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02 July 2013 @ 11:00 pm
[LIVE REPORT] Fade at SAKAE SP-RING, 8 June 2013 Part 2  

fade at SAKAE SP-RING 2013
Nagoya X-HALL
8 June 2013

PART 2 ~ During the Show:


So as I said, I had thought, maybe even hoped words might flow a little easier this time but they don’t. Because honestly how can you put into words all the beauty, passion, energy and love(yes love) that exists in Fade?!

This set was another short one; Kat, Bernie and I talked about what songs they played after, so I actually have a general remembrance (but not very spot on) but I know they played Ever Free(I can’t describe how much I love this song), Ten(so AWESOME to hear live finally), From the Heart(my breathing hitched a little with this one), Cosmicalism(second time I’ve heard but still Amazing), Close to you(I have no words right now because that story will come later), From the Inside out(seriously rocking song~ just I know I say it too much but I love these guys), One Reason(words for an amazing song… Awesome) …..and that’s about how far my brain functions are… so yep that’s what I recall of the setlist at the moment… sorry I don’t know the order ^^;;; there were also MC moments too~~

Setlist (from fadebook):
1. One Reason
2. From the Inside Out
3. Ever Free
4. From the Heart
5. Ten
6. Close To You (Jp)
7. コズミカリズム

So what to say… how does this compare to my first live… don’t ask me that’s like comparing two different experiences. It’s impossible to say something is better than the other, because to me, They were both un-fucking-forgettable experiences that I will hold dear to me for quite some time now~
Before we get started (what do you mean get started Hannah, you were supposed to start like 500words ago… oops~) let’s take a moment to just kind of look at the guys(you’ve done that too Hannah)… sorry Like I said I like to watch and observe and see, because you really can pick up little details that way.

So note, Bernie is absolutely the single most ADORABLE person you will ever meet. I am quite serious. She is just the cutest little thing. So our dear, dear Kansei chose to wear a t-shirt this live… I’ve never seen someone SO happy over a man wearing a t-shirt as Bernie was. Seriously it was the CUTEST thing ever. She came over to me, after Ka had stepped away for a minute, SPAZZED about him, spazzed more when Ka came back (and well continued to spazz ever after *lol*) Just the AMOUNT of flailing she did over this… hahahahha it was really awesomely cute~~

Idk but I mean there I was seeing Kansei come out in a (thin) white t-shirt and I just got so confused because hey, that’s not the usual concert attire!! Everyone else was wearing their normal concert ‘uniform’ so part of me wondered if Kansei would be changing into something later but of course not, I was being silly. But yes. T-shirt. Kansei just happily jumping around stage and playing his guitar like the BAMF he is in a T-shirt. Yeah, don’t mind me while I flail and twirl around in Kansei-fan heaven. (I will of course mention this again later)

Nori *coughs*fucker*coughs* … I kid. I seriously love and admire the damned man. He just is VERY GOOD at making it hard to think >.> Like during check, he had to move the amp to make more room… but instead of doing it like any NORMAL person does… our dear teasing bassist has to crouch down right in Ka and my face, and push the amp forward in a way he has to lean in with it and just smirks and (inhisgoddamnedaccent) “Sor~ry” Now I was just like *brain disconnected by the stupid person in front of me* while Ka grinned back and ENCOURAGED HIM!! *ma’am you DON’T encourage a flirt…it’s bad for my health* with a little “Oh no… it’s ok~~ Come closer” *dead* x__X this pair is INTENT to kill me because this happened twice (though I couldn’t help but smile back the second time… because who am I to argue if he needs to come closer *bricked*) sorry all~ Nori spazzing is over (momentarily)

X'D the second time Nori would come over and to the same thing, saying "Soooory" with that daring smirk of his I decided to tease Hannah even more by telling him right away "No no don't apologize! Come closer, you are ABSOLUTELY welcome here" I must admit I enjoyed his laugh and Hannah squirming next to me way too much! I'm an evil person! >:P

Ok I should like focus right? Right. So the show this time was like knock the breath out of your lungs sort of amazing. I mean last time we were very close but this was something else altogether. They got CLOSE this time… and just… OMG… *hides*
I’ve tried to get to the actual start like three times or something now, what the hell is wrong with me >.>


HOLY SHIT!!! I think those words pretty well sum up what I feel needs to be said… You five men are perfect amazing dorks, so please just keep doing what you’re doing boys <3 They literally steal your heart you know, if you haven’t seen them live yet, they steal your heart and you will hand it over quite willingly ;) *sighs*

I did this last time because I’m not sure how better to do it, so let’s just look at the live as one big collage of amazingness.

