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03 July 2013 @ 12:03 am
[LIVE REPORT] Fade at SAKAE SP-RING, 8 June 2013 Part 3  

fade at SAKAE SP-RING 2013
Nagoya X-HALL
8 June 2013

PART 3 ~ After The Show:


Anyway Bernie and Kat had been told on Thursday that the guys wouldn’t come to the merch table(and thus had told me) so no one really prepared… anything. We weren’t expecting to see them, so even the letters I prepared
I had planned to just hand over to Miyagawa-san nicely~ Well… let’s just say we ALL got a bit of a shock. Bernie went outside first and I was with Ka, gathering our things slowly, and then we both stepped out. And what happens when I walk out, I get faced with a spazzing Bernie, because NORI WAS AT THE TABLE (hehehe you all thought I was done with him didn’t you…sorry)

Yeah so like, I think Miyagawa-san had told fans that they probably wouldn’t go to merch table so we should wait by the barricade at the side to pass them stuff/say things when they walked out but HE KIND OF LIED [nah *lol* I think the guys just went for it while he was busy because they went to the merch table without him sheepherding them since he was busy packing XD] and they DID come out to merch table after all! Except their time would be a lot more limited as bands only have the time after their set till the end of the next band to sell their merch/talk to fans (a lot of the earlier ones ended up talking to fans outside/downstairs too).
So I was walking out a bit faster than Kat and Hannah who were getting their stuff together behind me in the venue…AND THEN I SEE SOMEONE AT THE MERCH TABLE I DIDN’T EXPECT TO SEE SO I KIND OF SPAZZ and had to go back to tell them. ….so yeah, I was totally unprepared and didn’t know what to say at all to ANY of them. Oops. (Somehow I managed? I hope. I feel like I ended up stalling and being stupid in the meantime but yeaaaaaah)

So I was drug over to the table because well I wanted to get my pass signed (since that was all we really had on us) as well as I wanted to hand over his letter. Anyway to put it quite simply, once the live had finished my brain had sort of disconnected from my mouth, making forming words quite difficult. So when Ka and Bernie drug me over to stand in front of Nori I was quite… blank. In fact it took urging from the two of them, as he kind of stared at me expectantly and I just sort of stared back confused before I would act LOL

Me: Hannah, you wanted a towel *to Nori* she wants a towel*
N: *searches everything* oh no I think we forgot those, So sorry! :\

*Hannah stares totally blank and confused which earns an equally confused look back*

K&B: Hannah! Letter!!
H: Oh… yea this is for you
N: *snorts(yea he really did)* Thanks


K&B: HANNAH!! Sign!! Get!
H: AH!! Um would you sign this?
N: no problem (he was trying not to laugh at me by this point im pretty sure)

Bernie and ME tried not to laugh at you, sweetheart 'cause you were really completely disconnected and were just looking at him with this happy calm smile and were faaar faaar away and the view was just too adorable X'D

Anyway I don’t remember what exactly prompted it but I did just kind of turn around and like stuck my tongue out at the girls before teasing and complaining about how since I had just traveled my brain wasn’t working XD sorry that’s my best excuse.

Yeah it was really cute how Hannah was right in front of Nori but just spacing out so we had to prompt her, bwahaha. Much to Nori’s amusement I’m sure.

Ka and Bernie both interacted with him some after I was done embarrassing myself so that’s for them. Nope I was busy trying really hard to reconnect my poor brain to my mouth.
Anyway Jon came from the back, and well we all sort of ambushed the poor man XD *sorry dear we were all still surprised you all came out* Got to hand him his letter though, but didn’t talk to him then as he asked if he could wait till he moved over to the table *oops~* So he went over to the table and we sort of all moved back over. At that point, I sort of hung back a bit, watching and all.

