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10 August 2013 @ 11:26 pm
[LIVE REPORT] 20/07/2013 fade preLIVE START LINE ~ 新生~ PART 2  
fade preLIVE START LINE ~ 新生 ~
20 July 2013, Shinsaibashi Club DROP
Live Report PART 2

Part 1 here. Note: Hannah in Red, Kat in Blue and Bernie in Black.

After live:

I feel a little bad for the other bands that were at the back, at their merch tables because here you have a room full of crying fans XD it was a bit ridiculous in a way~ Bernie came over and the three of us stood there for some time. After we talked to some of the other girls. Before the girls came out I forced myself to run over and pick up a few things from Miyagawa-san who was manning the merch table. Then it as back to chatting with the ladies. When the guys finally did come out it was up to Bernie and I to deliver the photo books as well as ask a few questions of the dears~

At first there were three separate queues for all the guys, then suddenly it merged into one queue and you’d go talk to them in order: Jon then Nori then finally Kansei.

Meanwhile I decided to stick to my plan and stay away from the guys. I had already teared up again as they had entered the room and I wanted to avoid going close just to confuse them by breaking out in tears. (=_______=#) So I sat down on the barricade to be able to watch the guys calmly for the last time.

So Hannah & I got into the queue to wait but along the way it split up into different queues again…. Anyway we went in order so off to Jon first!!

Of course my first thing to do when we approached was to scold him and ask if he enjoyed making most of the room cry. And what does he do but grin and say he loved it XD Bernie told him he was a sadist and he countered that since it was tears of happiness it was totally ok (btw Nori snorted when he said that) First order of business was giving him presents. I grabbed the giant pocky out from my bag, and presented him the Luke Skywalker one (insert picture here) and Jon’s face just LIT UP like a kid in a candy store. He held the box up next to his face and grinned. Wanted to take a photo but it was strictly NO PHOTOS so we couldn’t so instead Jon drew a smiley face on the box.

Gave Jon the imitation book! Didn’t have time to look through it there and then cause of the long queue (Miyagawa-san would have been so proud of him at that moment, reminding us the queue was long) so he said he’d take a look later. Then we got him to sign stuff!!

I don’t remember what he was signing but he accidentally signed off it and got a line onto the new fadefamily notice/QR code underneath so he kind of panicked and tried to rub it off. He looked so shocked and then just kind of put something over it to hide it *lmao* Then Elizabeth came up to talk to him so we shimmied away and off to talk to Nori!!

I’ll leave talking to Nori to Hannah, since I had nothing to say to him actually ahahaha. Sorry Nori, but I just never know what to say to him and umm, I guess I was quite distracted that night.

After that we queued for Nori. As to be expected he was super attentive as we spoke and glanced at the book before setting it down and thanking us. We talked about the body paint with him (he said mine was scary… to which I stuck my tongue out~ oh well ^^;; never said I was the most mature person in the world) And I also asked him a quick question I had been wondering about. Because we all know Rui does the composing, but I was curious personally on how they went with the arranging. So at first when I asked He said Yea Rui does it all… but moments later he smiled and gave a better answer. Saying that they do all work together and sometimes if he thinks a guitar part should change he’ll suggest it, or if the guitar thinks there should be a bass change they will suggest it and just.

To hear that they all really take an active part in the writing really warmed my heart and just shows you even more what wonderfully talented musicians they all are. Naturally like with Jon we asked him to sign some things for us, to which he obliged happily. I finally showed him my fade-TASTIC phone case lol and he looked impressed and then said thanks XD I thought that was cute~

So on to Kansei!!

Kansei changed into black/white plaid/checkered button up top. (aka something like this one) And next to him he had another mini bottle of Jacks and a can of beer.

After Nori was Kansei, we also talked to a few people as we stood in the line and such. So even though we were waiting it didn’t feel like we were waiting. We got to Kansei… and just let me take a moment here. See the boy had a small pint of Jack on stage (keke Bernie~~) and then we get to the merch table, he has ANOTHER full pint he was sipping on and a beer… NEEDLESS to say, Kansei was very drunk this evening. Actually I think this was the most inebriated I have actually seen him. It was hysterical. Because he would do so many little things that, just even Nori I think got tired of rolling his eyes *lol* we gave him his photo book and the reaction was “WOW I FUCKING LOVE THIS”.