Kansei, you amazing ball of spastic energy. The man literally had almost half the stage to himself (he had no mike this time o__O??) but the man is a major beast on guitar. Last time I didn’t really see him closely, because well I was on the other side of the stage. Anyway, small stage and all, he came to rock right where I was standing with Kat… and well let’s make a note. When you rock out like a beast that’s awesome… but it’s very hard for me not to giggle when I realize the man has an AKB sticker on his guitar *snorts* and I wasn’t the only one either. The Japanese fan beside me was also shocked and asked someone beside her about it… and well we both ended up giggling at that XD sorry Kansei dear~ you are still an amazing beast~ I just thought that was like cute. So please Kansei dear, don’t ever change your cute rockstar self~~ *giggles*

Kansei: white t-shirt with the words “KILLING TIME” on it and black skinny jeans. I was kinda really surprised when he was the only one who ‘broke uniformity’ by not coming out in his normal live outfit (aka black button up shirt of some kind or the black TEN shirt etc). He stayed to his huge side of the stage quite a lot, though he did switch once in a while. Over at the kansei end there were only two of us, actually. So we also had quite a bit of space to ourselves which was pretty awesome. He headbanged a LOT, though less so in the front but still enough to have sweat flung all over. If I’m not wrong, his alcohol got ‘downgraded’ so instead of the usual hard liquor, there was a chu-hai there. Which is pretty much sparkling flavoured soda with alcohol content, usually the same as beer, though sometimes higher (some have 6%, some have 3% etc). But I think it’s a drink that mainly girls like more cause it’s fruity. So seeing Kansei who is usually a BAMF when it comes to drinking have a chu-hai there…ahahahhaa. Just wasn’t too used to it, y’know?

BTW I probably don’t have to elaborate anymore on how BAMF Kansei is because I’m sure everyone has had enough of my Kansei flail already ahaha!

Godo, just he never ceases to amaze me. Like I just said this to Bernie as I was in process of writing but like I truly admire Godo a lot, I guess in the way that Ka-chan admires Miyagawa-san as a person, I feel very similar just pure admiration for Godo. Because he is simply an incredible artist and just, well he is so very cool. He is a person who is very hard to fit into the proper words when it comes to describing him. I mean he truly is a very cute man, not like adorable like Kansei is off stage, but just the little things he does are quite cute. His guitar playing, like I could sit quite happily and watch just him play guitar for ages and never get bored by the myriad of emotions and faces he makes. Not to mention his skills as an artist. Now last time I got to watch him interact with Ka and found it to be so sweet, but this time I found myself on the receiving end of a few of those same type of reactions and just, it’s really kind of heartwarming to smile and have him smile back. This happened a few times, I think once when I was singing along and another time in which he caught me (staring pretty dazed) as he showed off some very beautiful technical work and just … sorry I probably make no sense here. The point I was attempting to reach before I rambled was that the warmth you feel from a smile, it’s just really nice and he gives off these little burst of cuteness that I guess you maybe wouldn’t expect. To me… I guess he is one of those people you should really meet in order to understand the best… maybe Ka or Bernie can add something more explainable…

Godo: I barely saw any of him this time, I don’t really see him during lives, sadly. I did plan to change standing arrangement at the next live but I still want to stay near the Jon/Kansei side. Sorry Godo. He was wearing this shirt, I think:

5° san *laughs* as Hannah said he's great to watch. Off stage he is so quiet and working himself up over being as good as invisible if possible *lol* But on stage he goes wild, yet in between you'll have these sweet moments when he smiles. After all he can't hide the gentle side of his character on stage either, but you have to dare and watch him. Nowadays, that he's not in full upper body paint with "scary" ice blue contact lenses, you can look at him calmly. I know of people who say they are scared of him. Well if you just know him from just looking a few times for seconds at former shows or from videos, that are from former shows, then yes, he can scare you a bit *laughs* The paint and the rocking do the trick. But these days during a life, if you search for contact with him and are attentive, then you'll easily learn that he's noone to fear. It's the opposite, he's someone to absolutely adore and admire! ;)

Rui…what can I say, just like the last show he truly just tore the drums to pieces(in the best possible way) But Rui is different from other drummers. There are so many people that can sit there and just hammer out a rhythm without any real feelings. But he, he just puts so much focus and passion and like… if you ever see the look that he has in his eyes as he is there behind the drums. It’s so amazing and it makes your blood rush and you can’t help but feel the same adrenaline you can see in ALL of their faces. It takes a lot for me to say I really think a drummer is talented, but Rui is seriously one of the most talented drummers I have ever seen (and had the privilege to meet) and I can honestly say he is my favorite drummer, without giving that a second thought. His passion for what he does… is not only really damn inspiring but also amazing.