I think it was at this point when I saw Jon signing Yoko's towel. He btw. had her great pic for him on display behind himself lean against some boxes (of merch?) behind him. :'3 So sweet. He had problems to sign her towel in midair *lol* so I just gave in to my service-staff-instincts (I was working in service now and then) and grabbed the towel with the both of them like Miyagawa-san would do to help straighten it enough, so that Jon could write. Bernie jumped in, too and so we all were crowded into a little bunch around the towel holding onto it's edges as long as he was writing *looooooool*

fade nagoya 2013.06.08

fade nagoya 2013.06.08

the picture was made later :)

Then Kansei came out… and just AHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!! The man missed the merch table and tried to go to the door before getting stared at by pretty much EVERYONE. *snorts* seriously it was hard not to roll my eyes in amusement…

Yeah Kansei kind of got….LOST. He wanted to make it to the merch table and wasn’t too sure how to get to it but he like sauntered over but then WALKED TOWARDS THE EXIT AND EVERYONE WAS LIKE “WHAT ARE YOU DOING KANSEI WHY ARE YOU LEAVING ARE YOU TOO DRUNK” but turns out he had thought there was a way into the merch table from the other side (there wasn’t) and then he had to make a double take back and finally get there. Tsk! (note to everyone: Kansei gets lost trying to find the merch table. HE NEEDS DIRECTIONS JUST TO GET TO THE MERCH TABLE. Bless him.)

Kansei getting lost on the way to the merch table was the funniest thing EVER X'D. I mean see what happens if Miyagawa-san doesn't sheeperd for once? Give me time to laugh in my corner, and I really really am not making fun of Kansei. I adore him like all band members.

Handed Kansei his letter and he thanked me, note he has seriously cute English that everyone has heard from Bernie’s recording I’m sure~ but handed him his letter and got him to sign the pass too~ and once that was done I scooted over to Jon to get him to sign my pass too… Before that point though, when Jon had just come out Ka, Bernie and I were all talking to him a little but he was talking to like EVERYONE around XD But when I did finally talk to him, dear heart he is, once again he was like IN SHOCK I came all the way for such a short set. I seriously lost track how many times I was asked “is it ok for you to come all this way?” when all I could keep saying was YES… Bernie piped up too and mentioned I would be coming on 20 July for the show in Osaka and seriously… cue million dollar smile, this man could kill you with his smile. So we chatted about that (how exciting it was) and then moved to let other fans in. It was really cute, there was a male fan there (a new fan no less if I remember correctly and just KA went crazy cute!!! It was really adorable!!)

I saw that this young Japanese guy got his album signed and was all excited so I stepped to him and asked if he was new and he said yes and I thought that was great and he obviously openly really took a liking in fade and I shouted for Bernie since she had fade business cards (mine hadn't arrived yet by that time) but one of the Japanese girls stepped in. She had already been about to take care of him (Aaaahhh ooops I'm so sorry X'D) so I excused myself.

Also a few Japanese fans that I guess had been to shows but never talked to the guys (or maybe just not Nori) and they were convinced to talk to him~~~ seriously the amount of CUTE that happened in Nagoya is indescribable.

So the thing is, Nori was left without anyone to talk to cause everyone was clamoring over Jon and Kansei (cause he’d come out kinda late) and Nori had been the earliest to go talk to fans so I suppose everyone had talked to him already. But there were two girls standing by the side barricade who kept turning to look at Nori as if they wanted to talk to him but were too shy so then Nori waved them over but they still giggled and didn’t move over so then I finally just JUMPED over to say hi to Nori at the worst possible timing because turned out the girls decided to come and say hi to him after all. Anyway, I felt bad so I grabbed a quite written message from Nori and fled so the girls could talk to him. It was like their second or third time seeing fade but they’d never talked to the guys before!!! Gasp!

*lol* meanwhile I had stepped up to the girls halfway guiding them along the way to Nori since they seemed shy and I distracted them by talking with them about if they are Nori fans. It's really funny, because it turned out they were 5° fans which made me go "OMG YES I meet 5° fans :'D" and they had waited for him at the barricade but ofcourse Nori is cool, too, so since he waved them over TWICE they had made their way to the table. :3

Ok a moment away from the cuteness that is Fade… Ka and Bernie, I seriously do not know what I would do without these two… while I was waiting to ask Jon to sign the pass they had snuck over to Nori.. and well I’ll let them explain WHAT they did since I had no part in it… all I knew was I heard my name muttered and then next thing I know I get tapped on the shoulder and presented with a pick, signed by the dear man himself. And I KNOW I was smiling so fucking big as I thanked him.

