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08 August 2013 @ 10:04 pm
[LIVE REPORT] 20/07/2013 fade preLIVE START LINE ~ 新生~ PART 1  
fade preLIVE START LINE ~ 新生~
20 July 2013 at Shinsaibashi Club DROP

Note: Hannah in Red, Kat in Blue, Bernie in Black

Yet another trip dedicated to fade and fade family. How much better can a trip be… to be honest I got absolutely NO sleep this night… unless you count the 1.5 hours I managed to snatch. I was too afraid to miss my flight which was at an ungodly 9:30am. But I got to the airport with plenty time and managed to get coffee and not look as if I would kill the first person to look at me wrong. Though my stomach was in such terrible knots I couldn’t even try to eat anything. So I sat in the airport for a short while before my flight for Osaka finally left. It was a relatively short flight… however the half hour we landed early was eaten up by 30 minutes spent taxi-ing on the runway… followed by an impossibly long hour spent in Immigration… so yes my least favorite airport is now probably Kansai International… but despite all that I managed to BARELY catch the train before noon. And I would finally arrive in Osaka station at around 1(I think). I was late getting in.. and therefore I was an utter mess >.> but no sooner than I had stepped off the train was I met by Bernie!! So yay lovely reunion of fadefamily~~

Ka-chan and Bernie had been together for a day or two before so they had already finished their body paint for the evening… so all we had to do the three of us~ was to take the train… in the opposite direction back a few stops to where our hostel was. This was mostly uneventful, the three of us chatting about what had been going on… but I think we all maybe were already feeling the nerves of the evening. Skip to the hostel and check in and then it was time to paint XD Kat and I worked together a bit to try and finish my paint quickly and we did finish within about an hour. Afterwards we ate fruit jelly and drank tea… all while laughing and relaxing in the hostel. When we finally left to go to the venue it was still quite early, but we were also meeting a reporter who would be doing a report on fade. She ended up being an absolutely sweet girl and I really hope to go to another show with her again in the future!!

We arrived at about 4pm and met other fans there as well as Elisabeth from Germany who was going to do a live report about fade! Hung around and took pix, as well as showed them the imitation books and waited to enter the venue! We had to introduce Elisabeth to who the members of Fade were, so that’s where our lovely photo books(the one from the project) came into play. Needless to say we spent some time giggling and going over each of the member’s booklet!! It was so much fun and everyone was great. We also took some awesome group pictures of those of us who were already present. Miyagawa-san walked past once or twice alone, then saw him once with Ricky! Hannah also spotted Godo ahaha!

My shirt was quite low-cut so the girls were joking about it. Yoko told me to write ‘Kansei’ on my chest and Elisabeth said I should get him to sign it ahahaha. I was too shy to do anything like that though….

Finally as it was unbearably hot (and the stores were fussing) we headed downstairs to wait outside of the club. It was very cool to hear bands practicing from outside the door, and also seeing people come and go (later would find out they were none other than band members of the opening acts). We all had fanclub tickets, so later the staff would line us up according to the ticket numbers to let us in. We all slowly made our way inside. Since Ka, Bernie and I were all in the 20s with our tickets we were some of the first to go in. Ka-chan and I stood second row behind Yuki-chan and her friend. Things would switch up later but… well that’s for later. While we all waited for the bands to start we went around talking to people. I met a few new Japanese fans I hadn’t known but on twitter before, as well as saw fans I had met previously. Fade presents such a warm atmosphere for people to gather in.

Some of you may know, but the 20th was my last fade live. Apparently I’m currently writing this report from Germany (which is why it’s also so late, sorry everyone!) I was a mess, so please don’t expect too much from me this time. However, while being torn between joy and sadness there was work for me to do beforehand. Before I had entered the venue Elisabeth, the German reporter, called out for me because there seemed to be a problem with her tickets. Because fade’s manager was not around that very moment, I got my ticket, secured my place and then headed back to her side just to find Chief manager Ricky by her side :) A minute later manager Miyagawa-san also joined us to check if everything was cleared! While waiting for Elisabeth, who was paying, I took the chance to have a short talk with Ricky-san. I had hoped to meet him since I had not seen him in a while. I told him about it being my last show and it surprised him. He hadn’t expected this to be my last one already and he really started a very sweet attempt to cheer me up, talking with me about how hard they work on getting to Germany.