Me: Oh uh, hi Kansei
Kansei: *stretches hand out* Oh, happy birthday!!!
Me: !?!?!!!!! *shakes hands* Oh yeah, thank you for the birthday message!!!!
Me: *embarrassed*
Kansei: *grins*

Kansei: *points at body paint* Hey!
Hannah & I pose and show him, explain that Kat drew it for us and the meaning behind it. Then we give him the photo of the 3 of us together!
Kansei: Wow this is great!!
Then he tries to sign the photo and we’re like “No, no!! It’s for you! Keep it!!” So he tried to put it into his shirt pocket but it won’t fit in.
Me: IT’S TOO SMALL (thank god I stopped myself from saying anything else)

Me: Oh, this is for you!
Kansei: What is it?
Me: Read the title (of the book)!!
Kansei: *reads (the title reads: English vocabulary that will not come out in tests)* Oh *bursts into a grin, turns to the other side and spots the Mayuyu curry, happy smile, flips the package back over* Okay I will study it!
Me & Hannah: NO NO NO NO NO
Me: The English is weird!! *switches to Japanese* Please don’t use it!!!!

Me: Hey, your new hair colour is nice!
Kansei: *bashfully basks in the complement*
Hannah turns to look at Nori, Nori snorts at Kansei.

Me&Hannah: Hey so we had this project and we did imitations of you guys!
Kansei flips through the book, grinning
Kansei: Oh wow, this is great!
Me: Everyone has their own booklet so go take a look at theirs too!
Kansei: Wow this is great I love you guys.

Me: Oh yeah! I got this! *takes out JD’s bottle*
Kansei: Oh you got it? *takes it to sign*There, Drink Kansei. Sugoku kangaeta. I thought about it (for very long)!!
Me&Hannah: Ahaha ok Drink Kansei!!

Me: Hey Kansei I bought this for my friend could you please sign it for her (IN JAPANESE)
Kansei: *nods, then takes the TEN lyrics booklet and writes “To Berni, HB!!”*
Me & Hannah: *looks of horror* !!!!!!!
Me: It’s for my friend!!!!
Kansei: Oops. (I think he either signed it, or had already signed it and just stared at the book, not sure if he said ‘shit’ or something??)

And Kansei was trying to tell us that the line was long so he had to move on to the next person, but he ended up saying “I have to go now” in English ahahaha. We got what he meant, so I asked for a hug before we moved off, and then he proceeded to go “I love you guys so much” again in English. Apparently Kansei likes to tell the overseas FadeFamily how much he LOVES them when he is drunk, so there was quite a bit of that going on.

While I was watching the guys smile to the other fans, many of my Japanese friends came to look after me. They tried to persuade to go over to the guys but I refused. Actually while I was looking at them Jon would have a free second while people switched places. He would screen the crowd, spot me and put up his hand and wink. His face was serious, almost slightly worried. He put up the other hand two and waves once more looking at me. He of all people did NOT make this last night easy for me. I smiled at him and waved back while trying to HELL NOT CRY. He smiled back and kind of nodded and encouraged me to come join the queue while having a questioning look. As if he was a bit confused over that I had not been there with the other girls and relaxed on the barricade rather than getting ready to get myself over to the merch table. I smiled but shook my head. He rose an eyebrow, waved a last time and then concentrated on the next fan. I covered my mouth with my fade towel and just let the tears flow down my cheeks and into the towel. My friends looked around like “Ah Ka-chan what’s wrong? Are you OK? \(°0°)/” and I started consoling them that I’m really OK and somewhat happy but that someone should go over to Jon and ask him to please not bestow any further kindness upon me since it made me cry every time if I wanted or not. (x/////X)

My friends did not leave me alone, with the very best intentions. Youko-chan at some point then managed to convince me to go to Miyagawa-san to ask him to take Rui’s drumstick backstage and get it signed. She had one, too, so we went together. While we were waiting for Miyagawa-san to come back I was hiding behind Youko-chan all the time. Because Jon was just two steps away from us. Luckily he was busy most of the time. The one time I saw him look over I grabbed Youko-chan and dragged her in between me and him (T/////T). When Miyagawa-san came back I took the signed drumstick and wanted to get away first of all. Dear Elisabeth needed my help before to get Ricky out, since she needed him to confirm which pictures she was allowed to use for her report (you can look forward to that one since there will be an English and German version).

As we were at it…..was it then or later??? And I don’t remember who started the talk, but Miyagawa-san got to know I was leaving. He was quite struck by it, too. I mean he had known I would leave but that it was this particular show to be my last, that’s what surprised most of them. Because I had tears in my eyes I apologized, since I was really worried to make him feel uncomfortable, but he would say that it was OK. So he too, just as Ricky-san *lol*, wished me the very best, thanked me and tried to console me with that they are working on getting to Germany.