Before I can explain what happened for this part I have to explain what happened before that with Kansei! So he came out, and suddenly he randomly pulls two picks out of his pocket and is all “I have two picks to give away!” in English and of course there I go and I blurt out “I WANT ONE PLEASE” in both Japanese and English I think (or more like “MEEEE I WANT ONEEEE”) and Kat is laughing at me and says it is good I’m being straightforward and honest. So his answer is “later, okay?” and I think he moved to the merch table and it was time to go queue up to talk to him. So I get the written message from him and also explained Bromance umm, in Japanese as best I could (he hasn’t watched the Bromance video) .....

XD the bromance video.

........and he found it quite amusing, if his grin was any indication. So then finally I decide to SCREW PRIDE and just ASK for the pick like “Hey Kansei can I have a pick?” and he plucks it outta his back pocket and is like “Sure” so I ask to have it signed too. (If you’re wondering he kind of scrawled my name so I have no idea if he spelt it right or not ahaha not that I really care but I bet he did that on purpose ;P )

Checklist for a Kansei fan:
• Get a pick, and get it signed
• Catch a pick he throws during a show
• Get the bottle he drank from during the Snake Pit
• Have him get your name wrong (okay no, I mean, have him remember your name)
• Get a hug
• Have a conversation in English with him (English fluency increases the more drunk he gets)
• Have his sweat flung on you

So because I’d gotten a pick from Kansei and Hannah was off talking to Jon or someone somewhere, I scooted over to Nori with Kat and asked him if he gave out picks to fans. He said yeah, he did, when he had some on him. But then…he said he didn’t have one then so booo. BUT BUT BUT a while later HE FOUND ONE IN HIS POCKET. So I got him to sign it for Hannah (he asked to make sure he spelt Hannah right) and then DUN DUN DUNNNN time to present it to the happy Nori fan.
*cue countless pics of the two of us posing with our picks nyahahaha*

*lol* I remember exactly how we asked an he went "Well if I HAD one (a pick) *randomly searches his pockets, suddenly looks surprised, gets a blue pic out of his pockets, stares at it* Oh I DO actually have one! (ô_Ô)"
Bernie an me surely both were thinking 'HELL YES LUCKYYYYYYYYY!'

fade nagoya 2013.06.08

I'm actually trying to remember what I talked about with Nori X'D I came over to his side whenever noone was there for him to talk and just talked really randomly *loooool*

Me: Hot today isn't it?
N: Yeah right?
Me: *chuckles* seriously are you fine in those clothes (long + leather jacket on etc.)? And you're all in black!
N: You're all in black yourself
Me: Oh right *looks down herself* but I just have one layer on AND I have all of these *points at the slices which basically show most of my body from under the boobs till down to the hip* :P

Me: Oh btw. I wanted to confirm, the new fade F. Did you design it or is it out of a font set like the "old" fade F. So I was kind of wondering. It is from you right?
N: Yeah
Me: Ah thanks for it it's so cool *__*
N: *smiles at me*

I then had Nori and (later Kansei) sign the card I had brought and had it signed by Jon already at the Osaka Live. The card I had made as welcome present for our new moderator Melanie in the German StreetTeam :D They all had asked about her and when she joined.

DSC05294 - Kopie fade nagoya 2013.06.08

Hmmm after talking to Jon ka kind of came over to me and asked me about my questions, well she attempted to remember what I wanted to ask but I think I just confused her when I tried to correct her cause her response was to tell me “ok” and shove me back over in front of Nori (and now Kansei too). Seriously the amount of times I was SHOVED in front of the man Saturday… it’s borderline comical. Especially cause he’d always get this shocked look for a slight moment. Anyway when I was SHOVED in front of him this time my mind was actually working properly. And well ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED!!! Hannah had a normal conversation. It was a good one too~