Especially if you go to mixed lives with many bands you can learn so much. If you ever wondered what makes fade different from others, you have to watch them amongst others. This is the kind of study I'm doing constantly. Because as StreetTeamer and leader, you have to have the arguments and the words to tell people: What's so different/special about them? I think I did mention it in former reports, but especially in direct comparison it's so incredibly clear what Rui is worth. If you get the chance *laughs* go to at least 5 fade shows and take each live as chance to closely watch each member ;D.

Nori… I wonder how long it will take you guys to tell me to shut the fuck up about him ;) sorryNotsorry~ But on a slightly less rambling and more serious note. The man is an amazing bassist. Not only is he so superbly talented as a musician but just…. Ok the fucker can flirt like a beast >.>

Really though he has such a different presence about him whether he is on stage or off. On stage he is just really just…. *brain disconnection* Sorry… just he gets this look in his eye that if you manage to catch his glance. It will give you chills(the good kind) and you simply cannot look away. To me, he and Rui share a similar kind of passion, and gods would I love to sit down and just have an honest to goodness, talk about JUST music with the pair of them *daydreams* Sorry… as much as I spazz and flail over how ATTRACTIVE THIS PERFECT MAN IS… deep down I really admire him a lot.

Nori: So Nori came over once I think? I’m not too sure but I think he did. He is as cool as ever on stage, but seriously, the guy knows how to work his new haircut. So. UNF! He also makes a lot of very ‘distinctly Nori’ faces on stage (look through the live photos on Facebook and you’ll get what I mean)

*looool* Nori-faces X'D absolutely! What again caught my eye this live is that Jon left way more crowd-motivational work to Kansei, Nori (most) and 5°. They are more and more coming out for their fans and it's really far more than just doing their job as musicians and playing their parts perfectly. They get more and more into entertaining. :D

Jon… Number one this man knows how to make you flail in public without giving even a second thought to the stares you will garner as you sit there squealing… seriously you had to post bedroom pics the day of a live?!?! *fans self*

On stage though… to be serious for just a short moment. I can honestly say seeing him sing is just an awesome experience. I love it. His passion kind of swells as he performs and his smile… seriously the man has a million dollar smile for sure <3

So these five men. Their passion and love and just care they show… no other words come to mind now besides Fade.

Now during the show… good lord does Ka know how to choose a spot. HOLY HELL we were in for a treat. We ended up being treated to… how to put this delicately… CLOSE UPS of Every~one (cept Rui who hell even that was pretty damn close) Anyway let me tell you… x__X *dead*

So it’s really cool to see and hear Godo literally inches away from you. His skills and just everything about him when he is playing is simply awesome. It’s that feeling when you finally get to speak to someone you admire and you are just in awe as you listen to them that all you can do is smile and nod your head, taking in each and every note and syllable they say. That… that was what it was like to have Godo… right there in front.

Nori… yes I am going to talk about him again… like just… umm… I got quite a perfect crotch shot last time *coughs* and I certainly wasn’t expecting one this time… I think maybe I should just come to expect it and that way it won’t happen (yea right) but like yep… um Hello Nori… more than once no less o///O and Ka… this this Mama is crazy… Nori came to stand DIRECTLY in front of her little bit of stage and without warning me she grabbed my arm and shoved me over in front of the man… and I think we both wore identical expressions at that point. Because just like uhhh… hi Nori(again)…

Daaaahahaha I acted without thinking. 5° switched spots with Nori (I still don't know how they managed to get passed eachother on the tiny space) so I just naturally swamped places with Hannah. I mean I then had a better look at 5°, right? 0:P

Anyway when he went back to his normal spot she switched places again with me so yes… I was… in front of Nori ALMOST the entire time… almost being explained soon… Anyway… I don’t recall which song it was but I happened to look up and caught Nori doing some really impressive finger work without the pic and I literally was just soo entranced. I know he caught me staring at that point cause I saw his glance but all I could do was smile(like an idiot) and continue to watch him…
Kansei… what can I say that I didn’t already mention… oh well when he did take the moment to stand on our side… he was headbanging pretty fiercely and well… it was like a wet dog effect LOL sweat everywhere~ next time I think Ka and I will send him back to Bernie to do that.