Twitter | OHP | Facebook

First band of the night! Their fans were woah, and their songs more rock than fade’s. Not my kind of music, really, but they’re cool. It was 5 years since they’ve played with fade I think, if I remember correctly…

Things were slow at first, when the first opening act went to start there were not too many of us there, so many of us that were stood near the front to be polite. They were a good group. I think they knew many of us were not all that into their music but with many smiles and lots of encouragement they did put on a wonderful show. Their sound is… I guess similar to fade but MUCH louder. All in all it was a good performance, even though it left me slightly deaf I fear at times~ For me, screaming into the mic is not an essential of good music but despite that I have to say I would see them again I think. Later that week on facebook I ended up as friends with the drummer and had a short conversation with him at like 3am. He was super sweet and very kind. On top of that I got followed by their main twitter account which surprised me. As I said, they were good guys, a young band but they seem to know a lot about humility.

I liked their music but I really thought it was a pity that it was way too noisy at the same time. The guys were very motivated and they were very very happy about each response from the crowd that they got.

快進のICHIGEKI (Kaishin no Ichigeki)
Twitter | OHP | Facebook

At first I wasn’t too thrilled because at where I was standing, their music made my ear hurt. But then they asked us to move forward and we did and then it got really fun!!! Their songs have a lot more hand actions than fade’s does and there were quite a few fade AND ICHIGEKI fans since they’ve played together a few times so it was easy to follow and dance/jump along! They’re really fun!! (Btw, they had rainbow coloured katanas which were crazy amazing!! Someone told me Jon really liked them and played with it the last time both bands were together – it’s like the perfect fusion of Light Saber and katana!!!)

After RIZING played their short set the curtain closed and the stage was changed for the next guys. While that was going on I went with Bernie to grab a drink from the bar. We met Emiko there and talked with her for a little bit before going back for the second act, Kaishin no Ichigeki. Anyway… Bernie and I went inside and stood with Ka-chan at the back, because the Ichigeki boys were better known and had a larger fanbase at the show. So they came out and I have to say I was slightly nervous because their style was very different for me. But when the vocalist Kota started singing and the band performing I was really caught. They are a really catchy group of guys and good musicians too. It was my first time seeing a four piece band in quite some time so I thought that was very interesting. Anyway after the first song was finished, Kota was staring out into the crowd, talking and such… and well ok I know I stand out because I’m foreign(as does Ka-chan) but please please PLEASE don’t draw attention to that. Anyway, Kota was talking and looking around and then next I know I looked up and he had locked eyes on me… I decided to be polite and offer a smile. Instead what I get back in return is this scary looking man yelling out in Jinglish\Engrish as he’s practically hanging off the rafters of the club “DO YOU SPEAKEU JAPANESE” I was so incredibly embarrassed and flustered that I simply followed my first instinct and hid behind Ka-chan. I think it may have shocked him slightly to see that, I’m not sure. I just know that the ENTIRE room was giggling over my reaction… but I’m sorry.

If you shock me like that then expect a reaction… anyway they launched into their second song of the evening, and since there was still a smallish crowd, Kota would start motioning and trying to bring everyone forward. Ka-chan and Bernie went readily but I was hesitant cause I didn’t want to be pinpointed anymore. But when not only he locked eyes again but with a double encouragement from Ka and Bernie I went forward with them… and it was just like a look of triumph. And I have to say, after getting over the shock and embarrassment of it all I really really enjoyed their performance. It was really dynamic and super easy to get into. Their music is very dancey and easy to move to and just fun. They also left the stage and then it was really time to settle in. we all went back to our spots and waited, because it was almost time for fade.

The guys from this band make quite noisy and rough music, yet it can be very melodic. I had heard them before already. Check out My report on the fade white day event at Osaka Club DROP. As Hannah said, vocal Kota had been looking around giving us rather intense looks, if you ask me X’D. I first thought there’s some mistake. Especially since he mentioned that due to fade there were so many beauties in the room. And then suddenly he addressed Hannah/us that way. It was hilarious. I just felt her suddenly hiding at my back and would shout over to him that yes we DO talk Japanese. He made a comment of that yeah right since who doesn’t should get out. I can assure everyone though that he was absolutely joking and that he was really really enjoying the presence of foreigners! ;)

They came on around 7:35pm.