H: I had a question, if it’s ok to ask you
N: ok
H: I was just wondering why you prefer 5-string bass? To you know, the standard 4?
(here is where Kansei comes in cause like Nori had this sort of like surprised look of like ‘A fangirl is talking MUSIC with me and not like spazzing’ and then Kansei like utterly stared at me and leaned in next to Nori)
Kansei: That’s a GOOD question!!
(At this point it was my turn to wait for a response for once LOL but the answer I got was really interesting because I mean I pay attention to the different tones and rhythm especially when I listen to their music, so like I wasn’t even surprised so much at the answer as much as it clarified things for me)
N: well actually it’s because I have to… (he didn't look happy there X'D)
H: Oh?
N: I mean the 4-string is a better balanced instrument but I need the 5-string because I have to hit the low notes, and the bass line has a lot of those.
H: Ah~ that makes a lot of sense… I was just curious cause most bassists I know really hate them.. and I had noticed that all yours are 5-string..
N: well again, I don’t particularly like it but I have to use it

And that was the start of my successful conversation with the dear bassist. I also teased him a bit cause I have him beat in number of piercings (I will never get over how shocked people are whenever they find out how many piercings I have in my ears LOL) anyway he mentioned he wants to get two more about his gauge and well, insert total fangirl moment, cause I just sort of nodded and without even thinking said “Yea that would look great” *headdesk* really Hannah… he realizes you are a fan, don’t make it any worse…
Around that time the boys were finally being shooed away from the table because the next band had to set up and the guys had to pack up because they were leaving.

Before they left I got into convo with Jon, together with Bernie and Hannah joined us later I think. So I had him make a body paint check *lol* He signed my arm again. "Coolest fanart [Jon's sign]" Awww. :'3 He also thanked us several more times for the banner and I told him the story of how we were making it right infront of his nose in Osaka at the venue and the other members kept coming by and we were hushing on them to keep quiet about it *lol* He told us that he had forgotten it on stage, looking slightly sad, and that he'd have to wait for the staff to get it. It was sweet of him. He really looked awesomely happy about the banner from the very start. I was surprised since I was sure he'd be all over Yoko's art instead. Because hells her art IS an awesome job :D But Jon at times turns out unpredictable *looool*

fade nagoya 2013.06.08

So we sort of saw the others off to side… OH YEA… LOL so like I had crept up to Jon right towards the end and asked if he would be able to hand Rui and Godo their letters… and just… the man looked at me point blank and just…

J: I don’t know if that is such a good idea… I’d probably lose them. Maybe ask one of the others?
H: *seriously I was trying so hard not to laugh too much at this* ah~ so maybe Nori is the safer choice?
J: Definitely (LMAO)

So I had to grab Nori as he was trying to walk away, and apologized for keeping him (cause I tend to apologize a lot) but I asked if he minded handing the other two their letters. He took them without a problem and laughed when I told him how I asked Jon first and what the response was. Then because others were still holding the rest up, I decided to pop up my final question with Ka there beside me. And I asked him about the lenses he wears. Cause I mean we’ve all seen the (OMGoshAdorableness that is the man in glasses) so I knew he wore prescription lenses, and I was just curious if those colored monstrosities(sorry they take some getting used to) were script or not. Anyway he admitted they were just for show(to which Ka piped up told you so)… but right after she said that he also mentioned wearing prescription lenses normally so we both got our childish ‘told you so’ moments XD

So my conversation with Jon was pretty much mixed with Hannah’s and Kat’s. I remember talking to Jon about BROMANCE VIDEO. I’m sorry but I HAVE TO BRING IT UP EVERY SINGLE TIME (Supposedly Jon and Kansei had been drinking together in one of their rooms the night before. I think Kansei’s?). And Jon said he watched the video and he loves it! (The thought of Jon liking Ryan Higa on Youtube…oh yeaaaah) I think I also explained how we hadn’t actually planned to come over to see him in Nagoya but…but… IT WAS HIS BIRTHDAY SO IN THE END WE HAD TO. And then he had to go say hi to some important people for a while (Miyagawa-san called him over I think) but then he came back a while later to talk to us some more. At the end before he left, I asked him for sweaty hugs for all of us and the sweetheart obliged. Thank you Jon. I hope you had a great birthday!!!

