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26 September 2013 @ 08:52 pm
Shinsaibashi Club Drop
21 September 2013


We were a little more…subdued at the start of the show, but by the time it was over and the day itself was over, I think we were more than wasted. (Even fucking wasted would be an under exaggeration)

The day started out the same, purikura and a light Korean lunch before we headed to DROP. At 4:30pm, we descended the stairs and awaited patiently for the doors to open, making plans to reserve spots for ourselves.

Jon made his way in wearing the new fade shirt, twirling a few times as he entered. It was ridiculously adorable. And then suddenly a while later, he made his way out again and…yes, twirled through the door, proudly proclaiming it’s like a “revolving door”. Except it didn’t close behind him so somewhat sheepishly he paused, said it doesn’t close and closed the door.

Then he hung out to chat with us for a bit, and when he asked if he had his hotel room key on him (he didn’t) it lead to him telling us about the Locked Out Of Hotel Room in Underwear incident. He’d gone to buy a drink from the vending machine and when he realised he’d been locked out, he used the phone at the stairwell/hallway to call the front desk.

So the guy said he’d be right up and Jon went to sit on a bench/chair in the hallway. So there this was, this big hunking American, sitting down in only his underwear with a drink in hand. When he guy came up, Jon was pretty sure that the poor Japanese dude was way more embarrassed than he was.

And then…a question. “So Jon, boxers or briefs?” to which he grinned and replied “Boxer briefs, man.” So while we laughed at his silliness/mishap, he took his leave and we laughed even more.

Another pre-live mishap: Jon was escorted into the green room by both Miyagawa-san and Ricky and as he walked past I whined to Louise and Hannah about how I would die (hurhur) if Kansei didn't come out to the merch table (obviously already wasted), so I shout "FUCK YOU KANSEI" in the whole I-actually-love-you-to-bits-I-really-do-okay way and...Hannah, bowled over in laughter, tells me that THEY WEREN'T ALL THE WAY PAST THE DOOR YET. So...oops. Cue the start of a long night of self embarrassment (brushed off with cries of YOLO).

1. Born Ready
2. Cosmicalism
3. Yure no naka
4. From The Heart
5. Cross Road
6. My Way
7. Close To You (Eng)
8. Ten

Jon: studded black blazer, jeans, white shirt underneath (I don’t remember when he stripped the blazer off)

Kansei: ANARCHY t-shirt with Marilyn Monroe print

So Jon decided to come out with the Singapore ST flag draped around his shoulders like he cape. He came to the front, back facing the audience with the logo very clearly visible on his back. I was in shock and just beyond ecstatic so I screamed very loudly “FUCK!!” Hannah said the look on Jon’s face when he turned around to face the crowd was priceless.

I didn’t see any alcohol on Kansei’s side, strangely enough, but he still rocked the stage as wonderfully as he always does. He bounds and jumps around and you can see just how energetic he is by the sweat all over his hair that drapes over his face (read: sexy). He also wears eyeliner for the lives, a thin line probably with a black pencil, but washes it off after (aww, eyeliner on him is sexyyyy; well, I am clearly biased).

All of them move around the stage a lot, Nori and Kansei jamming together over on the Kansei side while Jon goes and hangs around Godo. Also, it’s great that they added a specific section in “Yure no Naka” where the spotlight is on rui and he kills it on drums.

Jon was a good boy and stayed more toward the center that night (as compared to being disproportionately off center for the most of the 19th), though he moves around a lot anyway so you will get a nice view of Mr Frontman no matter where you stand. There was one part where he was right in front of me and his hand was reached out. I was taken aback momentarily because I wasn’t sure what to do but then my brain kicked in and YOLO I stretched my hand out to grab/touch his. He pulled away soon but not without a slight lean in and sticking his tongue out at me. I kept accidently hitting his hand or leg with my hand and there was one point where he’d had his leg up on the barrier in front of me and I was head banging…trying hard not to whiplash him with hair.

Kansei on the other hand, unlike Jon, focused more on getting the people at the back to join in with them, coming forward to get people to sing along. He did some back-up vocals I think for one of the earlier ‘Woah oh ohhhh’s in “Cross Road” (?) though for the most all back-up vocals are Nori and Godo’s territory. There was one point during the live where he’d come up in front of his side and was getting the people to raise their hands and it was a somewhat awkward moment but I think he accidentally kind of half reached out and almost grabbed my hand/arm while I was raising it up. He stopped midway and lifted his arms up so no mishaps there.