Jon… Jon Jon Jon Jon Jon… um… so Close to You… awesome song… I simply adore it… but like ehem… Jon chose that song to step over the amp and stand directly in front of Ka and I… and well… I’m sure you can imagine the view by now… *sighs* It made interacting a little bit awkward but things got easier when he stepped back lol~ there are other interesting tidbits… everywhere that I’m sure Ka and Bernie will add ^^

Yeah Jon infront of Hannah and me. I mean THERE'S NO BARRICADE MAN!!!!! I'll insert my favourite picture for display purposes:

YFC2_2011.10.23 - V-Rock Festival (9)

This but he stood lower compared to this pic (where he's on a podest) and fully clothed, as if that'd make it any better. Hannah and me acted on instinct! We backed off and gave him room. He was standing on a tiny bit of stage infront of the box, so I was constantly concentrating to watch if he's loose balance and was ready to get hold of his hip and prevent him from falling over and down from stage. I'm heavenly glad we never had to help him out *lol* After suffering shock from the Birthday live and Jon LOOKING at me during a live (while usually he avoids) he looked at us this time, too and I really REALLY wasn't sure what to do with this weird situation *lol* I can deal with Jon leaning over a box, I can not deal with Jon baricadeless just centimeters from me. I mean as such that's OK *lol* but NOT when he's on stage, you're off stage and the height difference is eye-hight to crotch height! ROFLMAO. If I was someone else I might have just reached out for him. But I'm Ka-chan, so I would never touch him no matter how close up he is unless I'd have to (if he'd loose ballance) or if I was invited to (like when he reaches out for the hands of fans).

While Jon was making me wonder where to look X'D I decided to look where I expected to feel the calmest about. I looked past him at 5°. And 5°, for whatever reason, looked a little unhappy. I can't say "pissed off" that'd be way too strong, but....he seemed bothered. And that got to me. Maybe it was, because Jon has squeezed himself into the very corner of the stage that was already crowded like hell (and 5° couldn't get out to take Jon's place). Maybe (and that's just a crazy thought of mine) he didn't like that Jon had interrupted Hannah and me singing and going wild with 5° (5° & Nori in Hannah's case). Because it somehow got to me I would persistently look at him (ignoring Jon completely, sorry dear) and go back to singing along with him at the song parts where we always sing together (I guess we developed a bit of tradition with this throughout the past few lives XD).

And then Jon left. Hannah and me relaxed, stepped back up to the stage and continued rocking out even more than before.

So like Hannah mentioned earlier how Jon stepped over in front of the amps and right in front of them? Well he came over to my side and did the same thing before he’d gone to their side and done it. And remember how I mentioned earlier that there were only two fans on the Kansei side so we had lots of space to ourselves? That meant Jon came up RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME when he stepped over the amps. He gave me a bit of a fright cause I placed my hand on the stage to support myself but there here he was walking over in front and BAM hello Jon’s shoe. So he kind of ‘tip toed’ over to the front, over my hand, and he looked at me (like “HELLO I’M COMING TO STAND IN FRONT OF YOU NOW”) as he did and there I was just way too shocked to respond so I just stared at him. And then his leg was practically right in front of my face and I could reach out and grab his leg and never let go if I wanted to but I didn’t because awkward and also, naw, Jon it’s fine I don’t want to hug your leg. (I kind of felt bad for Yoko next to me cause I’m sure she would have loved to hug it/LOVED the view waaaay more than me ahahaha)

So anyway, with Jon right in front of me and me being short and all, guess who got a view of Jon’s crotch for the entire time he was standing in front of me? It’s like Jon crotch shot/view needs to be a rite of passage for every fade fan. And everyone probably already knows how Jon likes to move around a lot and bounce and stuff well that almost caused my hand to get stepped on but I should have known better than to have rested it on the stage while he was there.

Oh and another thing about Jon and amps. At the start of the set he rested his foot on the amp in front of him in the center and because he’d leaned his weight onto it, it SLID FORWARD and kind of gave Yoko a little shock cause she was standing right in front of it. It’s not like anything else/bad happened (he’s almost knocked down amps before tsk) but it would have been a shock ahaha.