Awwwww yeah the hugs :'D it was a great hug round. I remember consoling him that we're at least as sweaty as him laughing while we hugged! His hugs were strong from-the-heart-hugs this time. \(^o^)/ (can't describe it any better) Ah and right, before Jon left (he was half out) we called out to him Yoko to show him the Fade I had drawn on her back *lol* he signed it XD

fade nagoya 2013.06.08

Anyway they left, and so then you got like a line of like… six or seven girls all waiting to try to grab Rui and Godo on the way out XD Rui came first and so we all managed to grab his sign on the way out, with poor Miyagawa-san standing there holding clothes and looking kind of torn between amusement and frustration~ (Miagawa-san I'm sorry (;~;) we are so annoying when in fangirl mode! I feel like apologizing at least another 1000 times) So they left and then that left Godo… and just the amount of cute from this man Saturday… I have never seen someone who reminded me of, well myself (in social situations) as he did. Because he tried, oh he tried soooo hard to like sneak away, but we were all right there and the moment he was spotted it was like “GODO-SAN SIGN KUDASAI!!” Seriously the poor man gave the most honest deer in the headlights look ever, but he was super kind and sort of signed (scribbled) on everyone’s pass before he was stuck with the pen. And just the look on his face was like “someone take this so I can run away please!!” and it was Bernie’s pen so she took it back and BAM he got out of there ASAP.

I was spacing out because I can’t multitask and I had the pen cap in my mouth while he’d used it to sign the passes etc and then he was like holding it up and I was like ??? then I realized it was my pen so I mumbled it while the pen cap was in my mouth and somehow I got it and then he ninja-ed away ahahaha!!

Yeah, poor 5°-san X'D this time we really trapped him and he had the heart to not ignore us and run past us X'D My card for Melanie was last to so wrote and slipped and had to write over his own sign a second time (his other hand was full with stage outfits of everyone) and right after he searched for the pen owner! X'D

LOL so we all started to go down the stairs and well, it just so happened the guys were loading RIGHT in front of the venue, and Bernie wanted to grab Rui for a moment, and I think Ka also wanted to ask Godo to sign something for overseas family fan~ (*lol* no, I actually wanted Rui to sign the card since I had missed him before but I hated that we had to walk past the equipment close up to the car. I HATE coming up close to their car, it's like........entering private space T________T) Anyway so enter my second conversation with Rui… seriously I have no problem conversing with the man and well this time it was kind of made clear to me why. See I am so used to being around non-english speakers that it doesn’t even register how much I miss not having to think when I talk to someone. And with Rui(and Jon too) I don’t have to think. I can just speak without worrying about anything. And so I had a nice relaxed conversation with him~ We talked about me coming over again, and how he had work in LA and how he is NOT resting *sighs* and then I scolded them about how terribly full their van was XD sorry it brought back flashbacks of highschool trips and just I couldn’t help but make the man promise me they would be careful. Bernie did the SWEETEST thing ever for a Japanese fan standing there, and just well I’ll let her tell you <3

So yes! We were standing around talking to rui. While the others helped move equipment. We wouldn’t bother the ones who were moving things and the guys who were free came over to chat (aka rui and kansei). I went up to rui to grab a written message for fadefamily first, and he didn’t know what to write. So kansei chimed in “I wrote a really long message!” smugly, and rui flipped through the pages to see what the others had wrote. His reply “Oh shit.” [please check previous entries on this homepage for the messages from the bandmembers!!!!]

Kansei was drinking beer, and standing in front of the board for Jon. He said it was really awesome and that he wants one for his birthday too. (ROGER THAT, KANSEI! We’ll have something planned for next year!) So as we were hanging around, with Kat and Hannah chatting to rui in English, Miyuki comes up to me and whispers something in Japanese. I didn’t get it at first so I had to ask her to repeat it and then I did! So there was a Japanese fan standing around waiting to talk to rui. She’s a huge rui fan and was kind of bummed she couldn’t join the English conversation. So Miyuki asked me to help her ask for something. In English, of course, cause I could just butt into their Eng convo and quickly ask for it.