During the breaks there was rather minimal shouting of member names but when there are drunk fans who have been drinking (yours truly included) plus getting all high and hopped up on fade, it’ll definitely not be a quiet live. Case in point:

A shouting war kind of started and ensued.


And then I stopped because I thought they were resuming so the lady next to me quipped:
So this means Jon wins.

And of course I couldn’t take that and I screamed KANSEIIII which ended up interrupting Jon. He turned, looked at me (damn it) and went “Thanks”. I’m sorry!!

Jon, oh, Jon, decided to lead us into songs with messages and touching words, like how he led into “Close To You” by saying that even if they’re not there in person, if we haven’t seen them in a while, through their music, by listening to their CDs, that they will always be close by. And then later for "TEN", he quoted lyrics from the chorus. But "TEN" is an amazing song to just sing along to, with your hands raised or just peacefully looking at Jon as he sings, eyes closed, basked in a halo of light.

Then it was over. But the night was still young.

exist†trace was up after fade, and while I won’t go into too much detail about them…they are HOT. They’re all girls but damn, did they make my heart go doki doki. Especially Omi on lead guitar and Jyou on vocals with those sexy low growls and when she said words out by the syllable I tell you it was like arrows flying right into my heart. And I don’t swing that way. Jyou reminded me of Ryuichi from LUNA SEA, with the way they grooved to the music…

Went out after for drinks! Caught Jon who had come out to grab a drink for himself, and joined the mob of girls who were surrounding him. He was really nice and hung out with us, talking a bit and giving brofists all round. I think he said “Bromance!” when he brofisted me, which was hilarious. He really knows what sets me off. I remember I had asked Miyagawa-san earlier about if Kansei was coming out or not and he said no so I was extremely sad.

Which led to some, well, lots of whining to Jon.

Me: Jooooooooon, can you please tell kansei to come out :(
Jon: Okay! Kansei, please come out!
Jon: *high pitched* kanseiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

We also managed to catch a Godo as he came out, got a photo signed for fadefamily (this one), and he said his hair in the pic looked like Don King. More specifically he mentioned “the guy who produced Mike Tyson” a few times and he spoke so softly I had to lean in and have him repeat himself… Then he went into the livehouse/stage section to watch HEAD PHONES PRESIDENT.


So, I freaked out to Hannah for a bit then went in to watch them too. Tried to ninja around and find Kansei and failed the first time in my recon mission (recon corps failure) but succeeded the second time and found him behind the merch tables (which were barricaded aka off limits) with Godo next to him (where is my 3D Maneuver Gear when I need it?).

Watched HEAD PHONES PRESIDENT till their encore and they were great. Anza is amazing on stage and the ethereal feel is just…ethereal. When the lights came on and the cheering started I sneaked a peek to see if Kansei and Godo were still watching, and I may have accidentally caught Kansei’s eye by mistake but being the amazingly skilled ninja I am I pretended that didn’t happen then went out and proceeded to down a tequila shot.

Look! The bartender wrote fade on his arm too. I declared to him that someone found him hot.
(Hey one more thing to cross off my bucketlist - tell someone they're hot while meaning it but having no intentions)

Which meant that I was even more high and drunk so when the event ended and the guys came out, I think I decided to YOLO things a little too much. I followed Hannah up to Nori when he came out, bouncing around, then giggled and said extremely loudly:


(Disclaimer: I am obviously writing this while also under the influence of alcohol)

Then finally, oh, how my heart soared, my face lit up like a thousand shining suns and the sun will rise, the rain will stop with heart and mind in one place, the break of light between the clouds I know I will be okay. There, standing in front of me, finally, was the one, the only, the amazingly adorably packaged Kansei. I was sad he hadn’t come out on Thursday so I could have thrust (ahem) the chest I had adorned with his beautiful name at him and talk about if he liked it or not.

So I told him. (And probably looked like a bumbling idiot – how I managed to stand straight I don’t know)

Me: Hi Kansei! *stands around in awe, flailing and bouncing*
Kansei: Hi Bernie. I like your *gestures and points at hair*
Me: Awww thank you!! *bashful* Did you dye your hair or something? It looks a lot lighter!
Kansei: *mumble mumble* …. Dye it more!
Me: OKAY (I may or may not have done the thumbs up signal a lot)

Me: Hey I was really sad you didn’t come out on Thursday :( And I heard recently you aren’t coming out to the merch table…whyyyyyyyy
Kansei: *looking down all adorable and smiley and nnnngh my HEART* It’s just…well, it’s just you know, my feeling.
Me: Awwwwwww.