And gave me the shock of my life: I found myself suddenly crying the very moment as the intro music started. THEY WERE NOT EVEN ON STAGE and I was already freaking crying. I didn’t recognize myself that night at all. fade has really gotten me a way that no one else did so far. They had me give in to my own weaknesses so often. I of all people who doesn’t tend to go easy on myself. I’ll try not to mention it too often to not bore you. But basically I cried throughout the whole concert and every time I could pull myself together again or get cheered up by some rockfish song, they’d either play something very emotional or say something very emotional and I’d break out in tears again. *sighs*

Fade. Really that word has come to mean so many things to me now. Strength, Hope, love, friendship and family. They started the evening with the intro (which I had not heard since May) so for me that was really one of those moments when your heart skips a beat. The intro played and it was oh.. it’s really time now. One by one the boys came out, Ka and I were naturally situated in front of Nori and Godo, with Bernie over by Kansei(also quite naturally). And I have to say, my apprehension from the day just sort of left me. I had previously been so exhausted and drained and them to be embarrassed and shocked on top of that I must admit I was quite strained. But then to have them come out and to suddenly feel that weight lifted it really made me indescribably happy, as only fade can seem to do. The set this time was quite long. And actually from where we stood I could see the set list perfectly which was quite nice. But beside the point. Let’s look at live start! I guess by now y’all should be used to my emotional rambles about fade. So I will skip the apologies this time and get right to it. This live was the most emotion-filled experience I’ve had in some time… and well I am very thankful to have water-proof makeup. Anyway the guys were in top for tonight really. They were simply perfect.

Godo: Godo lost his sunglasses and hat really early on. Black tank top, no choker, arms/neck area painted. Kind of black swirly looking things?

Godo-san’s body paint was very very interesting, I’m not sure how to describe it. We tried figuring out what it might have been after but I don’t think we came up with any positive answer *lol* but it was great… He wore a tank top(which seems standard now that I think about it) and of course his hat and sunglasses. So how come this live was different. For one he lost his hat in the first song, and didn’t bother to replace it. So we were presented with a cute image of his curly hair~~ Not the first time for me but it’s still adorable. But what was a first for me was for him to lose his sunglasses. And to simply play without them for the show. I was shocked because previous lives any contact with Godo-san had always been through the shades, so to speak. So to suddenly be present with true eye contact was quite an experience. Actually I’m not sure it was a good thing with the way I was crying at some points~ oh well~~ But needless to say, watching Godo-san play has really become a favorite thing of mine. He is such an artist in everything he does. He is so perfectly suited as a rhythm guitarist that it’s almost like he becomes his guitar in a show. He isn’t just playing or performing, no when you really get to look at him, meet his eyes, shares these interactions… it’s more of a feeling that he is living so much in these moments as an artist.

Nori: Black button up shirt and black cargo pants

Nori… hmm~ my dear dear nori~ well what can I say, I am biased and I am not even a little bit afraid to admit it. He was dressed in his usual *deliciously* tight fitting black shirt (which actually shone reddish under the lights at times) and he used his Combat for the evening. I had gotten so used to the tone of his fender that to hear the combat was truly incredible. I can see why he would favor it though because the sound and tone it has really strikes you at the core. It has a tone you can really feel in your heart. So besides looking incredibly hot (yes I probably will say that several more times) he also blew me away yet again. So many smiles from him and Godo this evening… I really can’t describe the way your heart beats a million miles a minute when you catch a glimpse and a smile for even just a second. And you always know when the glance is for you and someone else. Yea fade is good at making your heart stutter like that. But aside from all that he played so incredibly this evening.

Regarding the both of the guys: Since I was crying so much I had the impression 5°-san would give me worried looks at times. But then smile whenever I cheered up and could properly sing along with him like we always do. Nori meanwhile didn’t seem too surprised over me crying and actually avoiding to look any of the members in the face half of the time.