So there is a break in the convo and I cut in to talk to rui. The Japanese fan comes forward, and I tell rui that she would really like a hug from him. She was just really happy to talk to him and wanted to shake his hand but he pulled her into a hug and just. Her face! She was just so happy and surprised! It was great. She came over and thanked me later too. Awwww.
I think somewhere or other I asked Kansei if he likes the system now. I don’t quite remember what he said then I followed up with:

Me: Hey you know you said you wanted more twitter messages?
Kansei: I said that?
Me: You did!!! And like, you should tweet more then you’ll get more messages!
Kansei: Oh yeah I saw that

I was just cracking up cause he didn’t remember what he said at the previous live (yet he remembers other stuff and…) and well. That’s Kansei for you, isn’t it. I think we kind of just hung around till all the equipment was put into the van (mainly Godo and Nori were doing it oops)

After the van was packed, oh yea, Godo was so much more relaxed outside, Ka pointed out later it was probably because he could focus on packing the van and slipping inside without worry that made him that way. But I just thought it was sweet to see him looking less like a startled animal and more relaxed and smiley.

Watching Miyagawa-san trying to somehow fit in the big Jon picture of Yoko was fun *loool* and I must say he's AWESOME in arranging the loads of stuff in the van (*__*)b And yeah we watched 5°-san quietly and there was his hat behind him and I saw it and it just slipped out of my mouth as I whispered "Ahhh 5°-san's hat. I wanna try it!" He looked around and smiled. NO STRESS. 5° is great when he relaxes :'D I hope he can relax more in future even with fans around!

Anyway we all moved to the sidewalk after that and it was time to see them off~ I’m pretty sure we all told them one last time to BE CAREFUL and Drive Safe… and then it was all a matter of everyone being in the van, doors closing and them leaving. They did wave back as we all waved goodbye and then it was just Fade Family left.

From here there was a lot of picture taking and meeting even more AMAZING people. We all sort of went our separate ways, with me, Ka, Bernie, Remy-san and Miyuki-san going to Denny’s for dinner. It was an amazing time (2.5 hours of laughter, stories, and me listening to Bernie and Ka’s amazing Japanese speaking skills… bleh I understood quite a lot which made me happy but I just don’t know enough to speak(plus I get stupidly shy and then can’t speak…case and point ordering food, happens here in Korea still too). We also went and did Purikura which was so freaking cute and fun LOL. And just… seriously I met so many amazing individuals this night… I just can’t send you all enough love <3

*ninja-s in* Poto inseeert: Pass, pruikura, ticket, program + the back we got as we exchanged passes with lots of band advertising flyers inside!

DSC05308 fade nagoya 2013.06.08

On the way back we stumbled over a miniature of artist Taru Okamoto's "太陽の塔" (=tower of the sun) which is one of 5°'s favourite artists. So  had Hannah and Bernie make pictures of it *___* and later would made this graphic of it *lol*

2013.06.08_meeting Taro Okamoto

After dinner and all it was time for goodbyes and for the crazy trio to head to our hostel for the night. And just…like the place was too cute XD and the host very kind too~ but … I can’t even describe the HIGH that the three of us had for the rest of the night, through Sunday and (at least for me) still partially into Monday XD At the hostel I handed the lovely ladies each their own little gifts from me~ because I felt like my gratitude towards them had to be expressed somehow or another. And well… we figured out that we could all leave from the same station the next morning, hence we had much more time together <3

If a fade live was good and you enjoyed yourself properly, you are supposed to look "done" afterwards X'D

fade nagoya 2013.06.08

We got to the station a few hours earlier than need be the next morning and proceeded to fangirl in public over breakfast. And just, I can’t describe the amount of giggling that occurred over everything. We were literally HIGH on Fade… and just… well there is a lot here I’ll let the girls mention (Like Bernie’s jokes, [You do NOT want to know the stupidity that came out of my mouth.] Ka’s comments on said jokes [You do NOT want to know about those either XD] and just the general INSANITY that was us) To put it in the simplest terms, we had all quite honestly lost all traces of sanity, and had instead traded it for a mess of feeling and overly emotional giggling.