After that I wanted to back off but Youko-chan really tried to convince me once more to go see the guys. I looked at Jon from the side and said I’d just cry and she and Yuki-chan (who was queuing) would discuss with me until I was convinced. Yuki-chan took me in since she was in the middle of the queue. Because of me and me leaving she had also teared up a couple of times that night ~(;_;)~ Seriously, you really should get to know the Japanese fadefamily if you have any chance! I asked her to please take over the talk and have me just stand by her side, but she’d gently push me forward.


How messed up can one be? It happened pretty much as I had feared. I stepped infront of Jon. He smiled slightly, looking somewhat serious, too, though. And I said hi, smiled, and then broke out in tears. I covered my mouth and nose with my hand while I would barely see anything through the tears. I was waving around with my other hand in the attempt to somehow calm down. My voice must have been barely audible but I excused myself like….1000 times, saying that today I just somehow couldn’t get a grip. He smiled (somewhat satisfied) and said: “yeah I noticed that you are very emotional today!” (grinning even more). When I managed to halfway calm down I also managed to smile and bring out that yeah it was due to this being my last fade live and all. His smile vanished. He looked simply stunned and confused, almost baffled. He if it REALLY was my last show and I told him that I had to leave Japan at the beginning of August (and not the end as the original plan) and since I could not make it to the show on 28th (due to it being somewhere around Nagoya??) it was my last show. He asked when I would leave and was shocked to hear I had not even two weeks left. He said that this was a terribly short. So he said he’s like to use this chance to thank me for everything. And he DID thank me for really everything. For me being me, for me doing what I do as now German StreetTeam leader…for really everything. I was fighting with my tears and got aware of the crowd behind us. So I thanked him for many many things, too, and then said that it was better for me to go and that I would be happy if he could just give me a hug as they would head to the car if there was a chance. He smiled, opened his arms and hugged me over the table while quietly and calmingly talking into my ear. I was very grateful my girls had dragged me there and had been kindly persistent, although it was incredibly hard on me, too.

They would still not let it go. I ended up in Noriyuki’s row. And I was calm until…well…I faced him. First I thought I’d be fine and I thanked him and said I had wanted to say bye. He said that he knew I was leaving (since I had told him at the show on 5th before). He also hugged me while I teared up (yes AGAIN! I DID warn you (>///<#) ).

We went to Kansei and for once I would NOT cry. I’d just get utterly confused because Kansei was acing slightly strange. *looooool* He’d also be shocked that it was my last live, but when he then threw at me that he had seen me during [forgot which song but the one where he had been right infront of my nose] he thought I was beautiful. He threw at me that he thinks it’s a great loss that I’ll be going back and that he’ll miss me. When he THEN reached the final by telling me that he loves me I was speechless, said bye, excused myself and in full confusion over his emotional outburst would go to Bernie and Hannah. They obviously had just been searching for me where I had been sitting on the barricade before and were excited that I came back from the queues. The first thing I did was confess to Bernie (due to her being Kansei fan) that he had said very confusing things to me. And the both of them laughed telling me of how he had told them “I love you”, too, which helped me to relax in an instant. Then I finally looked at Rui’s message on the drumstick….

(click on the image to see it in full size and read the message)

Afterwards~ We went to the back and were talking to people again. Ka-chan had finally been dragged up to see the guys so Bernie and I took our opportunity to talk to Ricky-san. I have to admit I was super nervous to talk to him, but he is such a sweet and kind man!! He listened carefully as we spoke, he gave us great answers and was really patient. I have to say I am happy I finally did speak with him. When we finished speaking with him the club was finally trying to clear up and chase people out. We asked Ricky if we could see the band off that evening (OF COURSE was our answer) and then we slowly started kind of gathering our things.

Then I was walking around a bit, doing whatever, when I saw Miyagawa-san standing next to the door I could not hold back anything anymore *loooooool* I went over to him and asked him….

Me: Miyagawa-san, do you know your own nickname? (all in Japanese)
Miyagawa-san: nickname????? I have one???
Me: yes, it’s “Chang-Chang-san”
Him: Chan-chan???
Me: No no “Chang-chang”

and with that I started swinging my hip around a bit to make my fade keychains ring. I heard Hannah and Bernie squeal behind and they started shaking their hips with their fadefamily keychains, too. Let me tell you that these keychains make very beautiful and rather loud, high and clear sound.

Me: because you Chang-chang as you walk so that we can tell that you’re coming without you even being close to visible.
Him: Ah yeah indeed I guess I’m very well audible *laughs*

According to Hannah and Bernie he looked very happy. Though they can tell you better about that!