Jon: black long sleeve shirt (kinda looked like a thick/knit-ish shirt), jeans

Jon was just as equally amazing this evening. He was passionate about simply everything and from high tension and getting everyone pumped to an EXTREMELY emotional English MC bit… all I can say is Damn it Jon do you like to make the girls cry or what >.> (he answered that later…)

Kansei: black T-shirt with the word ANARCHY in white on it, jeans, boots

Kansei… well I am sure Bernie will fill you in on the amazingness that is Kansei later but what can I say about the cutie. He was kick ass on the guitar that evening. And we had some great interactions with him both on stage and off. He wore a t-shirt again(look Bernie has be noticing these things too) and well… hahahah let’s keep after for after ;)

Rui: either black or white shirt, not sure if T-shirt over

Rui… well Rui was of course in his drummers’ zone that evening. And what can I say that I haven’t already said before. The man is truly one of the most talented drummers I have ever come across… as well as a sincerely sweet man. He’s got such a light personality that it’s hard to describe him. He has an aura that makes him maybe appear intimidating but if you can look past that you will find such a genuine person.

Setlist (from fadebook)
1. コズミカリズム
2. Chase for Daylight
3. One Reason
4. Last Man Standing
5. Cross Road (new song)
6. My Way (new song)
7. Wiser for the Wear
8. REIMEI〜黎明〜
9. Close to You (Jp)
10. So Far Gone
11. Ten
E1. Break Away
E2. Ever Free

Ex1. Cross Road (teaser)
Ex2. Imperfect (teaser)

I think it’s probably my first live where they’ve actually STARTED with “Cosmicalism”. They usually keep it for last because it’s a crowd favourite but I suppose since it’s a special night, time to do something different! “Chase for Daylight” was awesome because Nori would do the screaming bits TOYO does, and booooooy is he amazing doing them.

So what can I say they played songs I simply longed to hear, as well songs that made me tear up within seconds. I’m just going to take a moment not to (lovingly) curse Jon from here to Sunday… Good lord man do you have to stand there and give the most emotional damn MC in English telling us all how fade with be there for us all the same way that we have been there for them. How fade truly are friends and family. I just can’t handle it. And to sing “TEN” right after… yes as if there were not enough tears in the damn room already. But in all honesty I think the biggest feeling you got from the room that evening was such an outpouring of love. Poor Ka-chan was crying and so when I wasn’t hugging her, the girls before us were and at one point Ka was up front and center with them and I was standing there trying to appreciate the damn music while also having teas on my face only to find Emiko at my side. It was just, so wonderful to have such a strong connection to everyone that evening, and to have the fact that fade really is a family further cemented in all our hearts.

Yuki-chan and Ayumi who were standing in the first row, at some point kindly would pull me into the first row while I was still all in tears. They took me in between the two of them and it was so strange to be so close up to 5°-san and Nori while I was like this X’D. Jon had seen me all in tears earlier, too, and had smiled widely. And while it was wonderful to experience them that way once more, it was also twisting my heart around.

Jon, around the first verse of “REIMEI”, leaned over/against Kansei and then turned the mic to him, twice. Both times, Kansei sang the lines, albeit softly, then after looked happy but kind of embarrassed.

For me it felt like forever since I’ve actually seen them so I was pretty much in denial all night long until I actually saw them face to face…!! I was in the second row on the Kansei side, but after a while there was a space in the first row and I asked if it was alright to move up. Akemi-san (I think!) was very very nice and said I could, so I did!! And the barrier is awesome and very necessary. It’s not like you can’t rock out without it but I find it a lot easier to jump with it. There was no Snake Pit section, but Kansei kept drinking his mini bottle of Jack Daniels. There were quite a few shouts for rui that night, ranging from ruirui to rui-sama to even rui-senpai. There were some shouts for “Kansei-kun” early on which died down so I ended up being the only one shouting for Kansei that night after that (awww. He told me once he was sad he didn’t hear much of his calls so I’m making sure to call his name and make him feel loved). I did shout ‘Hentai Eskimo’ once but have no idea if he heard it or not.

Aaaaand more Kansei but during “Close To You” everyone was doing the heart then arms outstretched thing so I did it for Kansei, and at the arms outstretched part he was right in front of me and I think he looked at me and smiled!!