fade nagoya 2013.06.08

All in all it was an amazing time <3 I seriously have logged that moment next to Tokyo from a few weeks ago as one of my best in so many years, and I know that come July I will be able to add another wonderful moment again. So until the next time, even as we said goodbye and I hugged them both (probably too many times because I didn’t want them to leave, nor did I want to leave) I took with me a smile that I know people who have known me for many years before, haven’t seen in far too long…. The amount of comments I have gotten recently about being so happy and just everything, yes I am happy in Asia, happier than I have been in years, and I owe a huge portion of that to Fade… And to Fade Family <3


To close this report:

The [must have] fade Live Experience:
(Check each one off as you experience it)

• Welcome the band as they arrive at the venue (without bothering them)
• Witness the ‘Snake Pit’ corner
• Smell the alcohol on Kansei after
• Spot Kansei drinking on stage
• Spot the Mayuyu (AKB48) sticker on Kansei’s guitar
• Have your eyes meet with a band member(s)
• Touch Jon (head, face, arm, etc)
• Be graced by Jon crotch view

• Witness Jon getting lost during MC talk n taking too long *lol*
• Witness Jon/Kansei bromance
• Get hit by rui’s drumstick when he throws it
(lol, Bernie X'D)
• Watch Rui comming out of his "drummer's zone" during CM and smile
• Receive a setlist /something
• Experience Miyagawa-san Swag
• Jump along with the guys
• Scream band member’s names during breaks
• See Godo’s fedora/hat fly off
• Watch Nori and Kansei face off

• Have a band member come up lose and rock out right in front of your nose
• Jon destroys equipment/Something malfunctions on him
• Sing along to Close To You/Beautiful
• Have Jon come up close and in your face and grin and you don’t know what to do
• Have sweat flung onto you
• Meet manager Ricky and say hi
• Have a band member pick up sth. from you (banner, plush, underwear X'D)(underwear *snorts*)
• Attend an acoustic set
• Meet the guys after and get hugs & signatures
• See the band off and wave at them as they leave with their van.
• Go out with your international fadefamily and talk about your live experiences while growing closer!
•Watch the Nori/Jon interactions
Get crotch view from all standing band members (lmao yea its possible)

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Melanieyouuzo on July 2nd, 2013 06:41 pm (UTC)
Oh giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirls ><
I just don't what to say... (It was really a damn long report and I needed a damn long time to read it, but it was worth every single second <333)
This report is so cute and funny and awwwwwwwwwwww, you know? I just envy you and feel so happy for you at the same time, ahaha. It really sounds like an awesome day. I want to enjoy a fade-concert with you girls, too ;A; (but hey, at least I was a part of it cuz this adorable signed card is now here in my hands~~ *Q* thanks again, Ka *hugs* <33)
I just love how you talk about the guys and it's so cute how you get crazy if it comes to your "favorites" (I didn't know Hannah is such a huge Nori-fan, that's so sweet >//<) ... gnah. I really don't know what to say anymore... It was just nice to read... so thanks again for sharing your memories etc with us!!! (^O^)/)
Katk_no_uta on July 3rd, 2013 06:26 pm (UTC)

You're welcome <3
Katk_no_uta on July 3rd, 2013 06:27 pm (UTC)
Hannah sweetheart thanks for posting. Tip for next time: when you enter pictures don't forget to check the box for adding the link to the original image ;D Then it will be clickable to view in full size!
Bernieberniechan on July 4th, 2013 04:47 am (UTC)
Ahh. I never do that for images, though.
Katk_no_uta on July 4th, 2013 03:38 pm (UTC)

Aren't yours from photobucket?

Well I guess it's just my preference *lol* but when I see good pics (especially friends related or fade related) then I wanna have them, too, and that not in mini-resolution. I mean I know how to get the full size on LJ, but most people don't XD