!!

BAM!!!! Jon LOVED IT! (*lol* Bernie X'D)

It was like, he waved it around and was all “Whooooo this is awesomeeeee” and then turned to show it to Miyagawa-san like “LOOK LOOK” and then….then he realized it was an umbrella ahahaha.

It went like:
Jon: But wow, is this really a real thing....
Me: *interrups him immediately* Oh no no no no no *laughs and points at the other end with the umbrella*
Jon: OOoohhh!..

He sounded a tad disappointed but he was still really happy and just…it was like he was a little kid at a toy shop being excited for the first time again. Awww Jon.

(no guarantee for accurate quotation *lol*)
Me: I planned to come and tell you "sorry but your only present is ME, since I came all the way" but I saw that in Miyajima and it screamed after you
Jon: It's so cool (>o<)
Me: Yeah right?
Jon: So it's from Miyajima?
Me: Yeah I went there before coming here
Jon: What is the umbrella itself like?
Me: Oh sorry, no decorations, it's plain elegant black. However, it definitely has the 100% gaijin  feeling guarantee *lol* (because this is a typical "tourist thing")
Jon: I'm absolutely gonna wear it with my yukata
Bernie & Me: Make photos (*-*)b
Jon: no really, thank you so much! *hands the umbrella over the merch table to Miyagawa-san with a huge smile*

Here's photos of the umbrella. It's MY umbrella though. I couldn't withstand *lol* Because knowing Jon would have the same and imagining how helpful it would be to keep guys away from hitting on me at night on my way home....I just had to!

2013.06.06_Jon + my umbrella

They all costed the same ¥1.050 or ¥1.500, don't remember. But most shops had them in plastic black which didn't turn me on. When I saw THIS model with the silver handle I fell in love. It has a good weight, which too, is a reason why Jon assumed it could be real to start with. Sorry honey, I seriously considerd getting you and me a realy one, but they are very expensive and I'm really noone to bring such dangerous stuff to a fade concert! x_X I'm already glad nobody stopped me with that one, cause people on the street WERE mistaking it and glared at me with slight shock on my way >XP

I gave him the omamori (good luck charm) from Kiyomizudera Temple.

Jon: Hey which place did you get it from?
Me: ?? Oh, the main one yeah.
Jon: Oh so not from the…
Me: Oh no, no, not from the love shrine. (There’s a love shrine in Kiyomizudera, Jishu Shrine)
Jon: *suddenly switches to Japanese and explains what place he means with gestures and all too*
Me: Oh no no, not from there. The main place the main place!!
Jon: *relieved*
(and why did he ASK to start with? XD We'll never find out)

So then I passed him the CD with video messages and pictures and stuff and also the cards and wishes so yay! And then I think he moved on to the next group. (Yes, Miyagawa-san called out to him saying it's time so Bernie quickly finished her talks why I too wanted to get away quickly to not be considered too bothersome by our Japanese friends)

Kat and I hung around a bit with the Japanese fans, then went over to talk to Miyagawa-san. We had waited like good girls until he had no customers, just, that you know XP. We talked to him about overseas J-rock fanbases and then he goes all “GACKT played in Europe didn’t he?” and I was just a little taken aback because I didn’t expect that name to be mentioned. (It was a bit of a shock) I’d gone to the two GACKT Osaka tour shows the days before so…ahaha. I...I’ve kind of forgotten what we talked to him about so I’ll leave Kat to tell you.

Me? Oh eh... well.... some of it was ST stuff, so nothing to pass on *lol* IF I got that right, then we talked anout if a package of Bernie's friends arrived and the he said he actually doesn't know because...
.... I understood "because I'm with recording and such, I don't actually do office work"
(I think he said because they were busy with recording so no one has gone to the office)
.... Bernie understood: Miyagawa-san said they hadn't been to the office in a long time too.
ROFLMAO. And now one try find out what really happened X'D
I DID say "Eeeeh?" to him and teased hom about if he wasn't happy about that (which would fit in both cases)
And he answered with a 'eh...well' kind of answer while his face would definitely say "You BET!" X'D that was great!

Basically Jon walked from group to group and Miyagawa-san didn't bother him in the slightest!
And Miyagawa-san himself didn't seem bothered. I mean we behaved all in all. So while Jon was being busy I saw our friends take pictures with Miyagawa-san. I came up to them asking if I could have them take one for me too. I asked Miyagawa-san to bear with me *lol* and endure the situation a little longer. "Zenzen" not at all, he said. Before the shot was taken I dared to look at him from the side realizing how tall he actually is. Well ofcourse also goodlooking, but I know that much before. ROFLMAO.

Going back to drop my camera I re-met Bernie, told her about it, so she went to take her pic, too.

04b - miyagawa

So guess who decided to embarrass herself again? So earlier, we'd helped Yuko with her English pronunciation of "You take my breath away" and then when Jon comes over I'm (probably kind of a bit too high) all "Hey Jon you know earlier we were all talking like how she said you take her breath away right? So like it sounds like 'You take my breast(s) away!'" and ohmygawd what is wrong with me I kind of did gestures too then Jon, half cracking up half cringing, tells me in Japanese "ダジャレやめろ" or was it "ダジャレやめて" but anyhow he told me to stop making bad puns (ダジャレ [dajyare] means bad pun/joke) . The problem is I get high and end up tweeting even stupider things on twitter later that night and I needed to be STOPPED repeatedly. (I honestly have a problem, I think everyone will know me as ダジャレ女 sooner or later....)