Kansei: Oh yeah, thank you for your English book!
Me: …?
Kansei: The English book …the…
Me: Oh oh oh! ("English Vocabulary That Will Not Come Out In Tests")
Kansei: I studied it.

And then I got him to sign stuff (he chuckled when he saw the picture of Jon giving him a kiss, “I’ll steal you away from him!” I said; he also paused and made me spell my name out in fears of spelling it wrong :x), gave him his letter and then asked for a hug. I was wearing flatforms which gave me 8 – 10cm of height so it was a tad awkward since I’d gotten taller. I left because I didn’t wanna hog him and said byebye.

Oh no I don’t quite remember what I talked to Jon about… I think I said thank you for coming out with the Singapore flag and he said he loves collecting such stuff. I also talked to him about the new songs, about how I liked “My Way” more now (previously I said it didn’t have much of an impression) and he told me about how “Cross Road” and “My Way” are to be played in a progression with the latter as a response song.

Let me just copy pasta what I wrote before:
“Yure no naka”'s feel is quite different from “Cross Road” and “My Way”, which is why it is usually played before/'separately' from the other two. Jon said “Cross Road” and “My Way” are to be played in a progression (and I agree that they fit very well as such) and “My Way” is a response song. Except that no one knows the lyrics very well yet so it's not quite living up to what it should be.

Now you might have figured it out by now that “Cross Road” is well, about being at the cross roads of something in life and having to find your way forward...and then “My Way” is about doing just that. I've already rambled on enough about “Cross Road” previously but it is definitely a very very uplifting song. Jumping along in the chorus and raising your hands up and keeping them high just as the lyrics say is epic.

Oh and here is me humming the chorus of “Cross Road” if you’re curious what it sounds like:

Then wonderful big brotherly Jon gave me a nice hug and we sent him on his way…I think.

I know I talked to both Miyagawa-san and Ricky regarding Overseas FC. And then flailed a lot more over miko and Omi from exist trace who were hanging around.

Miko told me my outfit was cute!!! She is so adorable and pretty oh dear gosh. I told Omi they’re all hot, like, hotter than guys hot and she chuckled and laughed. Miko was trying to get Omi’s attention so she could sign albums and she kinda reached over and pinched her back which was ewhdfgwefuyvwejFDEYTFDUVsgjfW.

And then when seeing the guys off it was an even bigger blur.

I got another hug from Kansei who scurried off soon after (I don’t remember anything…) hung around rui and got a hug too and then went over to talk to Jon who was sitting in the van to send him Belle’s love.

Kansei was seated behind Jon in the van, Godo inside and further back, and the Bromance Couple were on their phones. I caught Underdown’s attention for a sec.

Me: Hey Jon! Belle sends her love~ She really misses you already and on the 19th she came through the typhoon to see you guys! That’s how much she wanted to be here!! … Oh yeah, what did you say to her during the live? Was it “I’ll take you” (Kansei cracks up) or “I love you too?”
Jon: *processing…..*
Jon: *processing…………*
Jon: Oh I think I said “I’ll take you!”

We asked again about Monday Morning, going UNTIL MONDAY MORNING this time with Kansei cracking up behind still, then the others came and the van rolled awayyyyyyy


Adjourned to All Night Karaoke with Babysitter Hannah and Also Drunk Louise and the night consisted of shouting at the screen (What do you mean you need microphones for karaoke?), replaying the 3 fade songs they had, squealing and rolling all over and getting up to No Good on twitter.

We pretty much all went crazy when rui came online.
This happened:

This has been Drunk Bernie Should Not Be Allowed Anywhere Online.
Till the next drunk adventure, byebyeeeeeeeee

Belle: Jonb_sim on September 26th, 2013 12:18 pm (UTC)

Drunk Bernie should be allowed anywhere and everywhere. including my next fade live.

i love how much you love Kansei. seriously. it's just... so fucking sweet. don't you dare compare it to my obsession with Jon because i gave that man underwear while you gave Kansei practical and thoughtful gifts. i'm just a fucking creeper :( and you're a sweetheart. ♥ thank you for sending Jon my rabu rabu, too.

ahahaha, but at that height, Kansei could bury his face in your boobs, right? THAT'S A PLUS

Jon processing the question is the cutest fucking thing next to Kansei cracking up at "I'll take you".

miss y'all lots....... can't wait for December to get its ass here.....
Belle: durarara; izaya-kunb_sim on September 26th, 2013 12:39 pm (UTC)
oh and one more thing:

Jon: Oh I think I said “I’ll take you!”