What haven’t I said thus far? Even with all the amazing moments there were still moments of cute and funny. Jon went without a mic stand most of the night (for good/funny reason that I’ll let the others explain so that I’m not the only person talking) … ummm just can I say this once more without getting shot?

These five men are so good at what they do. And it’s not just that they are extremely talented the whole lot of them, because they are and they keep showing me that more and more at each new moment~ But really, the care they show… I mean they are going to make me flat out cry one of these times…

Everyone knows it was Jon’s birthday Saturday… and well even the people in Nagoya who didn’t know the boys found that out too hehehe~ Needless to say we ALL (front row) had plans to make it well known~ So much fun to watch Jon get flustered and embarrassed~ Seriously it’s simply adorable <3

I want to leave some things for Ka and Bernie since they planned and put together more of those details than I did~

It was Jon’s birthday so of course that meant something special. We planned to shout Happy Birthday for him during the MC. Since Yoko next to me was going to hold up the gigantic board she made for Jon, the banner was left to Kat and Hannah. We sneaked a peek at the setlist pasted on the ground to find out when the MC was going to be (after "From the Heart", it said) so we planned to go “1, 2… HAPPY BIRTHDAY JON!” after the song ended and before his MC.

It was a little mixed but it worked out in the end. We started the cue after the clapping for "From the Heart" ended and while Jon was grabbing some water to drink. He looked really embarrassed but happy and then grabbed the mic and admitted it was his birthday. “Yeah, it’s my birthday” he said, and the board + banner was passed to him. Yoko passed it to him with the size of the mosaic/collage down so he wouldn’t see it, then even though he turned it around, he didn’t realise it was mosaic of his face. Nori had to point it out. “Look at the back, dude.” And THEN Jon finally saw it. I think he didn’t register that it was HIS FACE yet but he knew there was something cool at the back. Anyway, he gave the board back to Yoko cause it was way too huge to leave on stage. I’m not sure when he grabbed the banner from Hannah/Kat but he took at and kept it on stage (stuffed it and put it on the drum set)

He came to Hannah and me smiling brightly while grabbing the banner and holding it with Noriyuki and thanking us at least twice as far as I remember *lol* here pics from Bernie and me making the banner at the Osaka live two days earlier.

02 - banner (2) 02 - banner (1)

So his actual MC was quite a lot of lulz cause it sounded like he didn’t really know what he was talking about. Or at least he was trying hard to say things but the crowd wasn’t as responsive as they should have been so things fell flat. He was using a mic stand (in prep for TEN, probably) but somehow it did not want to work with him so it kept slipping. In response, Jon would exclaim “JESUS!” (out of surprise, to make this clear, since he was leaning on it) When he did it the first time there was subtle chuckling from the crowd if I’m not wrong, THEN IT HAPPENED AGAIN and Jon shouted “JESUS!!” again and this time we were laughing because Oh, Jon. He came off as cute and I think some people were surprised he could speak Japanese (they always are). So the mic stand was a no go, and he went into TEN without it.

To add to what Bernie wrote: During the MC Jon was leasurely talking about the good food in Nagoya and people laught shyly, because X'D well he sounded like a typical tourist *loooooool* And the I remember that after the Mic slipped down again under him and startled him he was muttering to himself in English that he would actually have liked to have the stand of the mic (to lean on) for this one (=the next song). X'D Usually Jon really relaxes with TEN, he leans on his mic stand and goes into happy vocal's zone while showing a smile as if he was in heaven that very moment.

And oh yes! For “Close To You” we did the hand actions during the chorus as well but it felt like he was too much ‘in the zone’ to really notice. It’s still really fun to do the hand actions!!

Bernie means these hand actions! We don't do all of them but the "Close to yooooooou"-parts where you stretch your hands towards them *lol*

And then after the live all of us were so desperate for setlists and kept asking Ricky for it but I think he said no for one of them, so we tried again for the others but still…no. It was funny cause Yoko and I were there going “Setlist please!!!!” and then one of the staff from the venue took it off stage and both of us made whiny noises in harmony when that happened. Ahaha.

I was standing next to Bernie and Yoko at that point *looool* and I was cracking up badly because the staff taking away the setlist was the venue's manager (?) and when they both wined "nooooooo!" he kind of half turned around in confusion looking around at the stage but since it wasn't staff members saying no, he just moved on looking confused X'D

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