Anyhow, suddenly Nori and Kansei tip toe into the venue and they’re all “SHHHHHH don’t tell Jon we’re here” so then there they are with a cake and we surprise Jon again and awwww.

And Kansei is all “Someone take a picture!” so BAAAAAAAAM! All the camera come out and we’re all snapping photos.

Here a couple of them:

05 - Jon, Nori, Kansei (00) 05 - Jon, Nori, Kansei (01)
05 - Jon, Nori, Kansei (8) 05 - Jon, Nori, Kansei (12)
05 - Jon, Nori, Kansei (21) 05 - Jon, Nori, Kansei (26)

In the last one on the right Jon was purposing to eat the cake together. Nori, while taking off the candles,  asked how that would work, Jon then showed how. That each of us could just take up a bit onto our finger. I wish he would have LOVED to see that, but If I recall right, Miyagawa-san shoutet over to drop such jokes *lol*

06 - group

(This was the last photo so Kansei was all "Make a weird face!!" but in the end only he made a weird face. I guess I tried look how creeper I look back there. Lol)

For the more or less complete gallery, go to the event album on the Facebook Fade World group

Jon, the heavens may bless him, asked us to at least eat the strawberries *lol* So many of the girls would grab one and eat it. Before I realized I found myself watching one of the girls taking a picture with Jon, he with cream on his finger, she aiming to eat it. Agter the shot was done she actually DID snap after his finger and eat the cream. X'D Waaaaaahahahahha he looked satisfied.

Me: Jon *looking shocked* playing with CREAM?
Jon: Yeah, you know that it's my favourite game! *looking slighly too serious for just a joke*
Me: X'D
*and he went off*

Somewhere at the end, dunno where Jon was off too, but kansei and nori were together and posing for pictures. Then nori jokes “Hey should I carry kansei Princess Style?” and everyone just choruses “YES PLEASE” then nori, the tease, goes “No way that’s happening” and kind of snorts. Rawr, don’t tease us then, damnit!!!

07 - Kansei Nori (1)   07 - Kansei Nori (3)
07 - Kansei Nori (5) 07 - Kansei Nori (6)

That's the moment *lol* And showing the both of them next to the door surrounded by picture shooting girls and calmly bearing with us before (with understandable slight relief) saying thank you and leaving.

And then the meet and greet ends and we’re told to leave the venue. It’s still REALLY early, like 9 or 9:30pm so we all troop upstairs to wait for them! When they leave people grab the chance to talk and take pictures with the guys…and I kind of don’t remember what happened or what we did, oops.

We took super cute shoots.

08 - after show (2)

Got to talk to kansei a bit, mentioned the Jack Daniels (look a wild Miyagawa-san is in the background lol).

09 - byebye fade (1)

We Had been singing and talking before they came. I really feel like singing after fade shows. I also appologized about singing during the live. The Japanese girls had said something like 'My, Ka-chan you sang it tonight' and I appologized terribly for bothering. They said it was no bother at all and that it had soundedn good (./////. ) I mean I hadn't even realized the whole (or at least half) audience could hear me. (x/////X)

The band borded the van. Some fans wanted to take pics with the members but they were openly insecure over if it was fine. *lol* Then though Miyagawa-san (of all people) would help take one or two shots :P

09 - byebye fade (1a) 09 - byebye fade (2)

09 - byebye fade (2b) 09 - byebye fade (4)
09 - byebye fade (7)

So they get into the van, Jon up front with Tooru-san next to him!

09 - byebye fade (8)

The two last shots were shot by Yuki (Ayumi I think) but she couldn't transfer them on PC from her old camera, so he took pics of her screen *lol* By the time they had boarded we had walked on the other street side to wave at them. And Jon waved with the Katana-Umbrella at us \(//;///o//;//)/ That was so freaking sweet of him!

Then the door closes and they’re about to drive off, then we wave byebye and a hand tries to open the window to wave back but it won’t open!! Awww. But anyhow, we wave byebye and then we split up and go our separate ways.

It was a great, great night. So glad I went, even if it was really short.
.........it was short, then WHY IS OUR REPORT SO LONG??? X'D Well, a lot of things happened, ne!
I hope you enjoyed reading. Thanks to Bernie for writing the whole main part <3.