The staff was clearing up and really trying to chase people out, so Bernie and I were looking around to grab Ka-chan. We saw her talking to Miyagawa-san about something. We both wondered what until we suddenly saw her start twisting her hips(and we knew immediately) So we both hopped over and took part in introducing the man to his nickname XD He had the absolute BIGGEST grin on afterwards.

Right before leaving we decided we wanted to grab the guys, all three of us this time, to show them the body paint. We hung around Nori first but he was too busy talking to fans and then we got chased out of the venue, but, there was still a queue for Jon and when we went to ask Miyagawa-san he said it was fine if you were in the queue. [ rather: we wanted to queue and I started pulling the girls away because I said we should not bother the staff (because as StreetTeam leaders we should give priority to these things over our fan-desires), but Miyagawa-san noticed us and told us that it was absolutely no problem and we would be the last ones] So we kind of joined the queue as the last ones as the DROP staff cleared everyone else out. So as we’re waiting to show it to Jon, suddenly Miyagawa-san CLOSES THE DOOR???? We’re not sure what’s going on but he isn’t rushing us out or anything, so we get the chance to show the wonderful body paint Kat made to Jon!!

Then after we get to talk to him as he’s heading out so I take the chance to thank Jon for wishing me happy birthday via tweet favouriting. I don’t remember exactly what happened, if he mentioned Beastie Life first or I did, but I went “LIFE IS NOT A TV SHOW” and Jon grinned, pointed and repeated it, then added “Yeah when I saw it (the tweet about rocking out to Beastie Life) I was like omg, natsukashii (nostalgic)!!” and he wondered how we’d found it. Then we proceeded to proudly tell him we all owned copies of the single!! After that we went out of the live/stage room, and Jon made his way back to their greenroom/backstage and waved byebye to us, and we said we’d see him later outside!

The three of us took a moment towards the end to show Jon the body art and he was funny about it “WOW I wish I could take a photo!!” … Jon dear, we gave you one *headdesk* “OH!! Cool!!” we also dragged up some of Jon’s past projects and he was just like ‘how did you guys even FIND this’ …internet dear… it was really just an awesome night.

Side note: I went over to the Ichigeki merch table and decided to buy their album. I am really glad I did cause it’s really fun to listen to. But the vocalist (who terrified me onstage) seriously turned into the most adorable sweetheart offstage XD it was so blasted cute~

Seeing the guys off:

We really needed to catch rui and Godo cause their imitation books were still with us.
Hung out and talked to the Japanese fans and took photos!! They’re so, so, so nice!! Upstairs there were many of us waiting around. In fact it was quite crowded but we were all talking and taking pictures with each other so that time passed quickly.

Then finally the guys came out! Rui first, and of course he got mobbed by everyone.
When the guys finally did come up, Rui was leading the way, so I kind of used the fact that I am not intimidated by the man at all to my advantage and called his attention. He was sweet and stopped, so the three of us made our way over and gave him his album(which he loved), showed him the body paint and just chatted a few minutes.

It was really funny. Rui came out and I gave in to my instincts and just called his name. I have a trained vocalist voice that can be very loud and cut through the air at times, oops. So he immediately looked over. And then he walked straight to me and he kind of had his hand stretched out towards me while still responding to fans on the way who were also calling for his attention. X’D I was absolutely calm since I had just wanted to get a grip of him to say bye in person and once I knew he had noticed me I had all the time of the world. Once he had finished talking with a few fans he fully turned around to me. I could properly thank him for the message on the drumstick and say bye. I said I had just wanted to hug him a last time and would then immediately give him back to his fans. He laughed over my comment and hugged me wishing me a good journey. :’)

We joined the small mob and passed him his book. When we told him we did imitations of the guys his face kinda went “Oh shit, omg” and then later we’d find out he really liked the book (s).

Then Godo, of course, tried to quickly run away but we had to catch him!!!

He appeared right next to Rui as I was letting go of him and since Rui was blocking the narrow way I could call out to him, too. I told him that it was my last live and it appeared to me as if some kind of understanding appeared on his face. As if he had realized something and I was wondering if he had now understood why I had been crying my eyes out all night infront of his nose instead of rocking out properly X’3. There’s no telling it. I stretched out my hand and he’s dake and squeeze it, hold it and say thank you to me in Japanese. I think he also wished me the best. It was as if he had wanted to hug me but with all the people around us and close by we both kind of didn’t dare to get any closer I guess. I was really glad to have caught him though! There is no telling how much the guys communicate with eachother and when they do it, so I had wanted to make sure I could say bye and let him know that I would be gone and not in the first row right infront of him. I didn’t want him to get to know that I was leaving by somebody else when I would have already be gone. :)

So we did, and I passed him his belated Happy Birthday card, the Darth Vader giant pocky and then the imitation book! And before he left the three of us came over and showed him our body paint, which he then took his iPhone out and snapped a photo of, awww!!!