During “TEN”, Jon whispered in Kansei’s ear. They left the stage and came back (sans Jon) for encore. Kansei, while setting up, took the mic and went (in Japanese) “You know what Jon whispered into my ear during “TEN”? ”I love you Kansei.” and while he was talking, Jon creeped out from the back and was smirking behind him, then echoed “I love you Kansei” after Kansei had said it. (to quote Yoko’s blog 「tenの時さぁJonがね。耳元でさI love you Kansei‼だってwww」-> to translate the tone more accurately into Eng it would be something like this: “You know, during TEN, Jon like, whispered in my ear… ‘I love you Kansei!!’ (in a somewhat teasing kind of manner)

Before “Ever Free”:
Jon now starts having these MCs that lead into songs. He’s done it for “Moment of Life” previously [during a previous show] and now for “Ever Free”. He said a lot of very inspirational words in English (and it was also rather long). I don’t remember the exact things he said but he kept repeating the line “We are all forever free” and it was about just making your dreams happen, being free to choose and work for things, and well, just think of the ‘feeling’ of the song “Ever Free”. Sadly he didn’t repeat the message in Japanese and lots of the fans had no idea what he said was so touching/inspirational D: (Jon kept talking in WAY too much English that night. Honey, the audience is mainly Japanese they get very lost when you only speak in English!!)

Him talking in English was highly disturbing. I was at the end of my nerves anyways and OF COURSE all I did during Jon’s talk was crying again while hiding my face in my towel. Because of his words my whole body would shake and I think Emiko, but mainly (just as me sobbing) Hannah would reach out to me, hug me and keep me somewhat stable. It’s really ridiculous how much you can miss this band and how their strong words can hit in even more because you’re saying bye the same night. So especially with me being in that state it screamed in my head to poke him or sth. and remind him to talk in Japanese. Also because I would not have understood half of it and hence maybe would have not cried that hard (x/////X) Not to mention that of all people I knew how it feels to feel that words are meaningful and yet you can’t understand them. But as foreigner you’re used to it. As a Japanese person especially while eh well….in Japan *lol* with a Jon who HAS the Japanese skills, it must have been rather frustrating.

They played the two new songs, cross road and my way. For me they were both amazing, but I really like how cross road felt. It had a feeling that we are all ready to stand together, to be followed by my way. I thought the pair went together perfectly matched in feelings. Jon encouraged us all to sing along even with the new songs and it went well, even with people not quite being as loud as we normally would. But it was wonderful nonetheless.

A few random notes before going on. My first time hearing “Wiser for the Wear”… good lord it’s a powerful song. Seriously like I have no words to describe it besides powerful. Nori, hehe told you I would bring him up again… omf though him doing the screaming bits for “Chase for Daylight” *fans self* it’s fucking hot… SorryNotSorry. Ok and back to semi-normalcy. After making us all cry terribly with “TEN” the boys came out for an encore and Jon of course asking “Encore means one more song,.. so are you ready for one more song Osaka!!” It was great, and I was doing fine when they played “Break Away”. I was able to smile and grin and relax some… I think it was here that Nori let Yuki-chan put a BRIGHT ASS YELLOW THONG on his bass XD it was hysterical.

Then he gave it back after… I could be mistaking the song though. Anyway they played break away… and then went into “Ever Free” after Jon said a few more words… and well for me “Ever Free” has a lot of meaning… so yup insert Hannah literally having to bite her lip as tear fall… *sigh* though sweet Ka-chan and the girls pulled me forward for this and the four of us squeezed together at the bar. And I was able to smile up at Nori and everyone and despite the tears I had an immensely amazing night.

After the last song the curtains closed and the lights should have gone up but instead we were presented with a projection on either side walls and they played teasers of both “Cross Road”(again) and a new song, “Imperfect”. Ka-chan and I stood there simply hugging each other through that and when the light finally did come on it was hard to find a dry eye in the area.

I was also extremely lucky and right at the end caught/got the Jack Daniels bottle Kansei gave to the crowd!! Actually two of us had a hold on it but the other lady was very nice and let me have it, as long as I let her take a photo of it. Then suddenly the lights dimmed and we got confused then someone pointed out that there was a projection on the wall!! That’s when “Cross Road” and “Imperfect” played, together with lyrics.

I thought it was over, when suddenly I saw Rui and how he was squeezing himself past the drums on our side instead of following the other members and walk away leisurely to the door at Kansei’s side. And then I would find him infront of me, who was pulled into the first row by Yuki-chan, and he handed me his drumstick making me wonder if he knew I was leaving. He did! I asked him later. :’3 A sweet parting gift that will forever remind me of how amazingly caring these guys are.