Melanieyouuzo on June 19th, 2013 08:14 pm (UTC)
You girls killed me!! x_x
What an awesome live report! Full of nice thoughts, funny comments and a lot emotions <3
It really sounds like you had a good time - even it was "short" (but hell, yes, why is your report so long then? ahaha)
It must have been so cool to be at Jon’s Birthday Event and I just can imagine how awesome the accoustic part was. While reading I felt a bit as if I was there, too. (At least in my dreams, ahaha!)
Usually, I'm getting jealous if I read such reports of fans and they had a bit time with the guys and so on... but because I know you two (more or less ^^; ahem) I just feel good. It's nice to see you had a good time.
I just can say it over and over again: it's awesome that those guys spend so much time with their fans. Doesn't matter if on concerts or if they talk with them (or rather.. US) on Twitter. I guess, that makes them really special - and makes us feel like a family. <3

/End of stupid comment >D
Bernie: [fade] Jon - fade towelberniechan on June 19th, 2013 08:20 pm (UTC)
Aww, thank you for your lovely comment! And I'm sorry for the long reports. I think we just end up writing way too much because we have too much emotions and it's hard to write them all simply!

And yeah, I think one of the reasons why we adore them just that much more than others is possibly because of this wonderful family feeling. Sigh, it's great isn't it?

And naw, your comment is not stupid. Nothing can be more stupid than how I embarrass myself so...you're totally fine.
Melanieyouuzo on June 19th, 2013 08:27 pm (UTC)
I love your report and I don't care if it's a short or long one (usually, the long reports are just boring but yours is just... I don't know.. I couldn't stop reading because of all those emotions!)

I just can say: THANK YOU for sharing your memories with us, because it really feels like I was a part of it somehow.

And just btw, dear Bernie: I LOVE the way you "embarrass yourself". It just shows that you're a honest person with a lot of feelings which you don't hide. That's great - not stupid <3
Bernie: [fade] Jon - fade towelberniechan on June 19th, 2013 08:31 pm (UTC)
Ahahahhaa! You're just way too nice. That is a very good way of putting things. I guess I really can't help blurting out things before thinking if it's alright or not. I'm sure Kat will happily tell you more if you ask her :")

And yeah, before I went to concerts all I had to go on was reading other people's reports to try and get a 'feel' of how it really was like. I think that's what we try to do now too, somehow, someway, get people feeling just that much closer to the band even if only through our words and pictures.

(Though now that you mention long reports...well, the one for the 8th will be even longer since it's gonna be written by 3 people and...in 3 parts.)
Melanieyouuzo on June 19th, 2013 08:37 pm (UTC)
Gnah, I'm just telling the truth. Stay the way you are. It's okay to talk before you think about it. Okay, sometimes it's not, but... well... so people around you can be sure, you don't try to be someone you're not. You know what a mean? (Damn English, sry...)

Mh yeah... that's the point. I just hope I'll get a chance to see them live one day. I don't really worry about it, as long people like you and K share lovely memories in such a great way ;)

Oh.. okay, ahahaha. Even longer? 3 People?! I'm really looking forward to it. (I will sit down with a cold drink and fruits and enjoy your report for a few hours then, ahaha!)
Bernie: [fade] Kansei/Jon SALUTEberniechan on June 20th, 2013 02:48 pm (UTC)
Don't worry I'm sure you'll see them one day, and the guys too are working very hard so they'll get to play for their fans in lots of different countries :D

And yeah, long reports should be enjoyed over yummy fruits and drinks~

(Anonymous) on June 20th, 2013 02:31 pm (UTC)
Bernie: [fade] Jon - Sky's the Limitberniechan on June 20th, 2013 02:43 pm (UTC)
hannah_arashihannah_arashi on June 20th, 2013 02:41 pm (UTC)
Have I mentioned yet how fucking amazing the pair of you are like seriously?? I write nonsense you two put together these incredibly riveting and like SPAZZ worthy posts >.> its nice cause it really gives the feeling of being there~ *sighs* seriously most awesome stuff ever~ love the pics and still can't understand how either of you have the guts to ask for them... *siiiiighs* i shall never accomplish that achievement XD bahahaha ~~~ anywho sooo looking forward to our epic encounter in July <3
Bernie: [fade] kansei - Drink or Dieberniechan on June 20th, 2013 02:46 pm (UTC)
JULY WILL BE MORE EPICITY! Because we are going to wait to see the band off and then I presume go more batshit crazy somewhere (maybe over food or whatever) and and and ooooomggggggg. I really wanna try and talk to Godo this time! Maybe I will use his towel instead to show support :>

Ahahhaa what spazz worthy posts? xD
hannah_arashihannah_arashi on June 20th, 2013 02:51 pm (UTC)
YESSSS... I really want to like say something to Godo TT___TT even if its just like... hi I like your art you post online >.> AND YESS WE WILL GO BATSHIT CRAZY AFTER... and I swear to god I will probably cry if anyone else does >.> just gonna apologize in advance XD orz... if there is ALOT of people please please please y'all dont leave me alone... i'd probably panic XD
Bernie: [fade] noriyuki - B&Wberniechan on June 20th, 2013 02:52 pm (UTC)
donch worryz we wonz leeb euu arone.
hannah_arashihannah_arashi on June 20th, 2013 03:02 pm (UTC)
Bernie: [fade] EGGYberniechan on June 20th, 2013 02:51 pm (UTC)
EDIT: I'll put this here first cause I'm too tired to edit post.
But like Kat said, he used quite a bit of English without realising it. So he would be like "Are you enjoying yourself?" in English and the Japanese fans were all ??? so Kat and I would be like YES! then they got the cue and would cheer together with us and stuff.