It was sooooooooo adorable X’D He said it was awesome and asked for a photo. It’s so weird to be asked for a photo as fan since usually it’s the other way round XD. I assured him though that there was a photo in his book, too, and that I would ofcourse tweet pictures!

Then we went up to Godo~ Ka and Bernie did all the talking this time XD but basically it was about the same as what we had been talking with the others about. When we showed him the paint though he had the most adorable reaction!! His eyes went SUPER wide and he immediately fished out his cell phone for a few pictures XD It surprised me a bit but it was adorable. Bernie gave him Star Wars gifts as well as a birthday gift, and he seemed really pleased with it. We hung around as the guys slowly loaded up their van and then many of us gathered in a group to see them off.

I stepped back to suddenly find that Jon and Nori had made their way through the fans and were behind me. There was a little island made of bicycles separating me and Jon. I just watch him leave towards the van and smiled when he happened to spot me. I waved and he’d suddenly turn around and walk all the way back around the bicycles just to hug me o(;o;)o I mean just HOW SWEET can this man be, huh? Is there any limit at all? He hugged me close and kept thanking me right into my ear (gaaaaaah really practically noone is allowed to talk into my ears and he did it so often *lol* and I’d never mind him). He kind of left go slightly and I thought he’d leave, but then he tightened up his grip again and kept hugging me. (T~T) I was hugging back really strongly this time, I think. I wanted to put all my gratitude into it and for once I found it hard to let go because then it was a real bye. (;________;). He would slightly let loose again (me, too), straightening himself up and AGAIN he’d just grab me again and hug me. Somehow, and may this be nothing but my mere imagination, having the feeling that it was not only me who had a hard time letting go, it moved me deeply. And for whatever reason it was as if deep in my soul a heavy drop of water fell into an endless sea giving a splash sound as it hit the surface. Like a last inner tear and an “end”. It was really weird because this image and feeling appeared to me. As if time has stopped for me, just for a tiny moment. And I would start to feel very calm, would smile and slowly let go as he would let go, too. We smiled and I waved when he, followed by Nori, would slowly walk around the bicycles and towards the van.

I decided to try a little personal experiment (for my own benefit no less). They were all kind of waving goodbye to us, but Nori had snuck by quickly so I wanted to see him off properly too. So I kind of snuck around to the edge of our crowd of people and started waving, at first I was timid, but I did get noticed. I think Jon laughed at me because I was CLEARLY waving at a certain person. And I was determined to be noticed to. So I’m standing there like an idiot waving for a few minutes before finally Nori kind of glanced up and looked at me. At which point I smiled way to widely and waved goodbye… he laughed at me but waved and smiled back… yup that was my accomplishment of the evening.

After that the other guys had already went back into the van so we went over to wave bye bye. Jon was laughing about something. Then finally everyone was in the van, and the door closed. We waved and I saw Jon and rui waving byebye to us.

It was sweet that they were kind of sticking to the glass and waving byebye to us through the tanned glass :’D I couldn’t move nor stop waving until the car turned around the corner completely and vanished out of sight.

Seeing the guys off was a little teary in a way but not in a bad way. We all sort of stood there waving until the van had turned the corner and was out of sight. After which, MORE pictures were taken and slowly fadefamily started to disperse. Having not eaten for most of the day, Ka, Bernie and I needed food~ so we invited some of the girls to grab a bite with us. Beforehand though we went down the road from drop and smashed 7 people into a tiny purikura machine~ it was truly a fun night~ We had dinner with a group of 5 people and then finally arrived back at our hostel at maybe 230am. It was a late night but really touching as well.

BUT THE NIGHT WAS NOT OVER!!!! We went to take Purikura with the Japanese fans nearby

Then dinner/after party with Yoko and Tomoyo! Kansei tweeted about their after party so Yoko tweeted to him a pic of our after party!!

And then the next morning we were still kind of faded around, so we did very silly things…

Later at TOKYU HANDS we found a Penguin!!!!!!!!!!!! That calls for yet another imitation type pic.

And then Hannah and I “Drank Kansei” after having a nomnom time eating cake.

The next day was a matter of Ka, Bernie and I meandering around Osaka before my plane. We talked and laughed and goofed off a lot. In fact, MORE pictures were taken again. To be honest I think this fade show had the most pictures I’ve ever taken for one show. But it was so worth it. Because it was a night of memories and of fade family growing even closer together.