Bernie: [fade] Jon/Kansei - BROMANCEberniechan on September 26th, 2013 01:00 pm (UTC)
What. How is key holders and a book of shitty Eng (including pick up lines he should never use on anyone else but me cause they'd never work otherwise) and this black and pink fluffy monstrosity of a cat paw practical???

and yes Jon was literally just sitting there processing and I think Kansei was trying very hard not to burst out laughing at his dear bf's silly antics and burrying his head in his phone but we all know he'd rather burry that head into something else softer and bouncier like you know my chest

Sadly I was almost level height with him or just slightly shorter after the heels so no more heels to a fade live because Kansei.

Now you can shout to Jon
"heart wo kaese you fucker!!!"

Edited at 2013-09-26 01:00 pm (UTC)
Belleb_sim on September 26th, 2013 01:07 pm (UTC)
becaaaause those are things he can use!!! my gifts just imply dick, lol.

you mean he didn't even react to yours and Hannah's "Monday Morning"?

hehehe boobies

lol the next time i see him, i'm gonna gag myself so i won't say anything embarrassing like that soaked panties things. ermhagawd.
Bernieberniechan on September 26th, 2013 01:22 pm (UTC)
Mine subtly imply that too~


Well we will be drunk next time so....
Belleb_sim on September 26th, 2013 01:27 pm (UTC)
i don't know if i'll be able to drink enough to get drunk. i'm picky about the alcohol i consume. :(
Bernie: [fade] Kansei & Jonberniechan on September 26th, 2013 01:03 pm (UTC)
If you told me one year ago I'd fall for the guitarist who I didn't know but told me my English was better than his and I hugged on impulse (I think I may or may not have squished my chest against his) I would never have believed you...

I remember I went for the live not really knowing anything but I am going to see and talk to Jon because he is the only one I know....

Waaaah. I thank the stars above for just how far I've come along
Belleb_sim on September 26th, 2013 01:10 pm (UTC)
btw, i've been meaning to ask, but when exactly did you fall so hard for him? was it a gradual thing? like, one live after another, the rabu rabu got stronger and stronger? or was there one particular live/incident where your heart was pierced by cupid's arrow?

~words cannot reveal how grateful i really aaaaaam~
Bernie: [fade] Kansei - werk itberniechan on September 26th, 2013 01:29 pm (UTC)
I think it was at the Sky's the Limit Osaka leg where I actually stood in front of kansei for the first time. It bowled me over because I'd never actually properly seen him on stage before. And he was amazing. The gap between his stage self and his in person self was just...wow. HE LOOKED LIKE A SEXY BEAST ON THAT STAGE AND JUST OWNED IT AND THE GUITAR SOLOS OMG. Then I was hooked. I had to stand at his side for every live since then...

aaaaaand then it just kept snowballing.... :x
So I am now this one big bloopy mess
hannah_arashihannah_arashi on September 26th, 2013 01:20 pm (UTC)
HAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAhAhA *rolling on the floor over here* seriously Bernie omfg... I am going to have to elaborate on a few points in mine and well talk ALOT about you know who... hehehe Nori's face *still cracking up over that* seriously that night was a fucking riot... I haven't been kissed so many times or flirted so OPENLY with someone in that way in AGGGGES <3
Katk_no_uta on October 17th, 2013 12:15 am (UTC)

ROFLMAO Jon in boxers locked out. Why couldn't I be the hotel receptionist? *loooooooooool*

You could have whipped him with your hair, dear. I'm sure he would have liked it daahahahahaha. OK I'll try stop now!

T~T Jon's words touch me even through your report! This guy is so impossible!

ROFLMAO this report is really giving the impression you're high pitch voiced bouncing fangirl. Well I shall try svae your honour by mentioning that you don't seem as excited as you feel and write daaahahhaa. Bernie you're so cute!

OH GOD NO he studies THE ENGLISH BOOK aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh Gosh now Miyagawa-san will have to make sure he NEVER speaks with English speaking "officials" and blurts out something really really stupid *looool*

X'D Oh gosh, now that I read the "protocol" Hannah has my full compassion. X'D But I' suer she tried hard to watch out for you *lol* But maybe you should start taking turns *cracks up*